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Johnston County man bags $1 million prize

May 3, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:06 PM

Duane Zastrow of Clayton took a chance on a Millionaire Maker ticket and found himself a $1 million top prize winner.

Zastrow purchased his winning $30 ticket from the Sandhu’s on Amelia Church Road in Clayton.

He claimed his prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

Zastrow had the option of taking the $1 million as an annuity of $50,000 a year over 20 years, or a lump sum of $600,000. He chose the lump sum of $600,000 and took home $424,509 after required federal and state tax withholdings.

Millionaire Maker is the first scratch-off to offer 30 $1 million prizes. Zastrow became the 11th person to win one of those $1 million prizes.


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5/04/2021 01:02 - Michael H.

Whoa, I have purchased several $30's from here...crazy to know it happened only 5 mins from my house!

5/04/2021 08:34 - NC Lottery

Kenny H.: Hi Kenny, thanks for the great questions, they provide a nice opportunity to further explain details about how reorders work. The original batch of Colossal Cash tickets had 4 top prizes out of 15.84 million tickets. A reorder of 3.96 million tickets is 1/4 the amount of 15.84 million. So if the reorder contains one additional top prize, the ratio of top prizes to new tickets is the same as the original batch at the time of printing. You are correct that the ratio of remaining top prizes to total tickets on the market is constantly changing based on ticket sales and prizes won, but it would not be possible to update the overall odds in realtime because we don't know when winning tickets are sold, only when the prize is claimed. I hope that helps, and thanks for your interest!

5/04/2021 07:59 - roberta n.


5/04/2021 07:03 - Zelda L.


5/04/2021 01:14 - Charles H.

He wins a million and my best on this ticket so far is $60. It's not fair at all.

5/04/2021 12:25 - Kimberly J.

Congratulations on your win

5/03/2021 10:21 - Tyrone S.

Congratulations to the winner

5/03/2021 09:34 - Mary D.


5/03/2021 09:27 - Sandra B.

So that's 19, million dollar tickets left. I'm rooting for Eastern Carolina. Thank you all for leaving a count each time someone wins.NC Lottery
Hi Sandra, thanks for the feedback. We're glad that you have been enjoying the Millionaire Maker winner stories.

5/03/2021 08:18 - Deborah A.

Enjoy your blessing.Nice win.

5/03/2021 07:34 - joanie m.

Congratulations great win

5/03/2021 04:46 - kenny h.

@NCEL Thanks for finally answering some of my questions on Forsyth County winner post. I’m replying here so maybe more players will go read it. By what you said the odds of winning the added ( 1 ) top prize of 10 million on the Colossal Cash are the same yet you said there was 2 reorders of 3.96 million tickets. So actually the odds of finding the ( 1 ) added top prize is doubled to 1/7.92 million plus all original tickets and that’s if it’s even left the warehouse.? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks NC Lottery
Hi Kenny, please see the response in the above comment.

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