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New Hanover County man to use $250,000 lottery prize to help others

August 27, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:25 AM

On Tuesday, Dennis Nagle of Wilmington tried his luck on a $5 ticket and struck gold with a $250,000 top prize.

Nagle, a retired car salesman, stopped at the Gas Center on Market Street in Wilmington and purchased a few scratch-offs, including two $5 $250,000 Gold Rush tickets.

He scratched the tickets right outside the store and couldn’t believe his eyes when he uncovered his prize. “I came back in,” he recalled, “and said, ‘Is this for real?’ and the clerk said, ‘Yes!’”

The first thought after realizing he had won?

“What I could do with the money,” recalled Nagle. “Which would be something good. I’m not gonna go buy a new car, I’m gonna help some people.”

Nagle claimed his prize Tuesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings, he took home $176,876.

“Gotta spread the wealth,” said Nagle. “If I can do something for somebody, I’m going to.”

The $250,000 Gold Rush game launched this month with five top prizes of $250,000. Three top prizes remain to be won.  


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8/31/2020 11:06 - Sharon T.

Woot Woot!!!

8/30/2020 09:25 - Chalisa H.


8/30/2020 12:23 - Carnellia O.

Congratulations on your win!! I'm pretty sure that anything you decide to help out with they'll be appreciative!!

8/29/2020 07:26 - Berry B.

WTG Mr.D.N.,blessing others is the American Dream!!

8/29/2020 12:11 - Rose D.

Dennis i could use some help with my carif you don't mind thanks in advance

8/29/2020 12:09 - Rose D.

Dennis so happy for you .Thanks for thinking of others that is something i would do .

8/29/2020 09:41 - Diane B.

Congrats! And thank YOU for thinking of others especially at this time. Take care, stay healthy and safe!

8/28/2020 11:51 - Courtney S.

Im glad to see there are those who still care in this world about helping others more than themselves.

8/28/2020 11:09 - joanie m.

Congratulations God bless

8/28/2020 09:43 - Megan M.

I would be grateful with any blessing. Nagle that's great, I play and I've always said I don't need much I don't want to be greedy just enough to pay up a few Bill's and help those who have helped me. You have a good heart.

8/28/2020 09:42 - elizabeth j.

Congratulations. God bless u.

8/28/2020 06:47 - Jaime R.

Congratulations!!! I love the response on what to do with the money! Always pay it forward! So far I’ve won $100 on the Gold Rush. NC Lottery
Nice hit Jaime R.!

8/28/2020 09:03 - Natalie G.

There is a elderly lady in Wilmington yjay could use some help she needs a A/C unit & her bathroom needs remodeling call me dor the address my name is Natalie* NC Lottery
Hi Natalie, We just wanted to let you know that we removed your personal contact information from your comment as that goes against our community standards.

8/27/2020 10:22 - linda p.

Congratulations Dennis I pray and ask God for a large enough Blessing to spread out blessings in His name and pay off all my debt, purchase a purple mattress to ease the pain of my RA,. purchase a dinette set, put money my grandkids and great-grandson education. I want to help the homeless, seniors and children. Oh aGod bless me. God bless us all

8/27/2020 11:56 - Nyeiasha L.

Congratulations! You can always pay it forward to me if you’re giving it away lol!

8/27/2020 10:54 - Douglas H.

If the world has more folks like Dennis...it would be a better place. Congratulations Dennis! You deserve this win!

8/27/2020 10:35 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and it is good to know that you want to share your winning with others. I wish you many more happy wins.

8/27/2020 09:39 - crystal c.

Congratulations!!! Your story is a blessing what a way to pay it forward.

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