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These April promotions are no joke!

April 1, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:15 PM

We’re clearing up those April showers to make room for our awesome new promotions!

Are you ready for bonus points with NC’s rolling daily jackpot game? That’s right — we’re giving you the chance to earn 5X bonus points on Cash 5, all month long.

Get ready to add some serious change to your pocked with our April monthly drawing.

Would you save it or spend it? Our Rainy Day Fund monthly drawing will award $5,000 to 20 Lucke-Rewards members. You have the whole month of April to enter with the drawing date set for Wednesday, May 5.

You’ve got four chances to win some extra cash this month thanks to our weekly drawings. Gear up for some good luck by entering our first weekly drawing:

  • Quick Cash: Five Lucke-Rewards member will win $100 in our Quick Cash drawing this week.Get your entries in by Sunday for Wednesday’s drawing.

Remember to come back each week and check our Lucke-Rewards Drawings page to see what’s new.

On your mark! The stars of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series are coming back to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the NC Education Lottery 200 in May.

While you wait, channel your need for speed into earning points with the NC Education Lottery 200 play-for-points game. You’ll find it on the Earn screen this month.

We’ll also be debuting a special promotion on our social media pages beginning April 2 in honor of your furry four-legged family members, so keep an eye out for your chance to win some bonus Lucke-Rewards points.

Our fingers are crossed for you!


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4/13/2021 10:38 - Bill M.

When will the last drawing for the second chance green $30.00 ticket take place.--ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Bill, the drawing date for the Colossal Cash 2nd Chance drawing is still to be determined. As this is the last 2nd Chance drawing for that game, we want to give everyone who is interested plenty of time to enter. When a date has been decided, we will update the dates on the website here:

4/06/2021 06:18 - Marjorie N.

April fools 50

4/04/2021 11:53 - Justin O.

April fools 50

4/04/2021 03:26 - shirley b.

Now NCEL something has got to change. The 111 three times. There has got to be 3 8's, 9's, 3's or 7's in that machine.

4/04/2021 01:35 - Tina H.

Hi NCEL. Can you tell me how many entries total are in for the Clover Cash drawing? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi Tina, Clover Cash has 6,072,487 entries. Good luck!

4/04/2021 12:33 - Pam M.

April Fools 50

4/03/2021 08:01 - Patricia H.

Learn something new everytime I log into NCEL. very exciting!

4/03/2021 07:30 - Kelly C.


4/03/2021 11:28 - William D.

really eager for all the new rules for cash 5, want to be ready when it arrives...Thanks again...

4/03/2021 07:01 - Julie H.

Wish I could win something

4/02/2021 08:07 - JoAnn L.

Can someone please answer this question? When scratch off tickets are reordered doesn't that change the amount of tickets that SHOULD have large amounts on them. IF THE tickets are randomly printed as winners how does that create duplicate on all prize levels? OR DO you already know that the LARGE PRIZES were never printed since they aren't already selected? I mean seriously been buying the $10,000 loaded ever since it started and HAVE never found a prize over $100

4/02/2021 06:58 - shirley b.

Hi if you win a prize, will NCEL deposit the money in your on line lottery account? NC Lottery
Hi Shirley. For playing online it’s exciting to win a prize, and we want to make sure you get the news that you’re a winner as soon as possible. Instead of having to go to a message center to find out if you won, you’ll get a notification the moment you sign into your account. If you have a winning ticket, you’ll see a pop-up screen telling you that you’re a winner. You’ll also receive an email informing you of the good news. Good Luck.

4/02/2021 06:53 - shirley b.

Hi will NCEL do a promotion with pick 54 games?NC Lottery
Hi Shirley. Thanks for sharing your feedback! We will certainly pass your suggestions (thoughts) along as we are working hard with coming up with new tickets and promotions for the state.

4/02/2021 05:33 - James F.

April Fools 50

4/02/2021 05:13 - paulene r.

i got cheated again, this time i scratched a 20X on a 20X the cash $5.00 scratch ticket and the prize was $1.00. How can you have a $1.00 prize on a $5.00 ticket? i hate it when i get cheated.

4/02/2021 04:49 - Hari A.

Hi, On MARCH 30, & 31St of 2021, purchase of online or instore Any kind of lottery tickets (Pick3, pick4, cash5, mega millions & Powerball Etc.,) bought will be credited 15x times of Lucke-Reward points, I did purchased online 1 ticket of CASH 5 I got only 1 point what happened to 15x times I suppose to get 16 though, Can you help or guide me in this regard, Greatly appreciate if you could help !!NC Lottery
Hi Hari, sorry about that. The 5X Bonus Points for Cash 5 promo is for tickets entered during the month of April. If you entered your tickets into your online account during April and still didn't receive your bonus points, you can call Online Play customer service and they can have a look to see what is going on. Their number is 866-934-0289. Thanks!

4/02/2021 08:56 - Denver G.

When you can't control what's happening around you, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening. That's where your power is.

4/02/2021 08:50 - ana p.

I did the Multiply Your Points activity on the Earn screen and won 250 points, but they didn't show up on my points total or activity page. Would you be able to adjust my points total to reflect these 250 points? thank you.NC Lottery
Hi Ana, sorry about that. Some players are experiencing a slight delay between completing the activity and being awarded their points. If the points still aren't showing up in your account, you can call Online Play Customer Service at 866-934-0289. They are able to access your account and can figure out what is going on with your points. Thanks!

4/02/2021 06:52 - Rebecca C.

Sure would be nice. There's been a lot of rainy days.

4/02/2021 04:19 - Brian T.

Thank you NC Lottery staff for keeping updated, fun activities on your site!

4/02/2021 12:46 - Joseph L.


4/02/2021 12:38 - Patti L B.

These games are awesome! I am learning how to play different ones and having a ball!!

4/02/2021 12:02 - Kenneth F.

How many entries in MGM Casino Cash 2nd Chance drawing? Thanks!NC Lottery
Hi Kenneth, the current MGM Casino Cash 2nd Chance drawing has 330,067 entries. Good luck!

4/01/2021 11:12 - ELIZABETH P.

april fools 50

4/01/2021 08:08 - Gloria C.

Thanks a lot for all this wonderful informations.

4/01/2021 05:22 - watina g.


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