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Friday’s Mega Millions drawing features a $325 million jackpot

January 14, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:23 AM

North Carolinians have the chance to play for a $325 million jackpot in Friday’s Mega Millions drawing.

A winner in North Carolina could take home the jackpot as an annuity paying out the $325 million over 29 years or choose instead to take home $224.1 million in cash.

The current $325 million jackpot would be the largest Mega Millions jackpot ever won in North Carolina. There have been two previous Mega Millions jackpot winners in the state. The odds of winning a Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302 million.

Mega Millions tickets cost $2. North Carolinians can buy tickets for the 11 p.m. drawing at any lottery retail location in the state until 10:45 p.m. Friday night. Tickets can also be purchased through Online Play on the lottery’s website,, and with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App.


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1/18/2022 02:48 - shirley b.

NCEL why so many repeats?NC Lottery
Hi there, Shirley, thanks for your comment! All of our drawings are independent events, meaning the past drawings have no bearing on future ones. This means that a particular combination could have been drawn yesterday, a month ago, or a year ago, and it would still have the same odds of being drawn in the next drawing. We hope your favorite number hits soon!

1/17/2022 11:28 - shirley b.

NCEL time for trips. So many triggers but no trips.

1/16/2022 03:20 - donna b.

i have never seen any second chance drawing winners. how do i find them. i have been a 2nd chance tickets for 7 years. never see no winnersNC Lottery
Hi there, Donna! You can see winners for Second Chance drawings by going to our website here [url] and selecting the drawing you are interested in, and then selecting "Winners" once you click on the drawing row. Hope this helps!

1/15/2022 08:29 - William D.

Be nice to have an ap that will let you know where certain tickets are available at... As of right now I've gone all over town to find the $5 christmas cheer, no one has it. with about 100,000 prizes left and one jackpot.

1/15/2022 06:30 - Chester W.

No win last night. Oh well. When is the second chance drawings for the corvette and bigger spin? Waiting patiently! I see the second chance millionaire top prize hasn't been claim. Why? Please bring a green screen when it is a winner using the app! THX! NC Lottery
Hi Chester. We know you're eager to find out who the winners are—we are too! Once we notify the winners, they must respond and claim their prize. Only then can we update the website with their names. Apologies for the delay, but until they have responded, we don't officially have winners.

1/14/2022 12:43 - DL H.

Good Luck to all that play for a chance :-).

1/14/2022 09:41 - Roger K.

Wow! Imagine taking home 224.1 million in cash. That's alot of money. I could do things that I never thought about doing. Buying an RV and travel across the USA. Help out my family and some friends that was in a lottery pool at work a long time ago. Could donate to the many charities. Wow! So much to think about. I think I will purchase a 3 dollar ticket for tonight's drawing. Good luck to all of you in the lottery post.

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