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NC School Heroes: Time to remember those who helped you this school year

June 4, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:14 PM

As students round out yet another unique school year, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all of the hard work put in not just by teachers, but also by the custodians, bus drivers, and other school staff, without whom this school year could not have been possible.

We know that North Carolina schools are brimming with individuals who make it their mission to lift up future generations every single day. To us, they are heroes. Last year, we asked you to nominate your NC School Hero. And you responded in a big way, sharing heartfelt tributes to those making a big difference in our schools.

This year, 10 teachers and school workers from public schools across our great state were named our NC School Heroes, winning awards of $10,000 for themselves and $10,000 for their schools.

These are amazing individuals. See how they are changing students’ lives every day in this video.

The School Heroes selected this year have all stepped up for our children during these unprecedented times and provide a glimpse into the world of these everyday heroes. We are glad to shine a spotlight on their great work. So as this school year ends, be sure to thank your own School Hero and wish them a restful summer!

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6/06/2021 11:18 - Gayle T.

Hats off to all NC teachers and hope you all have a great summer!But my hero is my daughters Jennifer and Heidi who stepped up and became homeschool mothers ti keep the children safe while still making sure they were getting an education! The kids excelled and they all passed their test ti to go to the next grade.I am so lriud of both of them and they are my heroes!!!NC Lottery
Hi Gayle, that is so nice of you to say! Jennifer and Heidi sound like some great teachers. Also, congratulations to your kids for doing well in school this year.

6/04/2021 07:57 - Lilly B.

Thank you to all teachers!

6/04/2021 06:27 - Gloria C.

Thanks to all NC school heroes. Congratulations to you all. I wish you all a very happy, safe and rest ful summer vacation .

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