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Don’t miss it: Deadline to enter Lucke-Rewards, second-chance drawings

February 18, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:21 PM

As the short month of February draws to end, we’re here to remind you that the 28th is the deadline to enter into our Queen of Hearts Lucke-Rewards drawing. Two “lucke” winners will each take home $20,000. Whoa!

Our final installment of the February weekly drawing, Pocket Payout, is set to close this Sunday. The drawing for the $500 prize will be held on Wednesday.

The deadline for some of our fun promotions are near too.

If you like to play Multiplier games like Multiply the Cash scratch-offs, Powerball with Power Play, Mega Millions with Megaplier, and Keno with Multiplier, you still have time to enter your tickets in for 5X The Points promotion. More points = more opportunities to enter into our fun drawings.

This month we promised you more bang for your buck with an extra $2 Fast Play ticket when you bought any of our $2 Fast Play tickets on BOGO Fridays. Only two more Fridays to go, today and Friday, Feb.26.

Friends, there are so many ways to keep winning this year. Let us know which one you’re most excited about. Good luck!


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2/28/2021 05:20 - Angela F.

I have been entering tickets for Luck rewards for along time...over 8 years..still nothing. It truly baffles me how out of state people win these..and often. I've seen one person from PA win twice back to back drawing. Really seems like a waist of time at this point. Is there some place to watch these drawings? NC Lottery
Hi Angela our Lucke-Rewards drawings are actually conducted using a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG assigns each entry a random number and then picks one of the random numbers. There are no names input into the RNG. The results are totally random and fair to everyone. If you'd like more details please email Thank you!

2/26/2021 10:06 - Larry M.

I have to say that my day has to be coming soon after playing second chance drawings for like 5 to 7 years and never winning not once but never giving up. I know one day I am gonna hit something. Good luck to everyone and God bless you all and please stay safe.

2/25/2021 11:25 - Barbara G.

How many entries are there for the Queen of Hearts drawing so far? Thank you.NC Lottery
Hi Barbara, as of the latest report we had 5,932,199 entries for Queen of Hearts. Good luck!

2/22/2021 09:11 - HILDA E.


2/21/2021 12:36 - Melissa M.

Josephine M. I know what your saying! Wow,you been doing it 8yrs!Not won ?? bless your heart! I check my email many times a day,hoping I get email from NC LOTTERY ??????? I WISH you some good luck??????

2/21/2021 12:29 - Melissa M.

I've been playing second chance and lucky reward's about 3 year's now.Im curious??How many people win more than once? Even though I read all winners, its would be impossible for me to remember names. Remember the location's better??????? Ready for Queen of ?? ????????????

2/20/2021 09:27 - Janet A.

do 'points' rollover?NC Lottery
Hi Janet, Points are used when they are entered into a draw. Points can expire if you don’t sign in to your account for 13 consecutive months. Thanks!

2/20/2021 09:25 - Janet A.

I love them all!! Play daily!

2/20/2021 06:53 - Brandy M.

IF I have a recurring powerball, do those tickets automatically get entered into the 5X the points? If not, how do I enter these online tickets? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Brandy, Draw game purchases through online play receive points automatically. Your Powerball ticket should be eligible for the promotion if it is a Powerball ticket with PowerPlay. The 5X offer is good through February 28, 2021. Thanks and good luck!

2/19/2021 09:02 - joanie m.

I was just wondering how many people play online lottery what are the odds NC Lottery
Hi Joanie,The chances of winning on a ticket purchased in a store or through online play are the same, but the number of people who play online is relatively small compared to the vast amount of tickets that are sold in stores. Wherever you choose to play, we wish you good luck!

2/19/2021 04:11 - Josephine M.

I love playing the scratch off. And I have been entering the second change drawing for about 8 yrs and I have not won anything yet. About how many point do you need to win one of the second change drawing.NC Lottery
Hi Josephine, great question! It takes a lot of luck to win a second chance drawing. It is possible to win with just a single entry. However, these drawings often have millions of entries so the more entries you have the better your odds of winning. Good luck!

2/19/2021 12:26 - Genetha G.

I'm confuse on how 2 play 2nd chance drawing. HelpNC Lottery
Hi Genetha, when you have a ticket that is eligible for a second chance drawing, all you need to do is scan or manually enter it into your Online Play account and then you will automatically receive your entry into the second chance drawing. Then, in order to see all your entries, just go to "Second Chance Draw History" in the main menu. Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any difficulty.

2/19/2021 10:51 - Mone S.

That would be nice to win

2/19/2021 10:16 - Gloria C.

Thank you for the reminder and other great informations.

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