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15 33 37 55 61 24
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1 4 14 15 22
6 10 17 25 41
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2 5 7 6 9
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4 8 6 5
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DYK Fact vs. Fiction

March 15, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:00 AM

Fiction is fun to read, but when it comes to lottery games it is more fun to stick to the facts. Don’t be fooled by common lottery myths. Busting myths can help you Play Smart™ and have fun!

Myth: It is possible to change your luck or increase your chances of winning.

Reality: Rituals, charms, and special numbers—oh my! Playing the lottery is a game of chance, not skill. The only choice you have that’ll influence your chances of winning is buying a ticket. Remember, it just takes one ticket to win.

Myth: It’s easier to win the lottery in a bigger city.

Reality: Every lottery ticket has an equal chance at winning, regardless of where it was purchased. Bob in Charlotte, Sue in Fayetteville, Ann in Edenton, and everyone in between each have the exact same chance of winning a lottery prize when they buy a ticket!

Play Smart keeps lottery play fun by giving you the facts and information you need to debunk myths surrounding lottery games.

Check out some more common myths here!

Reality: If lottery play has become more than a game— free, confidential help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A licensed counselor can provide free, easy to use online or in-person services for you or a loved one.

That means you can talk to someone, at no cost, in the comfort of your own home by:

  • Texting morethanagamenc to 53342
  • Joining a live web chat at https://morethanagame.nc.gov/
  • Calling the toll-free helpline at (877) 718-5543

If you don’t need support— but you know someone who does— these resources are also great tools for you. They can help you with starting that conversation with a loved one.

As always, we love hearing about all your big lottery dreams and offering games that are fun to play. Please keep it fun, folks, and know there is support if needed.


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10/06/2022 12:17 - Andrea S.

All I ever see, is winners in the triangle areas (which is great and I applaud them all), whether it's for the scratch offs or online. I've been playing online for Years, and the most I've ever won is $12.00. Please give us smaller cities a chance, we want to win too!!! #IJSNC Lottery
Hi there, Andrea! We wanted to let you know we don’t know where the winning tickets will be and it is no easier to win the lottery in once place over another. The triangle and triad are simply highly populated and have more people playing the lottery, but its no easier to win there than anywhere else in the state. No matter where you live or where you play, you have the same chance to beat the odds as anyone else!

7/22/2022 07:09 - Demarcus P.

There is a greater chance you will win in Charlotte or Raleigh I have been playing since the lottery came out and I continue to play even though I’m over invested!

6/04/2022 10:23 - ron s.

No we all do not all have the same chance of winning. The lottery sends tickets to the store they want to win. Only tickets for that store can be activated. A shipment of tickets when to my neighborhood store by mistake and they could not be activated and the tickets had to be sent back and a new shipment had to be sent. Now if it’s a game of chance then it should not matter that my store got another’s tickets.

5/20/2022 08:47 - William A.

You have worse odds when you dump a new batch of tickets on a old bunch that should have been picked up. The lottery used to pick up tickets when the major prizes were won. Now it's lets make another run and dump it on the losers left out there. You should be ashamed!

3/29/2022 01:05 - patricia n.


3/26/2022 09:43 - Erin D.

good to know

3/26/2022 07:26 - Randy H.


3/24/2022 04:43 - Karon W.

Pay all my debt and help some deserving souls!

3/24/2022 09:28 - Hugh B.

I want to pay off my student loans…

3/18/2022 09:32 - Linda C.

my goal is take care of my much deserving friend

3/18/2022 10:02 - william M.


3/18/2022 08:09 - Janet B.

Good to know!

3/16/2022 11:52 - RICHARD B.

GOT AN IDEA - " The Lottery should ( for the scratch off ticket ) have a special BONUS prize for a winning ticket that has a Winning Number - Your matching Number & Ticket Number that matches. For example. Winning Number (17) - Your matching Number (17)- Ticket Number (17). What do you think about that idea? Tiger

3/16/2022 08:38 - Robin T.

Is there a limit of certain numbers sold on pick 3? Went to buy my tickets that I have bought for years and 777 didn’t print. Clerk told me they only print so many. I have NEVER heard this beforeNC Lottery
Hi, Robin! Yes, there is a liability limit with some of our games - sometimes the popular numbers will hit that limit and be "sold out" for a particular draw. This helps to ensure that if that number is drawn, we can afford to pay out all of the prizes to the lucky winners!

3/16/2022 06:15 - elmyra M.


3/15/2022 11:08 - Eric C.

I was in my usual store buying tickets last week when a lady claimed to hit $100,000 on a new $30 ticket. I bought the one before her and hit $100... I have been watching for the numbers to change on the remaining prizes. I'm not sure why they wouldn't have cashed it yet. I am curious if she actually did win that much since I saw that $50,000 gone.

3/15/2022 10:58 - Monica S.

I'm from a town with a population of about 2500 people. Since the lottery started we have never had anyone to win big. I'll keep playing till my day comes.

3/15/2022 10:24 - joe b.

great advice

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