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Low fuel light signals a $1 million win for Forsyth County woman

November 29, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:28 AM

After shopping for Christmas gifts, Laura Keen of Winston-Salem and her boyfriend stopped immediately for gas when their truck’s low fuel light lit up and found the best Black Friday deal of the day in a $30 scratch-off with a $1 million prize.

“We would never have won that if that gas light had not gone off,” said Keen on Monday as she collected the prize.

Keen’s good luck occurred at the 7-Eleven on South Main Street in Kernersville. While getting the gas and some coffee, Keen also played her favorite scratch-off game and bought a single Millionaire Maker ticket. A few minutes later, a celebration broke out in the couple’s truck in the store’s parking lot.

“I was screaming,” Keen said. “He was screaming. We both were screaming. We were just in shock, just shock.”

When Keen arrived at lottery headquarters Monday to collect her prize, she had a decision to make. She could choose to receive the prize as an annuity of $50,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. She chose the lump-sum amount of $600,000 and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $426,069.

She said she planned to “be smart” with her winnings and may use some to take a small vacation.


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12/02/2022 04:32 - Derrick S.

How many entries for the last collosal cash second chance contest?NC Lottery
Hey there, Derrick! So far, we've gotten around 4,236,135 entries for the final Colossal Cash second chance drawing. Wishing you lots of luck!!

11/30/2022 06:23 - Bevlin D.

Congratulations! So happy for you both. Enjoy.

11/29/2022 11:34 - Eileen S.

Good for you,hon..Have a Merry Christmas!

11/29/2022 08:57 - Anita R.

Congratulations, that’s awesome ???? ????????

11/29/2022 11:50 - richard w.

Wow lucky 4 you happy holidays

11/29/2022 11:34 - Paula F.

Congratulations ??

11/29/2022 11:02 - Roger K.

Congratulations on your big win! You had the luck of the Irish, my dear! Yeah, be smart with it.

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