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Sixteen scratch-off games are ending soon

May 14, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:00 AM

It’s time to say good-bye to 16 of our scratch-off games. The games end Friday, May 28, and you’ll have 90 days afterward to claim any prizes you’ve won on any of the following games:

  • $20 tickets: 100X the Cash (#659), $10,000 Loaded, Millionaire Bucks
  • $10 tickets: Jumbo Bucks (#602), MGM Resorts $25,000,000 Casino Cash
  • $5 tickets: Carolina Panthers, Power Shot
  • $3 tickets: Cherry Tripler Cashword
  • $2 tickets: 10X The Cash (#711), Double Deuces, $50,000 Gold Rush, Fantastic 5’s, 2021
  • $1 tickets: Loose Change®, $10,000 Gold Rush, Lucky Dog

All prizes must be claimed on or before Thursday, August 26.

Claims between $600 and $99,999 must be made at one of the six regional claim centers before 5 p.m. that day. Claims of $100,000 or more must be made at lottery headquarters in Raleigh before 5 p.m. on that day as well.

Mail-in claims must be received within 90 days of the official end-of-game date. Remember, postmarks will not satisfy the 90-day requirement.

Check your tickets carefully and make sure you're not overlooking some prizes!


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5/24/2021 03:05 - CHARLOTTE S.

Sure would be nice if someone local would win something big would make you want to play more thank you

5/17/2021 02:29 - Michael B.

Willam: those $30 tickets are tough cookies I was told awhile back to never purchase rolls of ticket. Your odds are better just going from store to store and picking up a few. I have never seen any players not even in the Facebook group successful with buying a roll of tickets

5/17/2021 02:28 - Michael B.

I always complained about not winning anything on the Cash 5 until my buddy DENVER pointed out the odds which are 962,598.0 for the jackpot. It truly is just luck ??

5/17/2021 09:29 - William A.

I'm with you. I have been saying for years audit these tickets. I have bought over 20 packs of tickets at least 4- $30 dollar rolls never won more than $450.00 on a $900.00 dollar roll. I hope one day there's a players roll with truly stated odds.

5/17/2021 09:01 - William D.

Cash 5 being either-or would see what the people like and maybe eventually become one...

5/17/2021 08:59 - William D.

Just a thought... The Cash 5 become an either or and not must buy one to play the other.

5/16/2021 01:16 - Glicerio I.

Curious if anyone reported this to the Attorney General’s office. The odds are thrown out the window when games are reordered or games are collected early. There is no transparency in the state lotto system.

5/16/2021 09:15 - Vaneet S.

Totally agree with Tony's comment below. They first pick up the lotteries, and then announce they are going to end soon. Why they not announce first and then start picking them up? They should devise some other strategy, that allows players to play the lottery till the last day it is ending. Does not make sense to pick them up 2 months in advance, when there is a top prize remaining.

5/16/2021 08:06 - norma s.

I have been playing for the second chance For some time now never won anything

5/14/2021 11:41 - Tony T.

always disappointed to see many tickets end that have big prizes left just when the odds get good to actually win SOMETHING.

5/14/2021 09:58 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, did you pick the 7 prize pack winners on FB & IG yet?NC Lottery
Hi Denver, we have announced the winners. You can see the winner lists on each post. I've copied them here as well: Facebook: 1. Rick DeHart 2. Joel Bryan 3. Lamont Frieson 4. Jennifer Lynn Roever Neilson 5. Adam Arnett 6. Chantal Langley 7. Robert Hudson Instagram: 1. thedarkblueplanet 2. erinblankenship1025 3. gingerstoop 4. gem_stone784 5. tarheellauren 6. kamshari2 7. frankierescueyou

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