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‘Extremely happy’ Cumberland County man takes home some ‘extreme cash’

March 31, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:52 AM

Henry Harvey II of Spring Lake was still enjoying his first lottery win when good luck struck again, this time delivering him a $100,000 prize.

Harvey, who works as a store manager, purchased his winning $25 Extreme Cash ticket from the Circle K on North Main Street in Hope Mills.

“Two weeks ago, I won $5,000 there on a $10 scratch off,” he said. “So, this time, when I scratched off and saw I won, I was extremely happy and surprised.”

Harvey claimed his prize Tuesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh and took home $70,757 after required federal and state tax withholdings.

“It was a shock,” he said. “Still is!”

As for his prize money, Harvey says he plans to “stick it in the bank” for savings.


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4/01/2021 01:02 - ANGEL W.


4/01/2021 12:10 - William D.

always say when Luck hits you, you have to play it out till it runs out. Sometimes it's random, and sometimes it set on a schedule.MMmmm???? Me luckiest months are January and August, and sometimes December. The rest of the year its random. Good Lucke everybody...

4/01/2021 10:01 - Tracie M.

Congrats, hope all wins who needs it !

4/01/2021 06:30 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you.

4/01/2021 06:01 - Mary H.

Congratulations :)

3/31/2021 08:09 - Cassandra W.

I am so happy for you. Congratulations on your big win!!!

3/31/2021 03:44 - Margaret G.

Paid attention to the pick 4 and pick 3 numbers everyday and how they fall. Tell me, with a logical explanation how this is possible that the same numbers are drawn in different machines for both games this often.NC Lottery
Hi Margaret, thanks for the question! For Pick 3, the odds of any particular combination being chosen are 1 in 1000. For Pick 4, the odds are 1 in 10,000. The lottery follows strict security procedures to ensure that every set of numbers has the exact same chance of coming up in every drawing. The same combination coming up twice within a short interval is purely a matter of coincidence.

3/31/2021 02:40 - Margaret G.

It’s amazes me how the big winning tickets are lumped in the same place that give chances that the same person win top or big prizes multiple times. Won 5,000 and then 2 weeks later win 100,000 from the same store. This happens more times that you may be aware of. A month or so a winner who had won 4 million in August 2020 won a another million a few weeks ago. This one may have been a different store but in the same area where he was from. It’s just interesting that in my area for 16 years and playing in all the surrounding stores have never hit anything or heard of anyone else hitting in the area where I live but same people continue to hit top prizes. That’s past being lucky

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