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Montgomery County man gifted a Corvette® and $100,000 for 66th birthday

July 14, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:00 PM

Steven Hair of Troy received the gift of a lifetime when he won a Corvette® Stingray and a $100,000 cash prize on his 66th birthday.

“You can’t get a better birthday,” he said. “It will never be forgotten. I don’t think it can be topped!”

Troy’s partner at the Montgomery County Humane Society purchased a few tickets for him as a birthday gift from the Quik Chek on Zoo Parkway in Asheboro.

On Monday night, Hair celebrated his birthday with family and friends. “We had dinner,” he recalled. “And then she presented me with my tickets and, as we scratched them off, one of the $5 tickets won me a Corvette and $100,000.”

This is the first time the lottery has offered a Corvette® Stingray as a prize on a scratch-off ticket. Winners get to choose a 2021 model, or a current available model, and pick their favorite options, to bring home a sports car with a value of up to $109,600.

“I’m thinking red,” said Hair of his sportscar color of choice. “Amazing it was my birthday that it happened. This is the ultimate prize. It’s a birthday that you can’t replicate."

Hair claimed his prize Tuesday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh and took home $70,751 after required federal and state tax withholdings.

“I’m thinking about buying a new house with part of that,” he said of the prize money. “Put a good down payment on a brand-new house.”

Corvette® & Cash launched this month with four top prizes of a Corvette® Stingray™ plus a $100,000 cash prize. Three top prizes remain to be won.

All Corvette® & Cash tickets can be entered into a second-chance drawing to win the same prize package. The date of the drawing has not been set.


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7/19/2021 01:06 - Cynthia E.

I hope I get lucky this time. This would be nice toget. Thanks NCELNC Lottery
Good luck, Cynthia!

7/18/2021 11:29 - Tony T.

@Charles's that way for ALL the top prizes on ALL tickets MOST of the time.

7/18/2021 11:11 - Denver G.

The Vehicle Prize Package shall consist of (a) any one (1) 2021 (or current available model at the time of fulfillment) Corvette Stingray vehicle with such specified options as the Vehicle Prize Package winner may select, including freight, A/C fees, dealer fees, sales taxes, and destination charges for an amount up to $109,662.00 (“Vehicle Prize”), (b) a cash prize of any portion of the amount unused for the purchase of the vehicle (“Cash Prize #2”), provided that the maximum aggregate value of the Vehicle Prize and Cash Prize #2 selected by the Vehicle Prize Package winner shall not exceed $109,662.00. The total maximum prize value is $155,000.00 including the minimum federal and state tax withholdings required

7/18/2021 01:19 - Charles H.

I've been one number off on the Corvette and cash 14 times now and I'm not buying coincidence.

7/18/2021 01:15 - Charles H.

I have a very strong hunch that the not-so-random second chance drawing winner will be either Phil Morgan or someone else who has won more than once. The NCEL has already gifted him with a Mustang and a trip to Vegas in exchange for using his likeness for promotional advertising so nothing will surprise me.

7/16/2021 05:32 - Tony T.

ok, well maybe have them work on the vette 2nd chance entries also cause I didn't get one when I entered the numbers off one of those tickets. don't buy too many $ 5 or more tickets. don't want to waste them, all they give me is a 2nd chance at losing again lol

7/16/2021 12:11 - Tony T.

for the gem mines bonus games you suggested to Denver to check digital games area. I have some there but they are " grayed" out , can't click on 'em and make them work. NC Lottery
Hi Tony, the Online Play developers are working to restore the Gem Mine game for Diamond Mine and Ruby Mine tickets now. I'm sorry for the delay.

7/16/2021 12:08 - Tony T.

entered my 1st corvette ticket #'s, did not add it in for a shot at the second chance draw . First the gem mines game bonus game stuff not working , now my. not using an app so that's not the problem.

7/15/2021 05:30 - Charles H.

