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Nash County woman wins $591,449 Fast Play jackpot on Thanksgiving

November 29, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:16 AM

Rosa Pittman of Rocky Mount took a chance on a $10 Fast Play ticket on Thanksgiving Day and won a $591,449 jackpot.

Pittman bought her lucky Big Bucks Bingo ticket at the 301 Convenient Mart on North Wesleyan Boulevard in Rocky Mount. She arrived at lottery headquarters Monday to collect her prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $419,991.

The Fast Play rolling jackpot grows with every ticket purchased. Because Pittman bought a $10 ticket, she won the whole jackpot.

On Monday afternoon, the Fast Play jackpot had grown past $83,508. The odds of winning a Fast Play jackpot are 1 in 320,000.


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11/30/2022 11:30 - Roger K.

Thanks for the advice, William A. But you have won 17,000 dollars, and you telling me not to do it! That's laughable! That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it!

11/30/2022 04:08 - William A.

Don’t do it Roger. That’s all I buy and yes I have won 10k once and a 1000 dollars 7 times. Only once on a 30 dollar ticket.All on 20 dollar tickets and 10 dollar tickets. I have only won about half of what I have spent over the last 2 years the tickets have been really cold since they went to a two million dollar main prize from a 4 million dollar main prize on the $20 dollar tickets.

11/30/2022 12:05 - Antoine C.

Congratulations I played that game several, I can’t win!!

11/29/2022 08:55 - Anita R.

Congratulations, sooooo happy for you ????????

11/29/2022 11:11 - Roger K.

Congratulations on your big win! I declared, I see all these winners and wonder why I can't win nothing. Guess I'm gonna expand my money, to start buying more high dollar ticket. 20,30 dollar ticket, I'm going to buy for sure! I got a good mind to break bad, and purchase a whole roll next month when get my check. Will let yall know how it goes. Have a nice day!NC Lottery
We're wishing you lots of luck, Roger!

11/29/2022 09:24 - Larry H.

Good luck with your winning

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