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Can’t stop, won’t stop raising money for education

March 29, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:19 AM

We know that you know that we raise money for education every single day. What we also want to make sure you know is where the money goes after we’ve raised it.

We have updated our website and county brochures to include the latest figures and numbers.

Now you can find out how much money your county gets. Cooler still – you can find out exactlywhere the money goes in your county!

These updates, only a click away or in a brochure available at a play center near you, will show you:

How much money your county gets – The lottery proudly raises almost $2 million a day for education and all 100 North Carolina counties benefit.

  • On the brochure, it’s front and center.

  • On the website, click on the dropdown arrow in the “Benefits in every county” section, and pick your county.

How we break it down – Both the website and brochure will show you how lottery dollars support:

  • Salaries for substitute teachers, custodians, office assistants, and others who help make the school run.

  • N.C. Pre-K, because we all need a good head start.

  • School construction, building and repairing a safe environment for our kids to learn in.

  • School transportation, because our kids need a safe way to get to and from school.

  • Scholarships and grants, because we don’t stop supporting education after senior year of high school.

How every dollar spent on a lottery ticket is used – In short, about a quarter of every dollar spent on the lottery goes to education, adding up now to more than $725 million a year.


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