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Brooklyn man wins $750,000 lottery prize in Brunswick County

August 11, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:43 PM

While on vacation from Brooklyn, New York, Yong Chen scored a $750,000 Jumbo Bucks top prize.

Chen purchased his lucky $10 ticket from Harris Teeter on Olde Regent Way in Leland.

He claimed his prize Tuesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings, he’ll take home $530,628.


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8/16/2020 09:34 - Joshua G.

Question: Why when someone wins $1,000,000 on a scratch off after federal and tax with holdings they only get $424,600? But this gentleman won $750,000 and takes home more. NC Lottery
Great question, Joshua. For our scratch-off games, the annuity/lump sum option begins at $1 million. So for folks who win a $1 million prize, they have the option of receiving an annuity of $1 million paid out over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. It's always up to the winner to decide which option to go with. Our game development team created this Jumbo Bucks game to have a $750,000 prize for that reason - there is no annuity/lump sum option, the winner simply wins $750,000. We create lots of different games with varying price points and prize structures so that folks can always find something that interests them when they choose to play.

8/15/2020 04:27 - Gary C.

Congratulations on your good fortune!!!

8/12/2020 01:27 - shirley b.


8/12/2020 12:05 - lori j.


8/12/2020 10:16 - Brenda S.


8/12/2020 08:43 - Jennifer J.


8/11/2020 09:24 - Jeffrey A.

Been in Duplin county IGA stores to buy lottery tickets everyday, and no major winning tickets. The jackpots arent in this county. Hopeless. NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you haven't had more luck, Jeffrey. We wish everyone could be a big winner, but it's important to remember that prizes come from non-winning tickets. You never know where a jackpot winner is going to show up - all it takes is finding one lucky ticket. We hope your luck changes soon!

8/11/2020 08:57 - Evelyn P.

Do you have any plans to come out with a new $5 crossword anytime soon? That's one of my favorite scratch off tickets. NC Lottery
You're in luck! We've got a new $5 crossword themed game coming out on First Tuesday next month.

8/11/2020 07:24 - Velma T.

Good for you Yong!!

8/11/2020 07:17 - Robert G.

The machine at Lowe's Foods in Morehead City. Always broken according to the sign. NC Lottery
Thanks, Robert, for this info! We will have someone take a look at this machine.

8/11/2020 06:21 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more happy wins.

8/11/2020 03:22 - Ulysses N.

Hello, I would like for NC Education Lottery to please repair or replace the lotto machine at the Food Lion at 9115 Samlen Lane Ste 201 Charlotte, NC. This machine has been constantly out of service for approximately a month. Customers use this machine very much. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks Love to playNC Lottery
Hi Ulysses, Thanks for letting us know about this. We will have one of our technicians take a closer look at this machine!

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