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Cool off with our August promotions

July 30, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:25 PM

Winding down summertime isn’t so bad thanks to our Reeling In Summer drawing. One Lucke-Rewards member will win $25,000 in the monthly drawing. Could it be you? Enter by Aug. 31 for the Sept. 9 drawing.

Each week of August will also bring a new drawing and a new chance to win! Right now you have the chance to be one of 25 winners of $100 in the Money Madness drawing, but only through Sunday. Check back every Money to see our new weekly Lucke-Rewards drawings that are making a splash!

Don’t forget to visit the Earn screen in Lucke-Rewards to earn more points by playing games, taking surveys, and more.

From a $100,000 prize to an exclusive membership, August has you covered when it comes to awesome second-chance prizes.

Great prizes are around the corner when you enter your Carolina Panthers and Multiply the Cash tickets by Aug. 31 for Sept. 9 drawings.

Panthers fans, listen up! Your chance to win an exclusive membership is here. The second of three second-chance drawings will reward one lucky winner with season tickets for the 2021 season and a membership to the Fifty 3 Club and 25 winners with a $500 bonus.

The third of four 2020 Multiply the Cash second-chance drawings is coming your way. One winner will score an $100,000 prize, eight winners will walk away with $5,000 and 25 winners can add $500 to their wallets. Will you be one of them?

Our fingers are crossed for you!


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8/06/2020 09:10 - Darren G.

I haven't received my promo code yet?NC Lottery
Hi Darren, if you follow the steps on this blog post you should receive a promo code!

8/05/2020 12:00 - james c.

Help I can't see where you enter promo code for extra points.NC Lottery
Hey there James, You should be able to enter your promo code on the "Earn Points" page right here:

8/04/2020 09:01 - Tim S.

I would love to win just to bless people less fortunate than me. I'm rich by no means I'm just blessed to have a great family. Nothing fills my heart more than giving to someone in need.

8/04/2020 04:14 - joanie m.

In it to win it

8/04/2020 07:27 - teresa a.

I need this lord would help me get out of debt and help until I could get me a job when you are older it's hard to get job been out of work seen april lose job cause of virus.

8/04/2020 03:27 - Ricky S.

Man I’ve been entering these drawings for years now and haven’t got picked yet. Just last month I had over 400 entries into a $100 drawing and still did win. NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you haven't had your lucky day yet, Ricky. We've got our fingers crossed that it comes soon!

8/03/2020 11:49 - Micheal O.


8/03/2020 09:53 - Tiffany T.

I could actually relax. Also help the less fortunate

8/03/2020 09:20 - Tiffany T.

It would be nice

8/03/2020 08:12 - john a.

Check back every Money to see our new weekly Lucke-Rewards drawings that are making a splash! I like that!

8/03/2020 05:52 - Carole T.

What a blessing this would be

8/03/2020 05:06 - Lavern W.

I hope if it’s for me then I will get it. What a wonderful blessing it would be.

8/03/2020 04:26 - Timothy G.

I hope it's me

8/03/2020 03:18 - Wayfon F.

This would be such a blessing to be debt free! And help my daughter!!!!!!

8/03/2020 03:10 - Wayfon F.

God will show me favor! Cause I would be a blessing to others!!!!

8/03/2020 01:12 - Renee P.

I am the next blessed winner.??

8/03/2020 12:50 - Natasha T.

What a blessing this would be!????

8/03/2020 12:22 - Andre M.

Fun and easy way to play and win

8/03/2020 12:18 - Laura S.

I could use the money, I never win.

8/03/2020 10:45 - Gary B.


8/03/2020 10:03 - Tanya U.

I only won one prize which were the racing tickets some years ago. It would be nice to win a little cash now.

8/03/2020 09:53 - DEBBIE W.

How do you play the second chance drawings NC Lottery
Hey there Debbie, To participate in our second-chance drawings, you'll need to get yourself a ticket that has a second-chance drawing associated with it. You can tell which tickets have these because they will have a little "2nd Chance" icon in the upper corner of the ticket. Then, just log into your NC Lottery account and scan or enter the ticket to collect points. By doing that, you will automatically receive any second-chance entries for that game. Hope this helps!

8/03/2020 09:07 - Garvin W.

Thank you for games. GTW

8/03/2020 09:07 - Estela B.

I hope to be the lucky winner!!!!!!!

8/03/2020 08:29 - ashley b.

Where on here can I enter the "reeling in summer" contest??NC Lottery
Hey Ashley, Just visit the Lucke-Rewards page here:, then click on the Reeling In Summer drawing. From there, just click the blue "Redeem" button and follow the prompts to submit your entry. Good luck!

8/03/2020 08:06 - Shannon S.

Would love to be the winner since the drawing is on my birthday

8/03/2020 07:59 - Donna S.