For once I wish this ticket had been sold in Wake or any other county. The fact it was sold in Randolph which is where I'm from has got me so upset that I can't think straight. That Corvette should be in my driveway not his. I've bought several of these tickets and my only win so far is $10.00 yet he gets a car and $100,000. I want someone to explain to me how this fair. I also want to know why my name is being intentionally kept out of the drawings I enter. Based on the fact that several players have won at least twice or more on prizes of $500.00 and higher yet I haven't won anything there can be no doubt that my entries are automatically being disqualified.

7/15/2021 08:50 - Ricky S.

What is up with the phone app ?? Several of us can't log on since yesterday. All you get after putting in your username and password is the rolling balls like it is waiting.NC Lottery
Hi Ricky, thank you for reporting this issue. I have forwarded your feedback to the app development team and they are looking into it now. Hopefully this issue will be resolved and everything will be working properly for you soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

7/15/2021 06:43 - Willie T.

What a great prize to win on your birthday! Enjoy your new home and Corvette!!!

7/15/2021 06:23 - Keishua R.

I would love to win a corvette, and travel the whole state of North Carolina. I lived here my whole life, and I am still discovering places I didn’t know was in our great state. I would love to win, just to visit every county in North Carolina.

7/15/2021 03:18 - Thomas E.

Happy Birthday Steven! One thing you can always count on is the power of being a July birthday baby! Our luck balances with our charity and our persistence. It could not have happened to a better person! Just don't give it ALL away!?!

7/15/2021 02:22 - Brian O.


7/15/2021 01:31 - Annesha N.

Hmmm. What if a person wins and wants the money but not the car?NC Lottery
Hi Annesha, thanks for the question. There is no alternate prize available if the winner does not want the car. Sorry about that.

7/15/2021 01:24 - Larry H.

Good luck with your winning and your car

7/15/2021 12:59 - Jamie E.


7/15/2021 12:47 - Tony T.

with that 70K you have left after taxes you'll need to put a good chunk of it paying for the car's taxes, tags,vehicle registration, licensing fees insurance etc. close to the tune of about 1/3 of the cars value. If I won the car I'd prob. sell it but congrats, cool win !

7/15/2021 12:08 - michael s.

Hello NCEL. Is not selling scratchers after 11:00pm a state wide policy?NC Lottery
Hi Michael, thanks for the question. That is not a statewide policy. We encourage all of our retailers to offer lottery tickets all day, but it's up to them to set sales times for tickets.

7/14/2021 11:45 - Tim M.

LZ, did he claim the car the same day? It didn't sound like it. Congrats definitely. On another note, I haven't been able to log into the app all day Wednesday! Yet I logged in here? I wanted to claim points and enter some drawings. What's going on?! The circles just keep spinning and don't log in!NC Lottery
Hi Tim, thank you for reporting this issue. I have forwarded your feedback to the app development team and they are looking into it now. Hopefully this issue will be resolved and everything will be working properly for you soon. Apologies for the inconvenience. In regards to the Corvette, I don't believe that he received the car yet. The winner has some time to visit the dealership and explore which color and features he would like.

7/14/2021 11:35 - DL H.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Corvette Steven" HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Congratulations to you :-)

7/14/2021 10:36 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins.

7/14/2021 10:01 - Natyma G.

Congratulations and happy birthday

7/14/2021 07:59 - Tim F.

They build house before get vet.. Had trouble in Georgia finding winner one Good luck.... Sweet win for you... Sell vet...and get cash lol Buy new truck. Have money left over

7/14/2021 06:43 - Jeffrey W.

Happy Birthday Steven! Hoping I can win the same thing

7/14/2021 05:47 - Angela V.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday.. that's trolley a blessing

7/14/2021 05:15 - vanessa b.


7/14/2021 04:54 - Margaret G.

All of a sudden I am having all kids of trouble with the web site. On my iPad I can log in but it will not allow me to deposit or purchase saying that it can not verify my location and it will not log me in on my phone at all. All of this started today because yesterday I was able to purchase my Powerball subscription. Is anything going on with the site?NC Lottery
Hi Margaret, thank you for reporting this issue. I have forwarded your feedback to the app development team and they are looking into it now. Hopefully this issue will be resolved and everything will be working properly for you soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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