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Grateful there’s still time to enter these drawings

November 23, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:35 PM

With prizes this good, you will be coming back for seconds!

Enter your fill of tickets into these Lucke Rewards and second chance drawings for a Thanksgiving-sized helping of prizes.

Sunday is your deadline to enter into this Nov. 30 drawing:

  • Thanksgiving Celebration Cash. Fifty – yes, 50! – players will take home $100 prizes in this weekly drawing.

Wednesday, Nov. 30 is your deadline to enter these Dec. 7 drawings:

  • Bonu$ Buck$. One “lucke” winner will take home $30,000.
  • Holiday Spectacular Second Chance. The most festive time of year is here. Enter your 2022 holiday scratch-offs (games #855-860) for a chance to win one $150,000 prize, one of two $10,000 prizes, or one of 100 $500 prizes in the first of two second-chance drawings. Learn more about this and other second-chance drawings here!
  • The Price is Right®. If you’re ready to play for up to $50 million, come on down! Enter your The Price Is Right® scratch-off tickets for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas for you and a  friend. While there you get an entry into the “Come On Down Challenge” event for an opportunity to win up to $50 million!
  • Colossal Cash. In our final Colossal Cash second-chance drawing, you could take home a $1 million prize, one of three $10,000 prizes, or one of 25 $500 prizes.

Good luck!


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11/26/2022 08:51 - Eddyce F.

Hi. I was just entering tickets for 2nd chance draws and found that a ticket I entered was a winning scratchoff which I have not cashed in yet. Can I cash this scratchoff after I have already entered it in a 2nd chance draw? The game for that ticket has not expired. I am panicking.... Help please...!!!! hasNC Lottery
HI Eddyce, all you need to do is scan a ticket and you will get your entry into the Second Chance drawing for that ticket. You do not need to keep the ticket. You can see all your entries into Second Chance drawings in your online account. Also, you can scan both winning and non-winning tickets for applicable Second Chance entries, so always scan them before redeeming for winnings at a retailer!

11/25/2022 06:27 - Roger K.

There are 5,373,744 entries in the November Bonus Buck$ Lucke Rewards Drawing. Oh no! Just saw this, one person out of 5,373,744 people can win, still more people are entering it, so odds going to be even higher. There goes my chances of winning. NC Lottery
Hi Roger, every entry has an equal chance of winning, it's all a matter of luck!

11/25/2022 06:22 - Roger K.

Well I got my 100 points in on the bonus bucks, so far ,never had any kind of luck on these drawings. But there is always the first time! 30,000 will suit me just fine! Good luck everyone!

11/24/2022 08:29 - Clarence W.

Those are some very nice prizes for the December 7th. drawings. Christmas will definitely be filled with a nice present ?? for the lucky winners. Good luck everyone and blessings to you.

11/24/2022 11:02 - richard w.

Alot up for after holiday just in time for Christmas ?? and my b-day...

11/24/2022 07:02 - Brian T.

It's the most wonderful time of the year to win big!

11/24/2022 01:20 - Naif A.

Everybody have a wonderful thanksgiving

11/24/2022 12:19 - Cody P.

How many entries are there so far into this last draw? Thank you!NC Lottery
Hi Cody, which drawing are you referring to? There are 5,373,744 entries in the November Bonus Buck$ Lucke Rewards Drawing.

11/23/2022 10:15 - Sabrina D S.

Good luck everyone!!Especially Me!!

11/23/2022 09:19 - Rita C.

I Am a Winner!

11/23/2022 08:39 - joanie m.

I love The Price is Right scratch offs I have won on a lot of them still waiting on a second chance prize In It To Win It 7 or more years now I also watch the price is right show with Drew Carey daily just watching them spinning that wheel gets you excited

11/23/2022 04:40 - Mary W.

Thanks for the reminder!!! Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

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