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Your play helped raise $729 million for education

July 24, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:24 AM
The fun things about lottery games is you get the chance to win prizes and along the way you help raise money for a good cause.

We’re pleased to report that thanks to your play we raised the most money ever, $729.8 million, for education programs in our state. Those programs need our support more than ever so it was good we met and exceeded our goal.

Not only did we set a record for raising money, but we also spent the most money ever on the prizes that you won. Over the year, the lottery spent $1.9 billion on prizes, or about $5.4 million a day on average.

What games did you all play the most? Like always, scratch-offs proved to be your favorite, based on overall sales. Next came Carolina Pick 3, Carolina Pick 4, Powerball, and finally Mega Millions.
Those sales raised on average $2 million a day for education. The money raised helped:

  • Build and repair schools.
  • Make college more affordable through scholarships and grants based on financial need.
  • Support school systems with the costs of school workers and transportation.
  • Support the NC Pre-K, a free academic prekindergarten program for at-risk four-year-olds.

Every county in our state benefits from the money we raise. You can see how your county benefits on our Education page here. Just click on your county from the map or use the pull down menu to select your county’s name.

It’s been more than 14 years since your lottery started. If you added up the amount of money raised every year since then, it would total $7.3 billion.

That money has done a lot of good.
We’ve got lots more fun coming your way this year. Good luck.


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10/23/2020 10:41 - Kristi S.

When you play cash5 online. Combo mu numbers and its 7. If you get 4 numbers that will give you at least $750, do you have to come to claims office or because it's on separate tickets is it tax free?NC Lottery
Hi Kristi, if you purchased three or more Cash 5 tickets and won $250 on three tickets for a total of $750, each winning ticket is processed separately. This means that taxes would not be automatically assessed, and the full winning amount would be deposited in you Player Wallet.

9/25/2020 11:39 - Lakeyla S.

Considering I have a child in college that benefits from financial aid I am about where my money is going to. I am very grateful for that.

8/31/2020 04:13 - Jason D.


8/09/2020 07:10 - Johnny R.

Im very proud of the people and my self for putting this towards so many important places that hold the keys for success. Congratulations.

7/28/2020 08:04 - Tim S.

We need a better chance of winning. I have spent so much money on scratch offs and never have won over $200. Little counties like I live in rarely see big winners. It's so frustrating to see winners coming out of same usual counties even in 2nd chance drawings. I love the thrill but I also like to win. NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you aren't having more luck, Tim. We wish every ticket could be a winner, but prize money comes from non-winning tickets. No matter where you live in the state your odds of winning will always be the same. In big cities there are simply more folks playing and more tickets - both winning and non-winning - being sold in proportion with the odds. We hope your next ticket is a lucky one!

7/28/2020 12:22 - Jennifer W.

That’s absolutely Awesome

7/27/2020 11:30 - john a.

Hoping everything turns out good for your Charlotte employees.NC Lottery
Thanks for the well wishes, John.

7/27/2020 08:33 - Michael R.

Well reward the players. Bring out a Quad!!!Give something back to the players

7/26/2020 02:01 - Deborah J.

Try to love one another better.Lets practice ststaying safe please wear your mask if you can you can.And I hope I win$$$$$

7/26/2020 09:13 - john a.

I urge everyone to wear a mask in public. My wife is a nurse for our local health dept, and believe me, they are swamped with covid cases. Every day there are many more cases reported. They can barely keep up. It's no joke, be safe.

7/25/2020 05:54 - Denford O.

face masks and hand sanitizers for everyone that has to even go back. bless the teachers tough decisions!!!

7/25/2020 08:06 - Denver G.


7/24/2020 01:57 - Douglas H.

@ Denver. LOL!!!!! You always make us laugh, Good luck my friend

7/24/2020 09:49 - Denver G.

You are welcome.

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