I could really use something good Happening right now. Fingers crossed.

8/02/2020 10:48 - Batsheva H.

Can the rules of the PowerBALL Second chance be explained better. How many are in the pool of finalists from which the 5 get picked. It says there will be others from other lotteries added to the pool but doesn't say how many.NC Lottery
Hi Batsheva, The Multi-State Lottery Association determines the final 5 by compiling winners from all participating state lotteries and conducting its own drawing. We are removed from this process, aside for providing the 49 winners from NC to be included.

8/02/2020 01:08 - William D.

just some interesting facts, on the letters on the scratch tickets normally represent what you may have or not won. Example: $5.00 will have FIV, $10.00 will have TEN but after $25 the letters go crazy like $100.00 would be HVN. sometimes it is fun trying to figure it out or if it has something to do with the way they are put out???NC Lottery
Hi William, The letters directly underneath a number or dollar amount are a text representation of the number above it. This is used for several purposes including an additional confirmation of what's on the ticket should the scratcher accidentally scratch too hard and obscure the number printed. Hope this helps!

8/02/2020 12:47 - Cynthia z.

Woohoo this time around!

8/01/2020 09:52 - Gloria C.

I would love to be one of the lucky winner.

8/01/2020 08:47 - Maury G.

What happened to the light on the ticket scanner? Why did you update so soon?NC Lottery
Hey there Maury, We regularly release updates to the app to make changes and improvements as needed. The light feature was not carried over when we migrated to our new Android app last October. When scanning tickets, we suggest moving to a well-lit area in order for the scanner to pick up the details it needs.

8/01/2020 12:26 - Joshua F.

New to the scratchers so maybe you can answer some questions please. I have one of the $5 Carolina Panthers scratchers I've scratched everything off didn't win anything doesn't surprise me but when I go back and I'll look at the card closely what are these letters I see printed on here like on the first line I see the letter (R) and on the 3 row I see ( Y and N) so my question is what are the letters on the cardNC Lottery
Hi there Joshua, The tiny letters or numbers scattered throughout the scratch are of a ticket are there for security purposes only. Hope this helps!

7/31/2020 08:40 - carolyn b.

Hey Carolyn, The winning ticket for the July 30th Cash 5 drawing was purchased online, so we won't know the county until the winner comes in to claim!

7/31/2020 04:07 - Jill E.

I’ve played soooo many of my points is ridiculous! And then see the SAME PEOPLE WINNING over and over. Example:: Tim Snow AND Ulysses (something). Idk how they can win multiple times and I never have won. Yet I play TONS of points! I know it’s supposed to be selected by random computer drawing... but how do the same people get pulled MANY TIMES?? Not even looking for a comment from lottery.. just saying, it does not seem computer selected on all the names. NC Lottery
Sorry you aren't having more luck, Jill. Winning in one drawing doesn't disqualify a player from having good luck again! The more entries a player makes, the more chances he or she has to win. We don't know how many entries these players made, but it’s possible they made a lot of them. Of course, having even ONE entry in a drawing gives you a chance to win!

7/31/2020 12:37 - Rose I.

we play when we can, would be a blessing to win good luck to every one

7/31/2020 11:56 - Tonja B.

I like keep playing I'm trying to win that's my dream I hope my dream come true.

7/31/2020 11:18 - Harold w.

How many entries are there for the James Bond drawing? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Harold, The current James Bond Lottery Challenge Second Chance drawing has 82,959 entries.

7/31/2020 07:44 - Denver G.

Your everlasting summer You can see it fading fast So you grab a piece of something That you think is gonna last But you wouldn't know a diamond If you held it in your hand The things you think are precious I can't understand Are you reelin' in the years Stowin' away the time Are you gatherin' up the tears Have you had enough of mine CAN'T BUY A THRILL NC Lottery
Sing it, Denver!

7/31/2020 03:46 - Cynthia J.

I definitely would be blessed as a single parent of three

7/30/2020 11:04 - Misty N.

I WOULD LOVE TO BE ANY WINNER OF ANYTHING..My boyfriend and I ALWAYS dream of winning something big..But it never happens maybe one day.. we play alot of the lottery.

7/30/2020 09:10 - Donna S.

I need this because I need to move into my own home this year. Cannot wait another year.

7/30/2020 07:03 - ERIC T.

I would love to win a big prize so i can give my girlfriend some money for her to go to Alabama with her sister so she can enjoy herself.

7/30/2020 03:14 - Jeffrey W.

I would be blessed to win anything! I'd love enough just to move to western nc though but if I could win enough to help my friends and family enjoy life alittle more then I'm all for that.

7/30/2020 03:07 - joanie m.

Multiply the cash, one of my favorite games In It To Win It

7/30/2020 01:38 - heather s.

That would be a dream come true! $100,000, would pay off all my bills and I could FINALLY be stress free.

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