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Honoring our veterans

November 11, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 7:43 AM

On our Veterans Day holiday, we want to honor those on the staff of the N.C. Education Lottery who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Twelve staff members are veterans. They are:

  • Juan Aristizabal
  • Susan Long
  • Al Stephenson
  • David Wright
  • Joe Cosgriff
  • David Cote
  • Arthur Smart
  • Joshua Stroud
  • Ryan Smith
  • Amber Cales
  • Brian Jones
  • Robert Vernola

Thank you all  for your service.


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6/23/2023 01:50 - George H.

THANK Y’ALL FOR MAKING The sacrifice for Our freedom

6/10/2023 05:25 - Austin E.

Thank you for your service in arms and that which continues today. You are all inspiring Americans therefore, Thanks again for all you do for North Carolina!!

6/08/2023 04:07 - Brian T.

NCEL, how about honoring veterans by not using AI to beat players i.e. RNGs, selective routing of fastplay winnng tickets to predetermined retailers, advertising games as drawings when they are not? That would be an "honor" as the word itself comes from honesty.

4/19/2023 05:38 - maurice w.

Thanks,Usmc 83-88

3/29/2023 07:19 - James L.

Never forget those who made ultimate sacrifice ! Jim Lampman SEAL Team One Hooyah !

2/24/2023 08:18 - Laurie C.

Thank you to all who have served!!!! We so appreciate your hard work, dedication and efforts! Truly Appreciated!!!

2/04/2023 07:51 - Deborah F.

From our veteran family to yours..Thank you and God Speed!!!!!...Hooah!

1/30/2023 12:43 - Laverne R.

Thank You for your service

1/14/2023 11:38 - Betty B.

Why are there so many losing scratch off cards in Fayetteville NC I was just wondering because you can purchase several and never get anything not one little crumb

11/26/2022 08:09 - Carla H.

Will NC Lottery bring the lottery game called cash pop anytime soon?NC Lottery
Hi Carla, we do not currently have plans to bring the Cash Pop game to North Carolina. We always appreciate hearing what new games our players are interested in though!

11/17/2022 12:51 - Cheryl W.

From your retired Navy sister, thank all of you for your service. In addition I want to thank NC lottery for employing and supporting those who served our nation.

11/15/2022 09:30 - DONALD S.

According to the research, lotteries are a regressive service, with low-income groups paying larger chunks of their budget on games versus their wealthier counterparts. Additionally, more money is spent on instant scratch-off games versus drawings like Powerball.NC Lottery
Hi, Donald! Thanks for the opportunity to share some information on this subject. In our experience, folks who choose to play the lottery come from all walks of life. In 2018, we conducted a study to find out more about who our players are. Here's a link to the results of that study:

11/13/2022 01:50 - MICHAEL B.


11/13/2022 12:02 - Paul A.

Happy Veterans Day from this vet to the dozen at NC Lottery (and to all others who served too!)

11/12/2022 01:40 - Martha S.

Thank you for standing up for our country and our freedom!

11/12/2022 06:10 - George H.


11/12/2022 12:04 - John H.

Great post!

11/11/2022 09:23 - Tonga J.

Thank you for your service! All love from Fort Bragg, NC "All the Way, Airborne"!

11/11/2022 08:04 - Larry C.

Thank you for your service

11/11/2022 04:59 - Ernestine C.

With my appreciation and thanks!!

11/11/2022 11:22 - Sherry L.

Thank you for your service!

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