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First Tuesday brings you all things “7” and over $160 million in prizes

May 4, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:56 PM

With 7X the points on the new “7” themed scratch-offs launching this month, 7 is about to be everyone’s lucky number!

Our newest suite of games features bonus spots, multipliers, and over $160 million in prizes.

Check out some fast facts about our newest games here:



 Top prize

# of top prizes

Top prize odds

Overall odds


Ultimate 7’s



1 in 1.32 million

1 in 3.12


Platinum 7s



1 in 1.20 million

1 in 3.64





1 in 1.20 million

1 in 4.12





1 in 1.20 million

1 in 4.52


Super Hot 7’s



1 in 1.02 million

1 in 4.88

Our new $2 ticket includes a multiplier in each game and a bonus social media promotion, too! RSVP on Facebook to stay in the know about an upcoming special Facebook Live event on July 11th.

With 6 different scenes ranging from basketball to BBQ and the chance to win 5 times the prize, we know you’ll love our newest $5 game.

Our $10 game, Platinum 7s, gives you 2 bonus spots and the chance to win 10 times your prize!

Wrapping up our new suite is our Ultimate 7’s game — Bringing you over $79 million in cash prizes, two bonus spots, and the chance to win a top prize of $2 million.

Here’s hoping 7 is your lucky number!


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5/07/2021 01:29 - Charles H.

Tried my luck on 1 of the $5 7 and won $50. Not bad for $5, but I was cheated out of $5,000.

5/05/2021 10:00 - William A.

Acutually Thanks! I just checked the other $20 dollar old tickets and the over all odds are worse on the new utlimate7 ticket. I guess it must be tight over at lottery head Quarters.

5/05/2021 11:08 - William D.

found something good??? been a long time since they upgrade the check your numbers on cash 5. stopped checking cause i could not see the little lines under the numbers. Now it is RIGHT. Added the prize for the numbers you hit. Don't know how long since they corrected this but Thank You...

5/05/2021 07:32 - William A.

Why make the $20 dollar tickets 2 million dollar Prizes? I won't play as many just for this reason. I could see if the lottery wasn't selling tickets but come on. I know one thing for Sure and that's I don't KNOW any players that want less MONEY on top prizes. The Lottery Board needs to get it together. All I can say is WHY???????? Thanks for posting, WillNC Lottery
Hi William, thanks for the great question! Some players do prefer bigger prizes at the lower tiers where the odds of winning are greater, while others want to go for a larger top prize. We try to offer a variety of tickets to suit all of our player's different styles of play. Thanks for the feedback!

5/04/2021 04:37 - Gloria C.

Thanks for all the great informations.

5/04/2021 03:21 - Michael B.

I love the NC logo for the design! thank you !NC Lottery
Hi Michael, glad you like the new design!

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