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Want to see how lottery helps your county?

August 10, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:16 AM

Have you ever wondered how the money raised by the lottery helps education where you live? Our new brochure, available at a play center near you, will show you. Here’s what is in each brochure.

How much money does your county get?

The lottery proudly raises almost $2 million a day for education and all 100 North Carolina counties benefit. That’s why we put how much your county received front and center. You can quickly check out what your share of the pot was for 2019 because it’s the first dollar amount listed on the brochure.

Can you break it down?

Certainly. First, you’ll see school staff. This includes substitute teachers, custodians, office assistants, and others who help make the school run. Then you’ll see N.C. Pre-K, school construction, and school transportation, because we all need a good head start, a safe campus to learn in, and a safe way to get there. Finally, you’ll see scholarships and grants because we could all use a little help making college more affordable.

How is a dollar spent on the lottery used?

Just flip our brochure over to see how we break down every dollar. You’ll see the lion’s share go to prizes. After that, is education. In short, about a quarter of every dollar spent goes to education, adding up now to more than $725 million a year.

So, the next time you’re in your favorite lottery store, stop by the lottery play center and pick up a brochure. It’ll show you how each ticket you buy helps out education in your community.


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8/22/2020 07:46 - james e.

I am not getting notices of spent points back to my email, any help?NC Lottery
Hi James, Thanks for letting us know. Our first suggestion is to check your spam folder - sometimes emails can start getting filtered there. If you aren't seeing them there, please reach out to our online support team at and let them know about this. They should be able to look into what is happening here.

8/11/2020 03:39 - Toro M.

Yep. I remember when the lottery 1st started my assistant manager's daughter received her college packet and it included a $300 check, or something of that nature from the NCEL.

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