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‘It’s unbelievable,’ says Halifax County woman of $100,000 prize

June 30, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:33 AM

A stop on her way home from work on Saturday led Angela Wimbush of Enfield to a $100,000 scratch-off prize.

“I never thought it would happen to me but it did and I just thank God for that,” she said.

Wimbush, a forklift operator, first stopped at the Stop N Go Food Mart on North McDaniel Street in Enfield on her lunch break to buy a few $5 The Big Spin scratch-off tickets. After she got off of work, she stopped in again to buy a couple more.

Once she was home from work, Wimbush scratched her tickets. “I had to look up and make sure it was my number because I saw 0’s,” she recalled of scratching her winning ticket. “I just dropped to the floor. I was just lost for words.”

In fact, the day before her good fortune, Wimbush’s son predicted her big win. “My son had looked at me and told me, ‘Mom, you’re gonna win $100,000 off these tickets,’ and I just shrugged like, ‘Okay, babe,’” she said. “So, when I did realize it was $100,000, he was the first one I called.”

Wimbush claimed her prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After federal and state taxes, she took home $70,751.

“I’m just excited,” said Wimbush. “It’s unbelievable. It gives me the opportunity to renovate my home and pay bills and make sure my kids are set. That’s all that matters to me right now.”


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7/02/2020 06:29 - Yolanda C.

I have updated the app 2 times in 3 days. I have to keep uninstalling the re-intall. It's so annoying. But I'm so happ for Ms. Winbush. My big win is coming. And I'm excited. Thinking positive, i need her son to speak a win on me!?? it worked for her

7/02/2020 04:01 - Tim M.

Hey LZ, what updated version are they talking about? Is there a more recent one? Sounds like it's good I didn't know. NC Lottery
Hey Tim, We recently released an update to the app with a few new features. There are a few small glitches that our team is working to address and get resolved, but they should be fixed soon.

7/01/2020 05:24 - elizabeth j.

Congratulations Angela. Enjoy

7/01/2020 12:19 - DL H.

@ Tim. We are having the same problem since installing the update and spoke to the lottery last night regarding this issue we are still unable to scan tickets despite deleting the app and reinstalling it three times we are hoping they fix it soon they told us there were several reports of this problem. It also wiped out all our points the only place we can see him as when we log into a browser version. Hoping it’s fixed soon NC Lottery
Hi DL, Thanks for sharing this info. We are working with our team to investigate what is going on.

7/01/2020 09:12 - tim s.

The new updated app doesn’t let me scan tickets for points is there a problem with it NC Lottery
Hey Tim, We aren't aware of any widespread issues with the app at the moment, but appreciate you sharing this with us. Our first suggestion is to try deleting and reinstalling the app. If this continues, please reach out to our support team at and they can look into this further for you.

7/01/2020 08:52 - Nancy M.

Congratulations! So happy for you.

7/01/2020 02:04 - Jasmine B.

Wow congratulations

7/01/2020 12:51 - Nikita A.


7/01/2020 12:30 - Tiffany C.


7/01/2020 12:24 - Edward R.

I’m glad that she won

7/01/2020 12:10 - Leslie G.

Congratulations, so happy for you...

6/30/2020 08:45 - Clifton A.


6/30/2020 08:34 - taneak w.


6/30/2020 07:30 - Melissa B.

I am so happy for you and your family may God Bless you more and more during this pandemic have a blessed and wonderful day Amen God loves you and I do too

6/30/2020 03:29 - ray h n.


6/30/2020 11:42 - DL H.

Congratulations to you and your Family for a great win!! Enjoy your Big Spin win :-)

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