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Error occurred in initial report of winning Pick 3 numbers on Wednesday

June 10, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:13 PM

The winning numbers in Wednesday’s evening Pick 3 drawing were 9-7-2, but an error occurred afterward that resulted in inaccurate numbers being initially reported in some places.

We regret that the error occurred and any confusion or inconvenience it caused our Pick 3 players. And we want to make sure any players impacted by the issue are aware of it and have the information they need to clear up any confusion.

Our Pick 3 drawing itself occurred with no issues. Additionally, an independent auditor at the drawing confirmed the results.

Afterward, due to a manual error, the results were at first inaccurately released as 9-7-3 on the lottery’s website and in notifications sent to players who signed up for Pick 3 winning numbers on the NC Official Mobile App.

We make every effort possible to ensure that the correct results are entered into our system and communicated to players. While the error was caught and our gaming system was corrected, the release of the inaccurate numbers caused some confusion and inconvenience for players.

All players who have a ticket with the winning numbers of 9-7-2 get their prizes. Because the wrong numbers were briefly in our gaming system, a few players with the numbers 9-7-3 made claims before the error was corrected. After the error was corrected, only tickets with the winning numbers can be paid.

We know our players expect all drawings to be conducted and reported accurately. In this case, unfortunately a dual control process to avoid such an error failed. We will be reviewing what caused the error with our staff to make sure procedures are strictly and carefully followed in the future to avoid such an error happening again.


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6/16/2021 09:52 - shirley b.

NCEL thanks for honoring the tickets before correction was made. As you see people with the winning number threw their tickets away believing what they saw on line to be correct. So the moral of the story is don't believe your eyes and hold on to your tickets for a few days.

6/13/2021 12:14 - DL H.

First let me say we are fans of the North Carolina lottery and the awesome staff behind it. We have had great wins playing responsibly and really enjoy it (previous 2d chance winners) I have to really side with the people saying that both numbers should've been paid out we totally agree that both numbers should've been honored such as a double draw game It would've been a good gesture and restore some faith in the lottery that many people have lost. Again we enjoy playing the lottery carefully and we enjoy visiting the form from time to time. We wish everyone a great win soon!!

6/11/2021 11:47 - Shaneequa H.

I'm so angry...I played 972 but since the results showed 973 as the pick 3 ,I discarded the ticket,which was a winning ticket all along. What should I do? Take the loss? NC Lottery
Hi Shaneequa, we sincerely apologize for this manual error and for all the confusion it has caused. Unfortunately, after the error was corrected on Thursday morning, only tickets with the winning numbers can be paid.

6/11/2021 04:17 - bradley s.

I know this is a rare thing to happen, BUT Both sets of numbers should have been paid to be fair. If ya put in 973 in system first,NCEL Should have given notice, then a time frame before noon For all to be paid. 973& 972. Bunch of junk. Goes without saying, hold your tickets at least 1-2 days in case of something like this. Human error still unfair

6/11/2021 03:51 - Chanda B.

I'm VERY upset that some was able to claim payouts for 9-7-3 before the error was corrected! I was at the gas station, presented my ticket and requested scratch off tickets and GAS to hear him say NOT A WINNER! I told the owner that that was incorrect, showed him my phone and he printed the printout of said 9-7-2! This was yesterday at 7:00am before going to work. I began looking up numbers to call and see about corrections. To get online and read this, I truly feel it's NOT fair that some was ABLE to get payouts for the error, while now the rest of us is at a loss and disappointment! Is it true that NC LOTTERY IS NOW honoring the tickets for 9-7-3????NC Lottery
Hi Chanda, sorry for the confusion this may have caused. Unfortunately, after the error was corrected, only tickets with the winning numbers can be paid.

6/11/2021 02:45 - Linda T.

another error...when entering cash splash it says no. of winners 13 , is it 3 or 13?NC Lottery
Hi Linda, 13 is the correct number of winners. Three Lucke-Rewards members win $5,000 and ten members win $500 in the bonus Cash Splash drawing.

6/10/2021 11:55 - David B.

I wonder how many winning tickets were thrown away

6/10/2021 03:54 - Christy W.

I guess we all know now to race to the store to cash our tickets out immediately after a draw consisting of an error. It’s really not fair that some tickets were allowed to be cashed in and others were just left with a lost. I guess we all were not aware of how the error procedure worked, but thank you for bringing it to my attention and as well some others; hopefully! NC Lottery
Hi Christy, I apologize for the error. The lottery will be reviewing its procedures with its staff to make sure the procedures and processes are strictly followed in the future to avoid such errors happening again.

6/10/2021 02:50 - Rudolph P.

If someone won a pick 3 number 20 times, how would the payout be handled? Would it be 20 separate checks for $500 or a check for $10,000 with no taxes taking out.NC Lottery
Hi Rudolph, great question! In this case each win would be on a separate ticket, so no taxes would be taken out. It would be the player's choice whether to receive their prizes on one big check, or twenty small ones. Good luck!

6/10/2021 02:37 - Michael B.

Hey NCEL- if I’m playing pick 4 for advance play can I also click the box for both (evening and day) for that drawing or do I need to fill out two separate forms ?NC Lottery
Hi Michael, thanks for asking. Yes, you can choose "both draws" to play the next available day and evening draws. Two separate Pick 4 tickets will be generated: one for daytime drawings and one for evening drawings. Good luck!

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