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December promotions deliver holiday delight

November 30, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:17 PM

Cash drawings with prizes ranging from $100 to $5,000 and a fun Facebook game arrive just in time this December to deliver some holiday delight.

Get ready to enter our monthly and weekly Lucke-Rewards drawings in December, including:

  • Holiday Delight. Our monthly drawing will offer a $5,000 prize to 25 lucky winners in a Jan. 5 drawing. The deadline for entries is Dec. 31.
  • Fast Cash. Our first of four weekly drawings will give away $100 to 10 winners in the Dec. 15 drawing. The deadline for entries is Dec. 12.

You can find more fun with promotions on our Facebook page. You can win an assortment of holiday scratch-offs by commenting on posts today and Dec. 8. Sixty holiday scratch-offs will be given away in each of the drawings.

Throughout December, we’ll also conduct a Holiday Scavenger Hunt on our Facebook page. Follow along as we decorate our holiday wreath where ornaments eventually will spell out a promotion code that will award you 250 bonus Lucke-Rewards points.

Keep up with all our current promotions here.

As always, make sure you’re signed up for our promotional emails. Just put a check by News & Promotions in Email Subscriptions for your NC Lottery Account. You’ll be the first to know about more exciting chances to win.

And don’t forget to check out the latest earn activities in Lucke-Rewards launching throughout the month, including a new survey on your plans for the new year. Use your points for more chances to win cash and prizes.

Here’s hoping your holidays are delightful!


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1/05/2022 07:23 - Robyn R.

has this drawing happened?NC Lottery
Hi Robyn! Yes, the drawing occurred as scheduled yesterday, January 5. Winners will be contacted within 48 hours of the drawing and will have 30 days to claim their prize, at which time we will publish their names under the "Winners" tab on the drawing page. Hope this helps!

1/05/2022 09:14 - Justin N.

What time does the drawing occur today ?NC Lottery
Hi Justin! We don't have an exact time that the drawing will occur, but rest assured it will occur today as scheduled and winners will be notified within 48 hours. Good luck!

12/29/2021 10:39 - Jason b.

I really need this right now please I need our luck to turn around Kelli mecumes s

12/29/2021 10:28 - Jason b.

I really wish I could win at least this one for my future wife and myself bc our luck ain't very much lucky here latelyNC Lottery
Wishing you lots of luck, Jason!

12/27/2021 11:29 - Willie A.

Hope I win

12/24/2021 11:08 - Willie A.

Hope one day I can win.

12/15/2021 05:17 - Teresa G.

Great to be a part of the NCEL team to impact our school system and future games.

12/15/2021 03:55 - Ben R.

I would be happy to just win what I have put into this. I'll keep trying, cause if I am not in.. I cannot win.

12/14/2021 03:59 - Blake D.

Good luck

12/01/2021 09:34 - Linda J.

How many players out there feel that the Monthly Drawings isn’t fair to ALL PLAYERS? There are thousands of players that don’t do the Monthly Drawings and there are thousand of players who feel like it’s not worth the trouble keeping losing and winning tickets to scan for extra points… And, how many players out there are annoyed with the childish games like Spin the Wheel?…. I have complained and complained to NC Lottery about their poorly design website and app. And, all I get is maybe it’s your browser, your device or your signal… It’s non of those; because I’ve have several devices and it’s the same results. The Spin the Wheel game DOES NOT WORK…

12/01/2021 06:58 - Norma W.

Since COVID, using recreational money for scratch offs. Having fun - wish could win more often but know it’s the luck of the drawNC Lottery
It definitely is the luck of the draw, Norma! We are wishing you lots of luck and hope your next ticket is a lucky one!

12/01/2021 12:51 - Tammie E.

I need a home.

12/01/2021 12:35 - Joanna K.

With My luck, hmm ?? I don't think so. But let me try ????NC Lottery
Wishing you the best of luck, Joanna!

12/01/2021 10:30 - Donna M.

I would really love to win!NC Lottery
Wishing you lots of luck, Donna!

12/01/2021 09:57 - Rich G.

where is the list of winners for november

12/01/2021 09:05 - Gloria C.

Thanks for all this great informations. Happy holidays to all of you.

12/01/2021 08:25 - Rudolph P.

Hello NCEL, I scanned the $5 holiday tickets and didn't get bonus points.NC Lottery
Hi Rudolph! We're sorry to hear that and apologize for the inconvenience. Please reach out to our Online Support team at and a member of our team can look into this for you.

12/01/2021 08:16 - Annie B.

I hope I win something I just love the holidays

12/01/2021 06:55 - Natalie G.

I would love to win some money for me & my kid we are trying to purchase a house in another state this would be a serious blessing God knows we need a miracle.

12/01/2021 05:56 - christie r.

Would love to be able to get some of those scrscratch off tickets to brighten my holidaysNC Lottery
You're in luck, Christie! We are currently hosting a giveaway promo on our Facebook for the chance to win an assortment of holiday scratch-offs! Check it out here:

12/01/2021 02:25 - charles d.

Good luck to everyone entering into Christmas and the New Year

12/01/2021 01:13 - Roderick C.

Would love to be first time winner.

11/30/2021 10:57 - Wyvern A.

I will checking the out

11/30/2021 09:17 - Dawn P.

That's great!

11/30/2021 08:19 - Ava K.

hope I win. Merry Christmas

11/30/2021 07:47 - Lori B.

This is just so much fun! I absolutely LOVE the NC Education Lottery! Between being able to earn points, enter tickets and participating in all the fabulous Lucke-rewards drawings you can't help but want to get in on all the fun! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome lottery! NC Education Lottery ROCKS!!!NC Lottery
Thank you so much for the positive comment, Lori! Happy Holidays to you and we are so glad you're a part of the NC Lottery community!

11/30/2021 07:45 - Jennifer F.

Sounds like fun, I will have to check out the Facebook page.

11/30/2021 07:30 - GINA L.

Ho ho ho ..merry Christmas

11/30/2021 07:17 - Rowena B.

Oh wow this is going to be fun!

11/30/2021 07:05 - nova l.

great news I would love to win.

11/30/2021 06:45 - christie r.

Would love to be a winner of some scratch off tickettickets

11/30/2021 06:14 - Rebecca B.

Ready to win!!!

11/30/2021 06:12 - Christine B.

Love playing the games/earn activities. Thanks

11/30/2021 05:54 - Alice J.

I can't wait for the December Scavenger Hunt!NC Lottery
We can't wait either!! Thanks for the positive comment, Alice!

11/30/2021 05:25 - Maria N M.

This is the year for me. I have faith I will win something with NCEL. I wish good luck to everyone. Happy holidays NCEL. You rock

11/30/2021 05:10 - Angela M.

This is fun. Thank you

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