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Durham County COVID nurse ‘in shock’ after $1 million second-chance win

January 11, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:08 AM

When Terri Watkins of Durham got a call letting her know she had won $1 million, she couldn’t believe her ears.

“I thought that it was a scam. I was a little upset actually!” she recalled laughing. “I thought that it was not real, couldn’t be real. It’s still something that I really don’t believe, I’m still in some shock here.”

Her entry was chosen from over 513,000 entries in the final $300,000,000 Supreme Riches second-chance drawing on Wednesday. Winners of second-chance drawings receive a phone call or email notifying them that they won.

“I’m a nurse and I work in the COVID unit at a long-term care facility,” said Watkins. “Just seeing some of the things that I’ve had to see, I am very thankful. I had been praying for something to help me with this situation. It really is a great thing. I’m very blessed.”

Watkins claimed her prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. She had the option to take the $1 million prize as an annuity of 20 payments of $50,000 a year or a lump sum of $600,000. She chose the lump sum and took home $424,500 after required state and federal tax withholdings.

“I’m just gonna take it slow and easy and figure out what I’m gonna do,” said Watkins. “I would love a new home, but I’ve just got to take time and put it in the right place.”


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12/31/2021 02:54 - Agnew D.

I don't believe you! lol Congrats!

1/14/2021 01:42 - Edith R.

Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!

1/13/2021 08:55 - Katy S.

Congratulations you deserve it..as a nurse working in these times Im glad you won.

1/13/2021 01:37 - Vanetta H.

Congratulations ??????

1/12/2021 09:15 - joanie m.

Great win Congratulations

1/12/2021 12:00 - CHARLEEN M.


1/12/2021 11:06 - Michael P.

Out of curiosity, how many entries were there for the 50K Luck Rewards drawing that happened in early January?NC Lottery
Hi Michael, there were 5,992,854 entries for the Countdown to 2021 $50,000 drawing on January 6.

1/12/2021 10:49 - BRENDA T.


1/12/2021 12:09 - Zelda L.

Congratulations on her win

1/11/2021 03:39 - James H.

Thanks lottery b in would love to win one top pride

1/11/2021 03:27 - Kelly R.

when are guys going to do the next 2nd prize drawing for the Colossal scratcher?NC Lottery
Hi Kelly, we have not announced a date for the Colossal Cash 2nd Chance drawing. We are still accepting entries for that game.

1/11/2021 03:21 - Sylvia W.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

1/11/2021 01:59 - Scott M.

Did Fast Play jackpot get won last night or early today ? The jackpot was over 700,000 Sunday night .NC Lottery
Hi Scott, a player in Fayetteville just won a top prize of $147,107 while playing Fast Play this morning. The winning $2 Jackpot 7s ticket was sold at Lucky Seven on Raeford Rd. $2 winning tickets take 20% of the total jackpot.

1/11/2021 01:16 - Joyce J.

It's amazing how all the money seems to fall in the same counties, very suspicious.

1/11/2021 12:18 - REGINALD W.

Congrats, and being a Covid nurse you deserve it. .spend it wisely

1/11/2021 12:07 - Harold w.

Why is there no information posted on the stats for the second chance ticket, "100x the Cash? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Harold, 100X The Cash tickets are being entered in to the Multiply The Cash Second Chance drawing. You can find the details of that drawing here: https://nclottery.com/RewardsDraw?dn=15

1/11/2021 11:34 - Terrie B.

Can you specify one way or the other if you want to be emailed or called if you win a second chance drawing? Because of the number of solicitation calls I get on my phone I usually don't answer it if I don't recognize the number and I call them back if they leave a message. I know a lot of people that do the same. Will NCEL leave a message if you won, and at what point do they email you if they cant reach you by phone?NC Lottery
Hi Terrie, there is no way to change your method of notification. The first notification goes to the email you use with your NC Lottery account so be sure to keep that up-to-date. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll give you a call and if we miss you with the email and phone call, you'll still get a certified letter. We will leave a message if there is no answer when we call. We want to do everything we can to ensure folks get the prizes they win!

1/11/2021 11:14 - john a.

Awesome. Our health care workers are operating under a tremendous amount of pressure right now. We the public owe them a lot for what they are doing during this period in time.

1/11/2021 10:58 - Vickie L.

Very happy for her!So glad to see her rewarded for her service in this way. Couldn't do without our nurses!!!

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