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Adding a shot at millions to your Monday evenings

August 4, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:13 PM

Wouldn’t winning a life-changing Powerball jackpot be a great way to start the week?

We sure think so.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 23, you’ll have a shot at a Powerball jackpot every Monday evening when we add a third night to the weekly Powerball drawings. That means you could win millions every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night.

The game change is expected to result in larger, faster-growing jackpots, but tickets will remain at $2 and odds will stay the same. And just like Wednesday and Saturday, the Monday night drawings will be held at 10:59 p.m.

Powerball jackpots start at $20 million and increase each drawing until they are won.

Wednesday’s jackpot is $211 million as an annuity or $153.9 million in cash.

Five North Carolina players have won jackpots so far, but it would be pretty cool to see a North Carolinian bring home the first Monday night jackpot.

Good luck!


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9/04/2021 10:49 - Clayton G.

When are you going to expand your online play? You would think you would encourage it especially now with covid . NC Lottery
Hi Clayton, thanks for your feedback. We hear you and the people who make those decisions are reading these comments as well. Thanks for the feedback!

8/17/2021 12:19 - Stan S.

When does NCEL plan to offer the Powerball second chance option for an extra $1 ? NC Lottery
Hi Stan, thanks for the question. Aside from adding Monday drawings next week, there are no plans to implement any changes to Powerball in the immediate future. In the meantime, you might like to try adding Power Play to your Powerball ticket for $1. Power Play gives players the chance to multiply their winnings up to 10x.

8/16/2021 09:39 - William D.

please fix the entry ticket section. when one makes a mistake we have to re enter all the digits. before it was better when all you had to do was fix the one mistake. it is hard enough with arthritis in the fingers to keep doing this.

8/10/2021 02:28 - PAUL P.

They need to lower the amount of numbers to choose from which would result in more winners instead of one person winning a Zillion dollars.Spread the wealth. COMMON SENSE!!!!

8/09/2021 09:04 - MICHAEL B.

I also agree, I think MM will jump to 3 day per week. Maybe Sunday - Tues - Friday? Let's Play!!!

8/09/2021 06:22 - Monica P.


8/08/2021 01:52 - Larry R.

Make smaller jackpots and would be more winners. Practically any size would be life changing for us. Thanks.

8/07/2021 05:03 - Nicholas s.

They talk about more times to play more money spent to build pots ect but where are we getting increased payouts at $3 each for multiplayers should be greater oayouts across the board if were having more frequent games in all levels of lucky for life to mega and powerball. With same payouts but more frequently just means more money for customers and still low payouts. $300 for matching 4 out of 6 and nothing for matching just one number out of what up 70. It was better at $1 a play and $2 for multiplayer the games have changed alot for the state less for the people playing spending their earned money.

8/07/2021 10:00 - Mary S.

Seems like online players rarely win.

8/05/2021 10:11 - Darlene E.

Since Powerball will be 3 days a week starting on the 23rd Aug. When will they change the tickets? They have 2-4-6-8-10 draws. Also why doesn't the Cash 5 tickets have days of week on them, instead of draws?NC Lottery
Hi Darlene, you will be able to purchase the regular number drawings on a multidraw ticket on August 22. Here is a link to our blog story outlining the step-down schedule for Powerball: Multidraw tickets are always for consecutive drawings after the time of purchase, which is why the player decides the number of drawings that they would like to purchase rather than specifying the days of the week.

8/05/2021 09:59 - Tony T.

keep the complaints coming about the seemed to help with the trips, lol

8/05/2021 03:35 - Mary M.

Why doesn't my comments get posted NCEL??

8/04/2021 08:01 - Mary M.'s a fact that you know the public loves playing QUADs.!!! For some reason NC acts like they are afraid for quads to come out!! These number play can help so many people financially if you just let them fall. There are quads that has NEVER been drawn and you have been opened over 10 yrs. Why???????? Help the people, drop the Quads and change lives NCEL!!!NC Lottery
Hi Mary, thanks for the feedback. The chances of quads being the winning numbers are always the same in every drawing. Whether quads came out last month or last year, each number combination has exactly a 1 in 10,000 chance of being the winning numbers in a random drawing. Since 10 of the 10,000 combinations are quads, there is a 1 in 1,000 chance in every drawing that quads will be the winning numbers. We love it when popular numbers win prizes because it makes players happy. We hope you have good luck!

8/04/2021 07:03 - William A.

Record Lottery profits. We lose the 4 million dollar prizes on $20 dollar tickets. What's going on! The Lottery Commission needs to get it together before they are like Illinois and can't even pay there players! One more thing Lucky for Life is the only draw game you can win at. Catch the powerball or Mega Ball and what a disappointment!!

8/04/2021 10:23 - Daniel J.

I think our state lottery officials and others need to put pressure on Powerball officials to change the payout structure of the game. At least pay a little more for 1 white ball and the PB.

8/04/2021 10:02 - Roger K.

I don't even play the PB game. Odds to high to win the jackpot. So now the question is when will MM jump to 3 days a week? I'm sure they will be following suit soon.

8/04/2021 08:52 - Mike S.

Why are some second chance scratch off entries not displaying a history for my accounts. Another words, no visible history of my entries. Cobbjaw.NC Lottery
Hi Mike, thanks for the question. You should be able to see your Second Chance history under the "2nd Chance" tab in "Rewards History". Here is a link to the Rewards History section of the website: If your Second Chance entries still are not visible, please call Online Play Customer Service at 866-934-0289. Sorry about the technical difficulties.

8/04/2021 08:31 - William M.

Great news, but when are the jackpots going to return to +$40M per draw? Based on the recent news of just how much North Carolinians spent on the lottery during the pandemic, I suspect it is true across the country, so time to return to the $40M per draw level!!!

8/04/2021 08:15 - Darlene E.

More MONEY!!MONEY to spend. HOW ABOUT A new game ALTOGETHER..Scratch off the same only different name(really)Why are some QUADS Blocked???NC Lottery
Hi Darlene, thanks for the question. The liability limit for Pick 4 is $10 million - not in sales, but in potential prize payout should a given number be drawn. As tickets are sold each day, the lottery gaming system monitors for the potential payout of the numbers chosen or provided as Quick Pick tickets. For example, when one set of Pick 4 numbers – one of 10,000 possible combinations – have reached a potential of paying out $10 million, then no additional tickets with those set of numbers are sold.

8/04/2021 02:03 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great informations.

8/03/2021 10:31 - MICHAEL B.

Let's Play!!!!

8/03/2021 06:44 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you I wish you many more wonderful wins.

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