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Forsyth County Uber driver’s $10 tip scores him $200,000 top prize

July 29, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:04 AM

After a long day of driving, Keith Wishon of Lewisville used a $10 tip to try his luck on a $200,000 Triple Play ticket and scored the top prize.

After getting off of work as an Uber Eats driver, Wishon stopped to fill up his car at 4 Brothers on Shallowford Road in Lewisville “to get ready for the next day.”

He used his $10 tip towards a few scratch-off tickets and then headed to the home he shares with his 93-year-old mother. “I live with her and take care of her,” he said.

When he scratched off his winning ticket, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. “I had to sit down, my legs got so weak,” he recalled.

He carried the lucky ticket to the next room, where his brother was sitting, and then showed his mom.

“We were kind of all in shock,” said Wishon. “We had nothing to say. We couldn’t believe it! We kept looking at the ticket, checking it and checking it and checking it.”

Wishon claimed his prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After federal and state tax withholdings he took home $141,501.

“It’s hard to explain,” said Wishon through “happy tears.” “I’m overwhelmed.”

Wishon plans to use his winnings to fix up their home. “My roof leaks, my water heaters leaking, plumbing, everything in the house is in real bad shape,” said Wishon. His prize money, he said, will also go toward his retirement.


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8/03/2020 08:43 - Shaunda C.

Sorry can’t live off 141,000

8/02/2020 10:09 - Tim S.

Congrats my man. That's good karma. You deserve that. This is stories I love to hear. God bless you and your family.

7/31/2020 09:17 - Berry B.

WTG young man,much love 2 mom and yourself!

7/30/2020 07:14 - Mark Z.


7/30/2020 12:00 - Brent W.


7/29/2020 10:10 - Sandra B.

That is a blessing. Love stories like this!

7/29/2020 04:28 - Tammy C.

Congrats! You deserve it!

7/29/2020 02:58 - Anita A.

God is always on time!

7/29/2020 10:30 - Tony M.

So happy for this family!

7/29/2020 10:19 - Sheila I.

Congrats to you. I'm happy you are choi to fix up your home for you and your mom. I know she is thankful and grateful.....????

7/29/2020 10:04 - Douglas H.

So happy for you both. This wind could not have gone to better folks. Now you can fix up your house and save some for later we are so happy to hear your story about this win. Congratulations and God bless you all

7/29/2020 10:00 - Michael B.

Congrats ! Nice story !

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