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Have fun on National Lottery Day

July 17, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:00 AM

Each summer, on July 17, lotteries in the U.S. celebrate National Lottery Day.

The celebration gives us a chance to pause and share what lotteries do.

When you play the lottery, you’re playing for North Carolina. That’s because your play raises money for a great cause, public education.

Lotteries have been around a long time. George Washington operated a lottery to raise money to build the “Mountain Road” as settlers moved west. Benjamin Franklin used lotteries to raise money to buy cannons for use in the Revolutionary War. In North Carolina, as early as 1759, lotteries raised money to build bridges and roads, dredge rivers, and build schools, factories, and churches.

So, where does the money go?

You know the answer to this one because it’s part of our name. All the money raised here supports education.

Other lotteries support other good causes. The Pennsylvania Lottery raises money for senior programs. The Colorado Lottery raises money for outdoor programs.

Last year, the N.C. Education Lottery raised $729 million for education in our state, including providing salaries for most of the support staff in our public schools; helping to build and repair schools; helping to make college more affordable; supporting the NC Pre-K program for four-year-olds; and helping to cover the costs of getting students to and from school. You can see here how the money helped education programs in your county. Nationwide, U.S. lotteries generated $23.7 billion last year for good causes across the country.

What do winners do with their prize money?

They use the money to make their dreams come true. When we meet with winners, they often share plans to buy a home, buy a new car, and take a vacation. Some say they will use the money to catch up on bills, save for retirement, or save for a college education for their kids. Many winners say they want to do something good to give back.

How do lotteries encourage responsible play?

We believe that when you have the tools you need to play our games responsibly, everyone wins. That’s why we developed our Play Smart program. Learn how to play smart here. You can get some winning tips so that you play our games the way they are supposed to be played – for fun.

Good luck to all our players on National Lottery Day. Hope you win a prize that will make your day, your month, or maybe even change your life.


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1/02/2022 08:11 - Donald P.

Sorry Tracy L., I always check my numbers from the actual drawing, then I’ll check it somewhere else, store clerk scan, lottery ticket dispenser or whatever. Good Luck and always check your numbers On two different devices.

12/29/2021 12:46 - Jason b.

Cash 5

9/17/2021 10:40 - Diana P.

Cash 5 good luck to me!, whole family vacation here we come!!NC Lottery
Good luck, Diana!

8/08/2021 11:34 - James F.

Good luck everyone

7/30/2021 07:47 - Patricia B.

CASH 5 .........:) :) :)

7/28/2021 08:16 - NC Lottery

In response to Tracy L.: Sorry for the frustrating experience. That is not the type of experience that we want lottery players to have. Our players are our eyes and ears across the state! Anytime you have a concern about something that happened at a particular store that sells lottery tickets, please contact our security division at 1-888-732-6235. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

7/27/2021 07:05 - tracy l.

Just so every is aware! Lottery ticket self check machines are NEVER 100% accurate!! Have clerk check also, SIGN tickets! I have had several instances recently with cash 5 where I scanned tickets and machine immediately says NOT A WINER, scan again, same thing, scan a 3rd time and it says you’ve won what you actually won! NEVER trust these self check stations. I tried 10 locations with exact same results. Finally cashing in a $12 cash5 ticket after 10 machines initially said it was a non winning ticket. IMAGINE how many people are tossing winning tickets after using these self check stations. IT IS NOT FAIR!!! The lottery is gambling of course, but to sell a ticket that wins and never pay off because YOUR machines stay it isn’t a winner shows a gross lack of integrity on the part of the lottery commission. MILLIONS THEY can keep in 1,2,3,5 and $12 payouts that are really winners. I should have known better.

7/19/2021 07:25 - Joseph B.

I remember when the lottery first started I got lucky when I come with scratch offs but I just ain't won that big one yet I enjoy playing a lot of me trying not to overspend I think it's doing great things from North Carolina but hopefully one day is going to do great things for me I really miss putting this on my page everyday but this morning I woke up to let me get it back battery has helped a lot of people and I'm hoping it's going to help me one day when I catch you catch the right numbers thank you and God bless North Carolina.NC Lottery
Thank you for the nice feedback. Good luck, Joseph!

7/18/2021 01:30 - terrence a.

I would like to see a grand prize winning stratch off. why are pictures of the winning ticket never shown

7/17/2021 11:36 - Gloria C.

I played today, but no luck on winning a prize. I will keep playing because I am in it to win it.

7/17/2021 08:15 - William W.

Top prize for me has been 50.00 but love playing.

7/17/2021 02:47 - Maria N M.

I think it’s so awesome that NCEL benefits our public education. That’s is where the future is.

7/17/2021 12:57 - Larry G.

THANK YOU NC LOTTERY keep up the good work on bringing us with new games and better ways to win.

7/17/2021 11:38 - shirley b.

NCEL where are the 999's? That is the question everyone is asking.

7/17/2021 11:12 - teresa s.

Me to.

7/17/2021 10:22 - Shirley D.

I hope so too.

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