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Stop for gas brings $200,000 prize for Onslow County hospital worker

July 30, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:54 AM

A stop for gas on Tuesday turned Thomas Jordan of Jacksonville into a Super 7s $200,000 top prize winner.

Jordan, who works delivering medical supplies to the ER, made a stop for gas at the Circle K on Piney Green Road in Midway Park on his lunch break and decided to grab two $5 Super 7s tickets.

“I saw that the Super 7s were there,” recalled Jordan. “I have the lottery app on my phone that tells me which tickets still have outstanding prizes. So, I said, ‘Let me go ahead and get a couple tickets.’”

He took his two tickets and headed back to work.

“When I scratched it off on my lunch break and I saw it, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Jordan. “I had to talk to one of my coworkers to say, ‘Man, can you look at this ticket and tell me if it’s real?’ And he said, ‘Yes, you just won $200,000.’ And I almost cried, tears coming down and everything. I was in disbelief.”

That night, he shared the news of his good fortune with his family. “We’re just sitting there, talking, you bought a $5 ticket and it turned into $200,000,” said Jordan. “It’s just crazy.”

Jordan claimed his prize Wednesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings, he took home $141,501.

“This is gonna do a whole lot for my family because I have so many house renovations that I need to get done,” said Jordan of his prize money. “It’s gonna basically be used for family and then you know house things. I’ll try to take a little bit to save for the future.”

Super 7s launched this month with five top prizes of $200,000. Three top prizes remain to be won.


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8/03/2020 09:45 - ROSA F.

Awesome!....good break.

8/03/2020 11:39 - Joanne L.

Awesome Thomas congrats

8/03/2020 09:23 - Elizabeth C.

Congrats!!????and God Bless

8/01/2020 10:20 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more happy y.

8/01/2020 10:05 - Denver G.

Wow LZ, that was a mouth full of an answer you gave miss Sheila. I looked up chapter 50. Not knowing all the facts, I'm still gonna say (Poetic Justice).

7/31/2020 09:43 - Vivian C.

Wow happy gor him ,,i cant win for nothing,im going to keep trying though

7/31/2020 04:09 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more happy wins.

7/31/2020 02:21 - john a.

Okay, here goes. This idea comes from watching my favorite baseball team on tv. The Maryland Lottery have a five dollar scratch off ticket tied into the Baltimore Orioles, similar to the current Panthers scratch off. Players send in their losing tickets, and one is chosen for each televised game. That player automatically wins five hundred dollars. Then, for every homerun hit by the Orioles in that game, they win an additional five hundred dollars. Since we do not have an MLB team, maybe they could do something like that with the Panthers. Say, five hundred for getting your losing ticket picked, and five hundred for every touchdown the Panthers score. If five hundred is too much for NCEL, they could do a lesser amount, maybe a hundred or something. If the NFL cancels this coming season, maybe they could do it next year. NC Lottery
Thanks for this idea, John! We'll be sure to pass it along.

7/31/2020 12:39 - Sheila I.

@ncel. Thanks for the feedback regarding the new $30 scratch off winner. I didn't know we have a choice to remain anonymous in NCNC Lottery
Hi Sheila, In most cases, winners do not. This winner claimed under the special protections listed in the State Lottery Act. If a prize winner submits to the Commission a copy of a protective order without attachments, if any, issued to that person under G.S. 50B-3 or a lawful order of any court of competent jurisdiction restricting the access or contact of one or more persons with that prize winner or a current and valid Address Confidentiality Program authorization card issued pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 15C of the General Statutes, that prize winner's identifying information shall be treated as confidential information under G.S. 132-1.2 as long as the protective order remains in effect or the prize winner remains a certified program participant in the Address Confidentiality Program.

7/31/2020 10:54 - john a.

If you have an idea for a new scratch off, how do you let NCEL know about it?NC Lottery
You can tell us about it right here on the blog and we'll make sure the right folks see it, or you can email us at We can't wait to hear your idea!

7/31/2020 10:41 - Denver G.

I gotcha. Stay safe and keep on rockin.

7/31/2020 09:18 - Berry B.

WTG young man,much love 2 u!!

7/31/2020 08:03 - Denver G.

Speaking of $30 tickets. LZ you told several players earlier this month that there is no plans for a new one. Yet I got an email from Dream Makers thanking me for helping name the new $30 ticket. Of the 3 name choices the one I selected won.NC Lottery
Congrats on having your name choice selected! Our Dream Makers panel is used to develop ideas for new games that are in the very early stages of development. These games often get changed and revised and release dates moved throughout the planning process. We don't typically share details on a new game here on the blog until we have more firm info on if and when it might be coming.

7/31/2020 07:06 - Sheila I.

@ncel. I noticed there is only 1 of my favorite scratchers left... the $30 Colossal. Do you know where the winning ticket was purchasedNC Lottery
Hi Sheila, The third grand prize in the $10,000,000 Colossal Cash game was claimed on Thursday, July 30th. The identity of the winner is confidential as allowed under the State Lottery Act. In this case, the lottery is also not providing information on where the winning ticket was sold to help prevent any inadvertent release of the winner’s identity.

7/31/2020 05:52 - Gary C.

Congratulations on your winnings

7/30/2020 03:44 - Terean M.

Congratulations to you and your family!

7/30/2020 03:41 - DL H.

Correction to my typo Congratulations Thomas! So happy for you and your family. :-)

7/30/2020 03:20 - Kendall S.


7/30/2020 01:18 - Ellyn H.

Congratulations on your Blessings!!!

7/30/2020 12:20 - DL H.

Congratulations Thomas! So happy what are you and your family. :-)

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