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Student with dreams of med school, dreamt of playing lottery, wakes up to $100,000 win

September 4, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:18 PM

On Saturday night, Kaila Moore of Durham had a dream that she’d bought a scratch-off ticket. Acting on that dream led her to buy her first lottery ticket, and a $100,000 win.

“I’ve never bought a lottery ticket ever in my entire life,” said Moore. “I literally had a dream that I bought a scratch-off. So, when I woke up I went and bought one.”

She went to the Food Lion on West Main Street in Durham Sunday morning, paid $20 for the $4,000,000 Gold Rush game, then took her ticket home to scratch it.

Her reaction to realizing she’d won? Excitement.

“I was with my mom,” said the East Carolina University student. “She was more excited about it than me!”

They both knew this money was going to go toward Moore’s education.

“I plan to go to medical school and medical school is not cheap!” she said. “I’m going to invest some of it in a mutual fund and the rest I’m just going to save.”

Moore claimed her prize Wednesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings she took home $70,756 but said she wouldn’t celebrate until after her physics class and studying.

The $4,000,000 Gold Rush game launched in August with three top prizes of $4,000,000 and six $100,000. Two $4,000,000 and three $100,000 prizes remain.

Ticket sales from scratch-off games make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $725 million per year for education. For details on how $13.1 million raised by the lottery made a difference in Durham County in 2019, visit and click on the “Impact” section.


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9/20/2020 05:32 - ronald s.

what is wrong earn points is not workingNC Lottery
Hi Ronald, We aren't aware of any widespread issues with the Earn Points page at this time. Please try clearing your browser cache and restarting. If this continues, you can get further assistance from our online support team at

9/14/2020 03:38 - Charles H.

I appreciate the courteous reply, but that doesn't help. I went to Food Lion yesterday and spent nearly $200 on scratch-offs and almost all were losers. I'm sick and tired of my dream not coming true while many others are experiencing it everyday. I think I'll go and flush my diabetic meds down the toilet, I won't be needing them anymore.NC Lottery
Hi Charles, It sounds like you are not having fun playing. We only want you, and everyone else, to play so long as you are enjoying yourself. If you are not it might be a good time to take a break.

9/09/2020 04:52 - Gale M.

Continued success with your education. We need great doctors.

9/09/2020 01:47 - Charles H.

I would say congratulations, but I can't and feel good about it. This is nothing but another feel good human interest story to entice people to go out and buy more tickets. You took something that I should have won and it's not fair. NC Lottery
We're sorry to hear you haven't had your lucky day yet, Charles. We wish everyone could be big winners, but it's important to remember that prize money comes from non-winning tickets and it takes a lot of luck to win a prize - especially a big one.

9/07/2020 10:00 - Jacquelyn M.

Yes, I wouls love to play the E-Z match online as well. I would love to do the Pick 3 and 4 too. NC Lottery
Thanks for the feedback, Jacquelyn! We always appreciate knowing what features or games our players are interested in.

9/07/2020 08:56 - Rosalina K.

Wow, congratulations!

9/07/2020 09:59 - Linda W.

This is so wonderful! Good luck in Medical School.

9/06/2020 12:02 - Jeneria S.

way to go.....

9/05/2020 11:58 - Anita R.


9/05/2020 05:09 - Lisa J.

Congrats Ms Moore!??

9/05/2020 12:31 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and wish you many more happy wins.

9/05/2020 12:08 - ANGEL W.


9/04/2020 11:02 - DL H.

Dreams do come true :-). Congratulations Kaila.

9/04/2020 09:27 - john a.

Food Lion again. I'm not surprised.

9/04/2020 08:58 - stephen h.

Why can’t you purchase a EZ-match Cash 5 ticket online?NC Lottery
Hi Stephen, EZ-Match is currently only available to purchase at a retail locations. We appreciate hearing if players are interested in seeing that feature available in Online Play as well though!

9/04/2020 08:37 - Kellie M.

CONGRATULATIONS Kaila! Hopefully you aced that physics test!

9/04/2020 06:47 - Nina R.

I'm over the moon happy for you -- what a great story! I hope you keep listening to that keen intuition when you're a doctor :) Congratulations!

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