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Fall into great new scratch-offs this First Tuesday

October 4, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:47 AM

How would you like to win a trip to Las Vegas and the chance to win up to $50 Million?

If you’re ready, COME ON DOWN because THE PRICE IS RIGHT™ $5 scratch-offs are here.

In addition to four top prizes of $200,000, enter THE PRICE IS RIGHT ™ scratch-offs in Lucke-Rewards for a chance to win a trip for you and a guest to Las Vegas. The trip includes entry to the COME ON DOWN Challenge, where you may have the opportunity to win up to $50,000,000! Winners will be selected in two separate second-chance drawings during the promotion.

Check out what else is fresh and new with this month’s games. You get:

  • $2 Wild Doubler: Includes a chance to double the prize.
  • $3 Orange Tripler Cashword: Offers a chance to win triple the prize.
  • $20 Mega 7’s: Features over $90 million in total prizes with a chance to win 10 times the prize plus two Bonus Spots.

We’ve got the odds and prize info for you here: 




 Top prize

# of top prizes

Overall odds


Mega 7’s



1 in 3.18


The Price is Right™



1 in 4.18


Orange Tripler Cashword



1 in 3.91


Wild Doubler



1 in 4.62


Watch this cool video to learn more about these four new games:

The scratch-offs are right this First Tuesday. Good luck to all of our players!


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10/06/2022 02:08 - Robert C.

When will more details be forthcoming for the promotion for $5 tickets that was teased in the preview email for October? Start date, at least?NC Lottery
Hi, Robert! More details will be shared in the next week or two - stay tuned!

10/06/2022 08:22 - Angela A.

No please don't bring back free tickets then you have no option, but to get another. The thing people want is a fair chance the odds are not correct on these tickets...You says the odds are over the whole run of tickets yet many games end and the website has all these winners left yet we have purchased all the DUDS. I have purchase several rolls of tickets and one roll had (1) winning ticket on the whole roll! NCEL just put some winning ticket out. Last where is the #2 for the FIREBALL (pick 3)it has not hit yet and a lot of my main numbers have a #2 in them which means I am just giving my money away on this option!

10/05/2022 08:53 - Sharon S.

We use to have free tickets as winners @ the start of lottery in our state. Why did they stop? It could certainly make up for the DUDS we've been getting! Especially on those 30$ tickets! Other states do it!

10/05/2022 04:37 - Brian T.

NCEL, please do not roll out 1st Tuesday games until the coding is correct to allow the 2nd Chance drawing entries or the gameplay in our online accounts. I was unable to play with 2 new games registered this morning. Thank youNC Lottery
Hi, Brian! Thank you for reaching out to us and we apologize for any inconvenience experienced with this. Which games were you unable to enter and earn points on? And what device type are you using to enter? We will pass this info along to our Online Support team. Our team also recommended clicking on "Points History" and looking under the "Digital Games" tab to see if you are able to access your games.

10/04/2022 09:46 - Linda S.

I scanned my 10 price is right tickets for the 2nd chance drawing but didnt get any entries or points. When I attempted to scan them again I received an error message. Why did this occur?NC Lottery
Hey there, Linda! Thank you for reaching out to us and we're so sorry for any inconvenience and frustration caused by this experience. What device type are you using to enter? We will pass this info along to our Online Support team who will hopefully have this resolved ASAP. We appreciate your patience and help with this issue. Our team also recommended clicking on "Points History" and looking under the "Digital Games" tab to see if you are able to access your games.

10/04/2022 06:35 - Chris H.

What's the deal with the fireball game? Played 136 on 10/3 evening with the fireball & it said that I didn't winNC Lottery
Hey there, Chris! For the 10/3 evening Pick 3 drawing, the drawn numbers were 7-3-6 and the Fireball number was 0. This means that you could make the additional combinations of 0-3-6, 7-0-6, or 7-3-0 to create more winning combinations. If you had those combinations or 7-3-6 in Any or Exact order (depending on your play style) you would be a winner!

10/04/2022 04:43 - Jerome S.

Today is Tuesday

10/04/2022 02:58 - Linda R.

I want to win this time

10/04/2022 02:08 - Robert C.

The October preview email sent out a week ago teased that there would be a coming promotion involving $5 tickets. When will that promotion be fully announced? Or at least, when will said promotion start?NC Lottery
Hey there, Robert! We will have more info on this promotion soon - so stay tuned! For now, all we can say is hold onto those $5 scratch-offs for another week or two for a bonus Lucke-Rewards points opportunity!

10/04/2022 12:41 - Phil H.

How many entries in the multiply the cash & September to remember drawings for tomorrow?NC Lottery
Hi, Phil! We've received around 74,965,524 entries for our 3rd Multiply The Cash second chance drawing, and around 7,299,357 entries for our September to Remember Lucke-Rewards drawing. Good luck!

10/04/2022 11:39 - Denver G.

THX 4 the quick reply. That's what I thought. I bought 4 this morning. 3 of 4 were winners. A $20 & two for $10 each. Doubled my money back plus gonna get me some entries & bonus entries !!!NC Lottery
That's awesome, Denver! Congratulations on the wins and good luck with the entries and second chance drawing!! :)

10/04/2022 10:57 - Denver G.

Morning LZ. I am trying to rap my head around The Price is Right 2nd chance drawing. Why does it say you need to enter a suit of four to get bonus entries ? There is only one ticket type.NC Lottery
Hey there, Denver! This just means four of the tickets - there aren't different versions of them or anything, but when you enter four of The Price is Right tickets, you'll participate in the Showcase Showdown and earn the bonus entries!

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