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DYK The Game Plan?

March 22, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:00 AM

What do the best athletes and coaches have in common? They have a solid game plan. Lottery players can have a game plan too, and Play Smart™ can help you craft one.

Play Smart wants lottery players to be informed because the more you know, the more fun you’ll have playing our games.

Great players track their stats to help them become better, more responsible players. You can track your lottery play with the interactive Spending Calculator. Understanding how much you spend on lottery games becomes a winning strategy in the lottery’s playbook.

Once you see how much you spend, you can:

  • Know your limits
  • Set a budget
  • Decide how much you spend (when you play online)

Now you have a game plan, but how do you keep play fun?

  • Have other hobbies outside of playing the lottery
  • Put family and friends first
  • Take a break if playing is no longer fun

Click here for more ways to keep your head in the game.

If you find that playing the lottery has become more than a game, know there is free, confidential help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A licensed counselor can provide free, easy to use online or in-person services for you or a loved one. That means you can talk to someone, at no cost, in the comfort of your own home by: 

  • Texting morethanagamenc to 53342
  • Joining a live web chat at 
  • Calling the toll-free helpline at (877) 718-5543

As always, we love hearing about all your big lottery dreams and offering games that are fun to play. Please keep it fun, folks, and know there is support if needed.


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7/04/2022 04:23 - Ginger W.

I've entered multiple 500X tickets which is my supposedly my very last ticket needed for the Super Bonus. The game/app will not count them.NC Lottery
Hi, Ginger! We're so sorry to hear that you're experiencing technical difficulties when trying to enter your tickets for the Super Bonus Entries. Please reach out to and one of our Online Support folks can help look into this for you.

7/02/2022 05:46 - jerome d.

I checked my account today and someone played 9played 900 and some points on a drawing ending on the third. I have NEVER played that amount on any drawing as my history will show. Who can I talk to?NC Lottery
Hi, Jerome! We'd be happy to look into this for you. Please visit and a member of our Online Support team can help with this.

6/28/2022 01:45 - mary d.

Why can’t you double play cash 5 on line?NC Lottery
Hi, Mary! At this time, our site does not support buying Double Play or EZ Match with Cash 5 online purchases, but we have heard from our players that this is a feature they're interested in seeing and we hope to be able to offer that option one day!

6/18/2022 01:28 - wanda s.

I have entered a lot of 2nd chance drawings and I don't know if I've ever won anything? I check the site regularly and look at the winners and I don't know why I've never won. I've tried to talk to chat on the site but no help they give me a number to call? Just wondering if I've ever won anything and couldn't be reached by phone I get so many scam calls I don't answer them I sure hope it wasn't a call I should have answered ?? ??NC Lottery
Hi, Wanda! If you are the winner of a Lucke-Rewards or second chance drawing, you will receive an email notifying you of your win. If we don't hear back, we will follow up with a phone call. This call will come from a (919) area code, but the number may vary based on who is placing the call. We will always leave a voicemail if we don't get an answer, though, so don't worry about missing the call from an unknown number!

6/15/2022 06:52 - Elijah L.

As a cybersecurity specialist I have discovered that the pick 3 and 4 machine is a computer, rather than an actual draw machine. No number higher than 27 is drawn. Certain numbers will not ever show up because of the rfid in each ball. This has been proven by timing of the draws and my team's analysis of the numbers drawn.NC Lottery
Hi, Elijah! All of our practices are independently reviewed and audited to ensure fairness to all of our players – including our draw games. Please remember that since each drawing is an independent event, meaning each combination has the same odds of being chosen in each drawing. Our drawings are televised nightly and you can watch the draws on our website here: Hope this helps!

4/14/2022 09:01 - Quintrice H.


3/29/2022 01:06 - patricia n.

Thanks so much

3/26/2022 11:39 - Misty T.

Very useful knowledge.

3/26/2022 10:11 - Dwain Y.

Well I don't play very often but when I do playI like scratching the 10$ 20$ sometimes the 25$&30$ tickets I hit 250.00 a few weeks ago on a $25.00 ticket that's the most I have ever won I was so happy. Then I won $50 on the big spin wheel of fortune.

3/22/2022 05:57 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, just like William & John today & yesterday. I entered several complete sets of the X the cash and did not receive my 100 bonus points. Yes they were all the new ones, 823,822,821 820, and 819. Not keeping the progress like it should be either.NC Lottery
Hi there, Denver! We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you letting us know. We will pass this on to our engineers and let them know that multiple players are experiencing this issue. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our Online Support folks and they may be able to offer a solution sooner!

3/22/2022 11:20 - Vernesia L.

My lottery Big Dream is to play pick 3 & 4 online!! It would save from going to store waiting in long lines and seeing people get upset you holding up the lines putting tickets in.NC Lottery
Hi there, Vernesia! We hope to one day be able to make this dream a reality for our players. The folks that make those decisions read feedback like this, so we appreciate you taking the time to share yours with us!

3/22/2022 10:29 - john a.

Yesterday and today I entered all of the X games and did not recieve the 100 bonus points.NC Lottery
Hey there, John! Did you mean that you did not receive the 100 bonus entries? Entering the set of Multiply the Cash tickets would reward players with 100 additional second chance entries, but would not provide any bonus Lucke-Rewards points.

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