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Fast Play: Win a jackpot instantly!

September 15, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:17 AM

An exciting part of the new Fast Play games creates the chance to win a rolling jackpot instantly.

No more waiting for drawings with the new Fast Play games. The drawing is instant. When your ticket is printed you can play it and see instantly how much you have won. For example, the $10 Jackpot 7’s game offers twelve games. If you match three 7’s in any of the games you win the entire jackpot.

The Fast Play jackpot starts at $20,000 and grows with each ticket that is purchased until it is won. That’s why it’s called a progressive jackpot.

When you play, you can win some or all of the jackpot. Your ticket tells you not only what the jackpot was when you bought your ticket, but how much of that jackpot you could win. Here’s how it works:

  • A $2 Fast Play ticket would win 20 percent of the jackpot.
  • A $5 Fast Play ticket would win half of the jackpot.
  • A $10 Fast Play ticket would win all of the jackpot.

What happens if only part of a jackpot is won? The jackpot amount falls by the percentage of the win and begins growing again. For example, if the jackpot was $60,000 and a $5 ticket won the jackpot, it would restart at $30,000.

If the full jackpot is won, it starts over at $20,000.

No matter how high the jackpot gets, the odds of winning are the same: 1 in 240,000.

Want to know how much the jackpot is before you buy your ticket? Check out:

  • Our website where the amount is updated continuously on the home page and the Official NC Lottery Mobile App.
  • The multi-media monitor or home page of a lottery vending machine at any lottery store.
  • New Fast Play jackpot signs going up now at many of your favorite lottery stores.

Coming Wednesday: Get a closer look at our Fast Play bingo games.


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9/19/2020 09:00 - Heather L.

@THOM B~I haven't heard of 'Cash Pop' before, but I checked it out and it seems like a fun draw game.

9/16/2020 02:57 - john a.

I have seen many cashiers who are poorly trained. Many times over the years when I have tried to buy a draw ticket for multiple drawings they don't know how to do it. For example, I might request a mega millions quick pick for 5 drawings, and I have seen them freak out. They will usually say something like, "you can't do that", when I know that you can. NC Lottery
Hi John, thanks for the feedback, we invite our retailers to training sessions to assist them with selling lottery products, and our sales team is often able to answer retailer questions and provide additional information on how our games and offers work. We'll take this back to our folks that do training and let them know what you've experienced. Thanks!

9/16/2020 08:16 - Denver G.

I am loving this game. Best odds of anything out there to win $100k or more. I am sticking with the $10 tickets. I am averaging about 50/50 on wins. Most on 1 ticket has been $25. Try the vending machines, if you can't figure it out you have no one to blame but yourself. Easy . easy , easy!!!

9/16/2020 07:46 - Ricky S.

Here it is 9-16-2020 and not even the $2.00 fast plays have won yet on the progressive play. People be careful, this fast play will suck you dry quicker than a vampire.

9/16/2020 05:42 - Thom B.

So what if I go into a gas station and purchase a $10 Fast Play from the cashier and he looks at it before handing it to me and tells me it’s not a winner. Do I have to pay for it? This happened and I just walked out. Please train these cashiers not to do that.NC Lottery
Thanks for letting us know about this, Thom. That is certainly not the playing experience we want you to have. Players like you are our eyes and ears across the state! Anytime you have a concern about something that happened at a particular store that sells lottery tickets, please contact our security division immediately at 1-888-732-6235 to report what happened.

9/15/2020 11:49 - DL H.

I played a Lucky Clover and won :-) However will stick to our regular games. i will say the clerks were getting frustrated having to explain every kind of new game to customers thats didn’t know much about it. i read up on it and knew what i wanted to play but clerks were not happy explaining games to othersNC Lottery
Congrats on the win, DL! We understand there will be a learning curve anytime a new game or product is released, and we appreciate our retailers doing their best to understand it and share that knowledge with our players. We will pass your feedback along to the folks who handle the training of our retailers.

9/15/2020 08:44 - Adele Z.

Since I see no other place to make this comment I'll say it here. Can the NCEL please find a competent app developer that can write an app that does not need to be updated every week. I'm sorry but all of these updates are making me think it's time to get rid of this time waster. Get a program that is reliable and stable. I'm very tired of the weekly update message when all I want to do is log in and find some information. NC Lottery
We hear you, Adele. Our app team is continually making updates and improvements to the app to help improve the overall experience for our players, but we understand that updating can be frustrating. If you are using an apple device, you can turn on auto-update and you shouldn't even notice when we release a new one. Unfortunately Android does not allow apps that feature in-app lottery gaming in the Play Store, which is why Android users must download the app from our website.

9/15/2020 05:35 - Dennis C.

Odds of jackpot are 1 in 240000 regardless of ticket cost. You give up some on the bottom end to get those kind of odds. Im anxious to see the amount of that first jackpot win.

9/15/2020 03:45 - Thom B.

Bought 5 of the $10 Fast play and won nothing but a trip to the garbage can to throw the paper away. Not sure this type game is going to be a hit with anyone. I know it’s not, but people will think that this game can be easily rigged as well. Hopefully this will go away like All or Nothing did. Cash Pop is extremely popular in other states. Maybe bring that here instead.

9/15/2020 03:36 - Tony T.

ok, so if a winning jackpot ticket is sold with the fast play game then the total jackpot goes down immediately after that ticket is bought, right? What happens if the winner of the jackpot on that ticket never claims that % jackpot? NC Lottery
Great question, Tony. Yes, if a jackpot-winning ticket is sold, the jackpot will decreased immediately. If the winner doesn't claim their prize, half of that unclaimed prize money goes back into games in the form of prizes, and the other half benefits education.

9/15/2020 01:52 - Patricia H.

Can we play this online as wellNC Lottery
Hi Patricia, Fast Play games can be purchased at most NC Lottery retailers and on all lottery self-service vending machines. It is not available online at this time.

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