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Durham County man discovers $100,000 prize while eating Labor Day lunch

September 10, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:06 AM

William Moss of Durham was having lunch on Labor Day when he discovered he was a $100,000 Extreme Cash winner.

“It feels great,” said Moss.“I’ve been playing for a long time, so it feels good to get one.”

Moss, a general superintendent for an electric company, purchased his $25 ticket from Tommy’s Mini Mart on Cole Mill Road in Durham.

“I just stopped and I bought the ticket on the way to the house,” recalled Moss. “I scratched it off while I was eating some lunch.”

His wife was sitting next to him when he realized he was a winner. “She said, ‘You’re kidding!’” recalled Moss. “And I said, ‘Nope, here it is!”

Moss claimed his prize Tuesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings, he took home $70,757. He plans to put his prize money into savings.


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9/16/2020 09:04 - Velma T.


9/13/2020 11:08 - Sheila I.

@ncel I'm noticing a lot of YouTube scratcher videos. Are these people using their own money or are they being sponsored by ncel? Are they being paid by YouTube? Don't get me wrong, they are interesting to watch.NC Lottery
While the videos you mention are indeed interesting to watch, they are not sponsored by the NC Lottery in any way.

9/12/2020 08:11 - Deanalyn M.

I don't know all about the call deal wouldn't that be some type of liability?

9/12/2020 04:57 - Tony G.


9/12/2020 02:13 - Anita R.


9/12/2020 10:24 - Sheila I.

@ncel. Winners for second chance and lucky reward games are notified via mail, email and phone. What phone number should we see from you guysNC Lottery
You're absolutely right - that is how we contact winners. The phone number placing the call will vary depending on who from our prize team is calling winners that day. If you're ever unsure whether a call is legitimate, you can always call us back at our main Customer Service number to verify.

9/11/2020 09:25 - Sheila I.

@tammy L. It happened to me as well. I complained to NCEL and a representative explained the additional information was required. So I submitted the necessary documents and all went well. After that, any money I won was smooth sailing.

9/10/2020 09:10 - Tammy L.

I have recently tried online play. I won $200 on lucky for life. A warning to all that want to play online. Even a small amount of $200, they put you through the ringer to collect it. They want bank info and S.S. number and picture I.D. and a void check. Then they might send you your money that you won. Easy to buy in a store and cash out your ticket. Online is Hell .NC Lottery
Hey there Tammy, Congrats on your win! We're sorry to hear that your experiencing claiming has been frustrating. We have these extra safeguards in place to ensure that when we pay a prize out to someone, it is going to the correct person and account. It takes our team a little extra time to validate the information you upload. Once you complete this process, it shouldn't be necessary for any subsequent wins. If you have more questions about the status of your documents or prize, you can reach out to our online support team at nclottery.com/Help.

9/10/2020 07:44 - Douglas H.

Congratulations to the Moss Family!! Awesome win :-)

9/10/2020 06:49 - elizabeth j.

Congratulations Moss. Buy your wife something really nice. Enjoy.

9/10/2020 01:19 - travis k.

Good for you live in Durham my self I Will start buying tickets there

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