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Your play supports staff at all schools across our state

November 30, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 7:29 AM

Schools all across our state open up and close each day with the help of thousands of people who keeps them operating efficiently and safely.

You probably know a friendly office assistant who keeps everything going smoothly at your school. Or the kind school custodian who opens the doors every day after making sure everything looks spotless.

They aren’t just school employees. They team up with teachers and principals to shape the future of our children and impact their lives every day.

This year, about 40 percent of the money raised by the lottery − $386 million − of the money will cover the costs of these employees’ salaries.

You have told us in the past these school employees do heroic work. Twice, we’ve put a spotlight on their work as N.C. School Heroes. You can check out their stories again here:

These stories show the power of education to shape our children’s lives. Thank you for helping to make them happen.

This year, the lottery’s goal is to raise at least $885 million for education. In all, more than $9 billion has been raised in the lottery’s first 16 years.


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1/04/2023 11:16 - Christie E.

First of all… I played this online. Secondly, how would you know I’m from NY. All proceeds go to different counties amongst NC school programs. If your issue Don is that a NY was able to educate your children, grand children. I am not sorry for that. READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS. I do deserve the scholarship bc I’ve lived here for 8 years. If you want to apply for NC grants for educational programs, institutions, and w.e else you are in need of. It’s all available on our states website. Have a very very pleasant day!

12/01/2022 07:36 - Sean S.

Don: Thank you for saying that...the lottery is just another tax...hidden behind BS...If anyone believes that someone fron New York just strolled thru North Carolina and conveniently bought the last winning $10 million dollar ticket...I've got a bridge in in Brooklyn that's for sale.

12/01/2022 09:54 - Donavan C.

Thats great to hear. Growing up I noticed the lack of school supplies and teachers going out of their way to buy things for class out of their own salary. So I'm very happy to hear this year has got the most in 16 years! So thank you for helping our school system and giving everyone a chance to change their lives for the better. And good luck to everyone!

12/01/2022 09:46 - DONALD S.

This is such a lie. There were tax dollars and expenditures going to the schools before the lottery. The legislature stop putting all this money towards the schools when the lottery came along because of this additional money that was being pumped into the system. The schools are actually worse off now than they were before the lottery. wake up people you are being lied to.

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