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Red Ball drawn in Friday night’s Pick 3 drawing

September 11, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 7:41 AM

The weekend started off with an extra win for our Pick 3 players. Congratulations!

The Red Ball came up in our Friday night drawing, giving Pick 3 players two chances to win.

Remember—the Double Draw is guaranteed to occur once every seven days.

Be sure to check your numbers closely.

Double Draw Results:

First chance: 2-6-3. 4,435 tickets won a total of $508,081 in cash prizes.

Second chance: The Double Draw: 7-1-5. 3,517 tickets won a total of $544,982 in cash prizes.

Since the Red Ball was drawn, the Double Draw machine has been reset. Saturday night’s drawing will have six white balls and one red.

Good luck!


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9/17/2021 02:15 - William D.

Thanks, have a great day and stay safe.

9/17/2021 11:19 - William D.

the bigger spin would have been nicer if there was a link here at the site to spin the wheel, why make it harder for us???NC Lottery
Hi William, sorry about that. Here is a link to the official Bigger Spin website:

9/16/2021 09:04 - Angela A.

@NCEL why is this red ball staying in this machine till the very end every week? This thing should have popped up multiple times by now. I also want to suggest a promotion for pick-3. Let's put 5 white balls and one red ball (double draw) and one green ball (double prize). If you really want to show the players some love. NC Lottery
Hi Angela, when the red ball comes up is just a matter of luck, although it is guaranteed to happen at least once a week. Those are some great ideas for future Pick 3 promotions! Thanks for the helpful feedback, I will pass your ideas along to the game developers. Have a great day!

9/15/2021 08:51 - DL H.

@ Denver. Thanks! We are pacing ourselves doing a few tickets every day:-). Hope you’ve had some good wins yourself lately

9/15/2021 03:50 - Denver G.

Dang, DL H., congrats you lucky duck.

9/15/2021 12:54 - DL H.

Good luck red ball players! Hit one last week. Played 2 QPs for tonight Just picked up our Keno Win (100 tkts)Woo Hoo! We were selected in the final week of the game and just for those that are curious we only had two entries in the game and had completely forgotten about the game all together when we received that wonderful email notification :-). Wilmington NCEL Team members were awesome this morning. Super nice! Thank you TEAM NCEL Wilmington!NC Lottery
Nice win, DL!

9/14/2021 09:40 - Herman S.

Hoping the RED BALL falls tonight. Got my 50 cents combos on 123/113/322/125/332. TRIPS to drop this Thursday or Friday. NC Lottery
Good luck, Herman! We love when the red ball comes up!

9/13/2021 08:00 - shirley b.

NCEL what is the purpose of the Red Ball?NC Lottery
Hi Shirley, Pick 3 Double Draw is a special promotion where players receive an extra chance to win! There will be two Pick 3 draw machines and a Double Draw machine that has six white balls and one red ball. At the start of the drawing, we’ll pick a ball from the Double Draw machine. If the Red Ball is drawn, a second Pick 3 drawing will take place immediately following the first. If a white ball is drawn, there will only be one Pick 3 drawing. Each time the white ball is drawn, we’ll then remove one white ball from the Double Draw machine for the following night’s drawing. This means the first Double Draw drawing will have six white balls, the second on the next night will have five, the third will have four, etc., until the Red Ball is drawn.

9/13/2021 11:33 - DL H.

Got one. Played 326 50/50 and ANY. ;-) Good luck to everyone

9/13/2021 10:05 - carolyn b.

Hi Carolyn, thanks for the question. The winning ticket was sold in Union County.

9/13/2021 02:00 - shirley b.

Hopefully the red ball will bring 999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!999 099 919 999 999 999

9/13/2021 12:00 - shirley b.

The red ball usually drops 5 times in a month. Looking forward to at least 5 but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Thanks NCEL for the exciting the minds of your winners.

9/12/2021 07:03 - Angelo B.

What if the red ball is drawn and the same number is drawn ex: 234 & 324. The I have just one tic for $1.00 (any) Will I win $80 or $160?NC Lottery
Hi Angelo, great question! In the case that the red ball is drawn and then the same numbers come up in both drawings, then you would win the prize for both drawings. Good luck!

9/12/2021 10:51 - Susanne B.

Did I win the first chance 508081 and the second chance of 544982 ??? If so how do I get my money ??NC Lottery
Hi Susanne, winners are notified by the NCEL via the phone number and/or email address that you have provided in your account. Prizes under $600 will be deposited directly into your wallet and prizes between $600 and $99,999 can be claimed online—just be sure to complete the steps to claim. If you’re a big winner with a prize of $100,000 or more, you need to start your claim online and then head on down to lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

9/11/2021 06:52 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to all the winners and I wish you all many more happy wins. Pick 3 game.

9/11/2021 09:47 - shirley b.

Hopefully the red ball will show up more than once a week. It usually drops about 5 5 times the whole month. We'll see!!!!! Just a way to generate more money for NCEL!!!!!!!!Congratulations to all the lucky winners.

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