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Two Pick 3 drawings guaranteed tonight

September 10, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:10 AM

Pick 3 players. Friday night is your night as the weekend starts with a Double Draw.

Two drawings are guaranteed in Friday’s evening Pick 3 drawing because there’s only a Red Ball in the Double Draw machine. That gives you two chances to win with each $1 ticket.

This is part of the fun of our September Double Draw promotion. Any night of the month, Pick 3 players could get two chances to win a prize.

It’s guaranteed that at least one Double Draw will occur every seven days. That’s because the promotion starts with seven balls in the Double Draw machine, six white balls and one Red Ball.

Since all six white balls are out of the Double Draw machine, tonight is the night.

It will be the second Double Draw this month. The first occurred last Friday and it produced 3,500 extra wins totaling $457,234.

Good luck in Friday’s Double Draw!


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9/12/2021 02:38 - karim T.

GIVE ME CASH FIVE 6-20-22-24-31. Author of: "; So I Walked."

9/12/2021 02:36 - karim T.

can I get a win!?

9/11/2021 06:09 - shirley b.

Hopefully the red ball will bring 999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/10/2021 10:00 - DL H.

Ready with our numbers tonight! Fun times! Come in lucky numbers :-). Good luck to all

9/10/2021 04:52 - Denver G.

Going all in for this one, I've been waiting. I'm going with the combo for 50cent ($1.50). I purchased 6 full play slips ($45). If my # hits I get $7,500 tax free. If it comes up twice in any combo I get $15,000. If not I'm out $45. Didn't break the bank. I have not played any thing all week, just waiting for the this guaranteed red ball. If you play for $1 and your # hits twice, That's $1000 that you will have to pay taxes on......

9/10/2021 03:35 - JIA L.

my picks would be: 451,617,827, 269,569,683, 734

9/10/2021 01:27 - Doretha B.

my pick 3 numbers 714 and 500

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