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2 5 8 28 69 14
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19 20 23 26 33
2 13 17 22 35
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Latest Evening Drawing Tue, May 21
7 6 0 2 6
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4 8 9 1
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2 7 2 0
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Onslow County retired Army veteran wins $100,000 jackpot

February 3, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:45 PM

Steven Sturdavant of Jacksonville said he wanted to make sure he wasn’t dreaming after a $1 Cash 5 ticket turned into a $100,000 win.

Sturdavant, a 63-year-old former Army staff sergeant, said he first checked the Jan. 28 Cash 5 results early Saturday morning and he thought the winning numbers looked similar, but he went right back to sleep.

“I was half asleep when I first found out,” Sturdavant said. “When I woke up later that morning I had to check again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.”

Sturdavant, a Half Moon resident, retired from the Army as a disabled combat veteran. He bought his lucky Quick Pick ticket from the Food Lion on Branchwood Shopping Center in Jacksonville.

“I don’t think it’ll really sink in until I see it in the bank account,” Sturdavant laughed.

Sturdavant claimed his prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $71,014. He said he wants to do some house repairs, buy a new van, and then help out some of his family members.

Cash 5 is one of four lottery games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets through Online Play, either through the lottery’s website or with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App. Cash 5 tickets are $1 and drawings are held every night. Thursday’s jackpot is $110,000.


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2/06/2022 06:05 - Mary B.

LZ, I have a couple of questions: What is being done to retailers that are not scanning scratch off tickets in? I have went to several stores purchased tickets to find out later when trying to redeem that they have not been logged in. When will pick 3/4/ keno be available online like in other states?NC Lottery
Hi Mary, retailers are supposed to activate new tickets before selling them. We apologize if you purchased a ticket that was not activated. This was most likely an accident, but if you think it was intentional or a recurring problem you can report the activity to our Security Hotline at 1-888-732-6235. At this time we aren't planning to bring Pick 3 / 4 and Keno online, but we appreciate the feedback and it is possible that these games could come to Online Play in the future. Thanks!

2/06/2022 12:58 - Carletta C.

Congratulations! Thanks for your service.

2/05/2022 09:11 - thaddeus h.

congratulations STEVE thaddeus

2/04/2022 09:59 - Roger K.

Wow! Congratulations on your win! Thanks for your service. Spend it wisely.

2/04/2022 08:16 - Denver G.

LZ, with all due respect, NONE of us should have to reach out to the Online Support to resolve the same issue! It's not our accounts that are the problem. The problem is with the new $3 & $5 tickets (821 & 822). Numerous players are having the same issue with the same tickets getting entries into the 2022 X the cash 2nd chance contest. I have no problem waiting & holding on to the non winners for a while, But I think we would all like to enter the winning tickets.NC Lottery
Hi there, Denver! We completely understand. However, since we have only heard from a couple of players about this issue, we aren't sure if it is a widespread issue or something to be fixed with individual accounts. This is why we direct to our Online Support so they can initially look into those individual accounts and escalate if they need to. Hope this helps and we hope to have a resolution for you soon.

2/04/2022 07:48 - Donald J.

Awesome !

2/04/2022 12:11 - Amy J.

Way to go!

2/04/2022 12:09 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins. Glad to know you want to help some others .

2/03/2022 08:39 - Ronald C.

Thanks for your service

2/03/2022 08:34 - zhi x.

it seems those new 20x The Case, 15x Cashword couldn't be redeemed for 2nd chance entries. When I scan these 2 kinds of ticket it does not indicate any entries and also you couldn't find it from point history but you do get the regular reward points.NC Lottery
Hi there, Zhi! We're sorry to hear you weren't awarded the second-chance entries for entering these tickets. Please reach out to our Online Support team at 1-866-934-0289 or visit https://nclottery.com/Help and a member of our team can look into this and help you resolve it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2/03/2022 08:20 - Jessica J.


2/03/2022 04:24 - Debra M.


2/03/2022 04:02 - Douglas H.

Congratulations Steve! Great win! Way to go Onslow County:-)

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