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Twists of fate lead Lincoln County man to $10 million prize

February 17, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:01 AM

If Allen Boger’s Chevy Silverado had not been low on gas and if the first lottery ticket he wanted to buy had been in stock, then he never would have ended up with a $10 million prize.

“It took a couple of twists of fate for this to happen,” said Boger, a car salesman from Denver as he collected his prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

Boger’s good luck happened Saturday morning as he headed off to play the lottery. Then, about a mile from home, his truck’s low fuel light came on and he turned around to go to a gas station.

After filling up at the Lunar Mart on N.C. 16 in Denver, he went inside to buy a $20 scratch-off ticket. When it wasn’t available, he bought instead a $10,000,000 Colossal Cash ticket.

“I’ve been lucky my whole life,” Boger said. “I’m lucky to win it.”

Boger had the choice of taking his prize as an annuity of $500,000 a year for 20 years or as a lump sum of $6 million. He chose the lump sum and, after state and federal tax withholdings, took home $4.2 million.

He said he planned to use the money to pay off his bills and then retire and live off his savings and investments.

Boger became the fourth person to win a $10 million prize in the $30 game.


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2/19/2021 09:05 - joanie m.

Congratulations what a win

2/18/2021 09:22 - Barabara M.

Congratulations and Blessings to you

2/18/2021 07:20 - Michael B.

Hey Denver! I’m familiar with this store as well have played there a few times. I buy my tickets in Lucia not too far away from Denver. Denver has had since nice big wins in the past

2/18/2021 02:21 - james s.

How come on powerball if u hit powerball u win $4, but if u hit 1 number and powerball, u still only win $4, and the odds are harder..makes no senseNC Lottery
Hi James, it is true that the prize is the same for hitting 0+PB and 1+PB even though the odds are lower to hit 1+PB. We try to offer many different prize tiers so that players have more opportunities to win, but sometimes the prize amount doesn't correspond precisely to the odds of winning.

2/18/2021 12:47 - MARY M.

Congratulations, God be the glory, pay of my bills, that's the best part, and help a few people, I'm already retired.

2/17/2021 11:08 - Steven M.

Why is there like 450,000 tickets prizes at 30.00 why ??? That’s 13.5 million dollars right there ,ya can make 25,000 of 500.00 prizes with all them 450,000 tickets winning at 30.00

2/17/2021 10:56 - Steven M.

Who plays scratch off and want to win same money back as what we put in. I really like the extreme ticket the $25.00 one at least when u do hit u get more then u put in.. but back to the top prizes I still think it’s bull..u can have much more prizes from 500.00 to 100,000 if u get rid of half or all the low prize tickets

2/17/2021 10:56 - Steven M.

I’m starting to think top prizes are there to make us think there is a top prize,when I check the remaining prizes for each ticket like two days after it came out there are 100,000, 10,0000 even 5,000 dollars prize already won but no info on news or social media and when ya do show a winner where is a pic of the winning ticket. If you look at how many tickets are printed out there is about a million supposed winning tickets from 5.00 to top prize and probably another 2 million losing tickets ya make 100+ million on one game and only pay out probably 20million. I think ya should get rid of all prizes under 200.00 and start ALL GAME PRIZES FROM 200.00 to top prize. Ya got over 1 million prizes at 5.00 to 10.00 , we barely win and when we do hit after the third ticket and only win my money back for that ticket..

2/17/2021 10:30 - HappyValley A.

Awesome! Congratulations :-)

2/17/2021 09:44 - Yvonne b.

I'm happy for you

2/17/2021 09:24 - Marcus C.

Congrats to you! My turn to win is big is really soon! I can feel it :-)

2/17/2021 09:22 - Kimberly F.

God is Good

2/17/2021 07:55 - Mark Z.

Congratulations !!!!!

2/17/2021 06:42 - Teresa S.

Congrats to him... it was his time! I have 2 questions: 1) when you buy a Progressive ticket, how long before the system realizes a winning ticket was printed? For instance, as I stand there, would the amount on the screen immediately go down to half, or does it take awhile? Also, 2) How many entries are there for the Queen of Hearts Feb. drawing so far? Thank you!! NC Lottery
Hi Teresa, great questions! The jackpot is updated instantly with the sale of every ticket. The jackpot amount printed on your ticket represents the exact jackpot at the time, but the jackpot on the screen can take a few minutes to update. The Queen of Hearts drawing currently has 4,097,724 entries.

2/17/2021 06:02 - Daniel J.

Congrats, sounds like fate and destiny along with incredible fantastic luck involved in this big win! It happens! Is there one more tipprize left. Also, one more second chance on the game.NC Lottery
Hi Daniel, that's right, there is one more top prize left to win on this game. Good luck!

2/17/2021 04:37 - John T.

Good for you. Enjoy.

2/17/2021 04:01 - Denver G.

Well dang it all. My old town , one of my old stores. I used to live within walking distance of there. I used to have a Chevy Silverado. Always running on empty. That gas station is on the old rt 16 right across from Rock Springs elementary school . Almost at the intersection of St James Church rd., the road that I lived on.

2/17/2021 03:49 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you.

2/17/2021 03:44 - Christian D.

Wow can I win all I do is lose . Not fair at all.

2/17/2021 03:44 - charnell n.

I agree with Charles H! It is fix! I been playing for 11 years and done all second chances and haven’t won nothing but a couple hundreds! I think they be telling people in their family or friends where to find the ticket or picking them for second chances! I had two friends who won second chances in other states after a while. I been playing second chances for 11 years and sent in by mail or scan and received nothing! It is a rip off! Yes I play for fun as well but it’s no fun when you’re being rip off!

2/17/2021 03:40 - Christian D.

Wow I never win anything , I’ve bought scratch-offs, cash 5 , Pick 4 and etc. And guess what I get nothing. I just jump of and end it life is 2 much .

2/17/2021 03:24 - Kelly R.

Could you please let me know what number on the roll was his winning ticket?? I always wonderNC Lottery
Hi Kelly, that's a great question! I'm sorry to say I don't have access to that information but you could try emailing They are a great resource for more specific in-depth information about lottery winners. Thanks!

2/17/2021 02:58 - Verina K.

Love NC lottery, Good Luck everybody.

2/17/2021 01:46 - Charles H.

If this one isn't fixed I don't know what is. I've bought several of these tickets and my best was $100. I'm sick and tired of seeing others win the big prizes while I'm still waiting. I have to win a top prize of some sort and my time is running out.NC Lottery
Hi Charles, we love when our players win a big prize but it takes a lot of luck to hit the $10,000,000 jackpot. The lottery is meant to be played for fun, and we recommend only playing with money you have set aside for entertainment.

2/17/2021 11:49 - Michael B.

Hey NCEL. Can we get some clarification on the address. There is no Lunar Mart in Denver there is Triangle Food Mart that sits on 16. Did the store rename ? NC Lottery
Hi Michael, the address for the vendor is 3650 HWY 16 North, Denver, NC. It looks like it is the convenience store attached to the Shell station. Hope that helps!

2/17/2021 11:30 - Jeff R.

Congratulations ??, my friend

2/17/2021 11:25 - Sheila I.

Wow! Congrats to him. One of my favorite games. I'm next..... claiming it!

2/17/2021 09:48 - Pamela W.


2/17/2021 09:48 - lamont f.

Good morning: Where was the Cash 5 ticket sold in Knightdale for the 2/16 drawing?NC Lottery
Hi Lamont, the winning Cash 5 ticket was sold at Lowe's Foods on Widewaters Parkway.

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