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New York man celebrates $10 million lottery win

November 2, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:15 PM

Ryan Patrick of Oswego, N.Y. bought a $30 scratch-off and won a $10 million prize.

Patrick bought his lucky $10,000,000 Colossal Cash ticket from Pick-N-Go on Eastchester Drive in High Point.

When Patrick arrived at lottery headquarters Tuesday, he had the option of collecting the prize as an annuity of $500,000 a year over 20 years or taking a lump sum of $6 million. He chose the lump sum of $6 million and, after state and federal tax withholdings, took home $4,260,609.

Since Patrick won the last $10 million top prize in the Colossal Cash game, the lottery will begin the process of ending the game.


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11/06/2022 08:28 - Roger K.

Congratulations on your win sir! I don't think he's a member on here, but I'm wondering how long that ticket was in that store? Wondering if the store owner had sold out of that roll, and just ordered another roll of tickets. I'm wondering, if the lottery is closing that ticket out, my guess it had to be in that store for a long time. Wondering how many tickets was left in hat roll, did the buyer just bought one ticket, which was the lucky one, or did he purchased multiple tickets from that roll.guess we will never know.

11/05/2022 12:17 - Charles H.

Thanks, Denver. The fact is that she had no legitimate reason for not selling me the ticket. The time was 10:35pm and she thought it was too late to purchase a ticket. I tried to get her to sell it to me anyway because if it had been too late it would've carried over to the next day. Other customers apparently had complaints against her and she either quit or was let go. Speedway has acknowledged she made a mistake, but they're dead-set on not paying me. I have 3 year window should I decide to seek legal action. Before I pursue that I need to be advised on whether I have a case or not.

11/03/2022 02:11 - Denver G.

Its all good Charles. There could have been a number of reasons she couldn't sell you a ticket. I know you can not buy a ticket certain times b4 during or after a drawing. A few examples I have run into and was refused a purchase. I tried to buy a ticket for the night time draw while the day time draw was going, couldnt do it. Couldnt buy a ticket at 9:55 pm because the store closed at 10pm and they had already turned off the lottery terminal & weren't about to reboot it just for me. Recently I went to my regular store, they had run out of paper and clerk didn't know where they kept the new rolls. What ever the reason, you should just move on. Complaining about the past will not change it. Good luck with your FURTURE purchases.

11/03/2022 10:47 - Dustin H.

I love how are government doesn't give you a penny when you lose and lose and lose but when you get lucky and finally win they get almost half of it LOL God Bless America

11/03/2022 06:04 - William A.

When will we have another 10 million dollar ticket??? The major prizes keep going down not up. I saw a $20 dollar ticket yesterday with a top prize of $250,000. How much lower can the lottery go. At this rate we will be just a donation system.

11/03/2022 05:36 - Charles H.

No Denver, I don't think I got cheated out of this, but I did get cheated out of $500 at Speedway when the cashier refused to sell me a ticket that I picked the winning pick 3 numbers for. I know I gripe a lot, but this is the only complaint I have that's legitimate. A cashier cannot refuse to sell anyone a ticket without a valid reason and she didn't have one.

11/02/2022 10:52 - John C.

I would like to see another 10 million dollar ticket come into play now.NC Lottery
We would like that too, John! The future is full of possibilities!

11/02/2022 08:45 - Troy W.

Sad to see this ticket go. Anyhow, please fix the app! Issue: When scanning a ticket with a mini-game (like the $5 Price is Right), if you choose to play the mini-game instead of skip it, the app won't go back to the barcode reader for ticket entries. You must uninstall the app first, re-download the app, and then the barcode scanner will work again. That is annoying, as I always like to play the mini-game when scanning tickets.NC Lottery
Hey there, Troy! Thank you for your comment and we're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Please reach out to our Online Support team at https://nclottery.com/Help and they can look into this and hopefully resolve it for you.

11/02/2022 08:05 - Heather R.

When will the last 2nd chance drawing for this ticket have a date?NC Lottery
Hey there, Heather! With this game ending now that the last top prize was won, we will release a date for the second chance drawing soon - so stay tuned!

11/02/2022 06:19 - Jacqueline H.


11/02/2022 03:51 - Clint G.

What is the taxes for state and federal? Also,is the New York guy will also have including NY State taxes as well?NC Lottery
Hey there, Clint! We withhold the minimum required amount for state and federal taxes - that is 4.99% for NC and 24% for federal. An individual's own tax obligation may be more than that though, and the winner will need to report the prize as income and pay remaining taxes on the prize if applicable.

11/02/2022 03:24 - Linda D.

it is just unbelievable someone from New York would win the $10 million last top prize with millions of North Carolinians playing, I'd rather someone in North Carolina win the money but it doesn't work that way at times.

11/02/2022 03:20 - Michael B.

Hey NCEL- will this game be replaced with the $50 game that was talked about during the surveys ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Michael! We hope to see a $50 ticket one day and the future is full of possibilities! Nothing has been solidified yet, but rest assured we're always offering new games and we'll have plenty of new, exciting ones to take the place of our ending games.

11/02/2022 02:49 - Denver G.

Holy sheep dip, about freaking time. Sorry Charlie, I guess you think you got cheated out of this one too.

11/02/2022 02:42 - Reni S.

Wow no way

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