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Don’t miss out on sweet second-chance, Lucke-Rewards drawings

July 24, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:23 PM

Panther fans, are you ready to win the ultimate fan experience? Or maybe you’re looking for some extra pocket change—say $1 million? What about a trip to Vegas?

Now is your chance to win! Friday, July 31 is the deadline to get your entries in to win:

  • A trip to the 2021 NFL Draft in our first of three 2020 Carolina Panthers second-chance drawings.
  • A $1 million prize in our third $300,000,000 Supreme Riches drawing.

The drawings for both promotions are scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 5.

If you’ve got your fingers crossed for a trip to Las Vegas, your time is coming soon. Friday, Aug. 7 is your deadline to get your entries in to win:

  • A trip to Las Vegas in our final JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge second-chance drawing.Two lucky winners will receive roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas, four nights of deluxe accommodations and tickets to the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge where up to $1 million can be won.

The final drawing is set for Wednesday, Aug. 12.

Entering your tickets into second-chance drawings is easy! Just enter or scan your Carolina Panthers, JAMES BOND 007™ or $300,000,000 Supreme Riches ticket through your account on or with your NC Lottery Official Mobile App.

Two Lucke-Rewards drawing deadlines are heading your way, too!

All it takes is 10 points to enter to win our Fast Cash drawing. Ten Lucke-Rewards members will add $100 to their wallets this week. Will you be one of them? Only one way to find out! The deadline to enter the final weekly drawing is July 26.

Sweet summertime doesn’t last forever and, sadly, neither does our Red, White & Blue Bucks monthly drawing. Four Lucke-Rewards members will win $5,000 in July’s monthly drawing, and it only takes 20 points to enter. The clock is ticking, though! The deadline to enter is July 31.

As always, you can earn extra points for playing and enjoy a little extra fun, too. Check out the “Earn Points” section of the website or N.C. Lottery Official Mobile app.

Best of luck!


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8/03/2020 08:47 - Wayfon F.

Would love to be a blessing to others!

7/29/2020 10:20 - Sandra B.

Are there ever winners in the Rocky Mount, NC area for e-rewards/2nd chance? Does entering more times increase chance or has ANYONE submitting ONE entry actually won?NC Lottery
Hey Sandra, We've certainly had some winners from the Rocky Mount area. For example, if you take a look at the 1st of the 2020 Multiply The Cash second-chance drawings, you'll see a winner from that area. That said, the more entries you submit, the better your odds, but it does only take one lucky entry to win. We can't say for sure whether we have ever had any big winners that only had a single entry since we leave it up to winners to share that info if they choose to, but it's certainly possible.

7/28/2020 08:29 - Rebecca P.

Sure could use a second chance win.

7/27/2020 08:51 - Gloria C.

Good luck to everyone !

7/26/2020 08:16 - cathy A.

I Love the Second Chance Drawings Haven't won yet but I'm still going to keep on trying Thanks NC Educational Lottery and LUCKE- REWARDS

7/26/2020 08:08 - Charles V.

If I have a lot of points, am I allowed to allowed to enter a second chance drawing twice? Do my points expire if don't use them?NC Lottery
Hey Charles, You are allowed to enter Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings as many times as you want to - there is no limit to that. At this time, points do not expire either, so you also have the option to save them up for a time when a drawing really catches your eye. Good luck!

7/26/2020 04:19 - shirley b.

We are all in need or wants, I would love to win any cash value prize. My student loan is sucking the life out of me and I want to be able to bless others ( paying it forward).

7/26/2020 09:45 - James D.

how do I enter ticket for 2nd second drawing on my accountNC Lottery
Hi James, all you have to do is scan your ticket with our app and it will automatically enter you into the 2nd Chance drawing for that ticket!

7/26/2020 08:46 - Denver G.

Thx 4 the update. Hey LZ, can tell us the 411 on next months lucky rewards drawings? NC Lottery
Hi Denver, The inside scoop is that the big monthly drawing will have one winner of $25,000! Keep a look out for a blog post detailing all the promotions later this week!

7/25/2020 11:00 - John G.

Aside from taxes, why does the lottery subtract so much when winners opt to take cash instead of annuity. That appears to be “false advertising”. If I play for a million and win, then taxes come out and the rest is mine. The jackpot is what I am playing for, not a portion.NC Lottery
Hi John, winners are given the choice between a $1 million payment paid out over 20 years, or a lump sum. The $400,000 difference between the lump sum and the annuity would be earned on interest over the course of 20 years and used to pay out the $1 million prize to the winner.

7/25/2020 08:11 - Andy F.

I really need one of my entries for the million dollar supreme riches. Back surgery in January, hip surgery in July. Furlough from July to October. ???????????????????????

7/25/2020 04:02 - vanessa b.

let it be me in jesus name with the $1million win vanessa win

7/24/2020 11:36 - Nina L.

Do you have to be logged in to win the Second Chance drawings.NC Lottery
Hi Nina, you do need to log in to enter tickets into the Second Chance drawing. After we do the drawing we contact winners using the email, phone number and address they put in their account as well.

7/24/2020 05:31 - Barbara R.

I can't enter my points on the Ticket Entry. Once I click Ticket Entry it goes back to the main home page and does not show where I can enter my draw or scratch tickets at all.NC Lottery
Hi Barbara, when you scan a ticket with our app it should automatically add the Lucke Rewards points to your account. If you are manually entering tickets and having issues please contact our online chat support team and they should be able to assist you. You can reach them right here:

7/24/2020 03:45 - Herman S.

Hello NCEL, can you onfirm the total entries for the upcoming second chance drawings listed above? Good luck to all LZ members on the August 2020 drawings. NC Lottery
Hi Herman, We receive weekly updates on the entry totals for each drawings, so our latest numbers are from this past Tuesday. The Supreme Riches drawing has 1,114,388 entries, the James Bond Lottery Challenge drawing has 65,522 entries, the Carolina Panthers drawing has 142,033 entries, the Red, White & Blue Bucks drawing has 2,969,823 entries and we don't have entry totals for the Fast Cash weekly drawing yet. Good luck!

7/24/2020 02:50 - frank p.

why can't i enter my tickets in LUCKE-REWARDS? never had problem before!!!NC Lottery
Hey Frank, We want to help! What specific issues are you running into when you try to enter your tickets into Lucke-Rewards?

7/24/2020 01:55 - DL H.

Good luck to everyone:-)

7/24/2020 01:49 - Gloria C.

Thanks for the new informations.

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