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Lee County contractor scoops up $100,000 scratch-off prize

February 21, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:04 AM

Donald Baynes, a site contractor from Sanford, tried his luck on a $30 scratch-off and scooped up a $100,000 prize.

Baynes claimed his prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh and took home $70,759 after state and federal tax withholdings.

“I’m blessed and very fortunate to win something like this,” Baynes said. “I’m very grateful.”

He bought his lucky $300,000,000 Supreme Riches ticket at the Kangaroo Express on North Main Street in Broadway. The game launched in April 2019 with 15 $100,000 prizes. Four $100,000 prizes remain to be claimed.


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2/27/2021 03:13 - john a.

Same here Charles H. I would rather match a number and win 20 dollars.

2/27/2021 02:39 - Charles H.

John A. I understand your frustration with this. I have found the 20X multiplier several times over the years and my best win so far has been $100. I have found $1.00 at least 7 times and it is definitely a huge let down. There are many players who have complained on the Facebook page about this, but they refuse to change things. If I win $20 by matching numbers that's fine, but winñing with a multiplier is nothing to get excited about. Granted, it's better than nothing. I watch scratch-off videos on youtube and some states don't mess with $1.00 on multipliers. I have said more than once that the minimum multiplied amount should be equal to the cost of the ticket. If you get a 20X on a $5.00 ticket it should be at least a $100 winner, not $20.

2/23/2021 07:32 - john a.

This morning on a 20x the money scratcher I scratched off 20x the money. It was a let down when it turned out to be 20x one dollar.

2/23/2021 04:02 - Mary H.

Congratulations :)

2/22/2021 12:00 - ray h n.

Congrats buddy

2/22/2021 02:18 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more happy wins.

2/21/2021 09:32 - shirley b.

ok NCEL where are the trips. Almost 10 months now without any trips. We are waiting!!!!!!!!!

2/21/2021 08:24 - ricky k.

That was good for you .

2/21/2021 05:03 - Natalie R.


2/21/2021 04:32 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins.

2/21/2021 03:00 - Pamela W.


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