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DYK The Signs: Play Smart is here to help

March 8, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:00 AM

Most lottery players play safely, and for fun. It can be exciting to dream— and even more exciting if the dream comes true! Lottery games exist to raise money for a good cause.

The spirit behind those games is the same spirit behind community raffles to raise money for a school or charity night events to raise money for community projects.

Have you ever wondered what the signs are that you could be playing too much? What would that look like?

A good coach, like Play Smart, can help players determine if they have a potential problem. While no one-size-fits-all guide for potential problem gambling behaviors exists, here’s some common examples for lottery players:

  • Chasing losses or ‘getting even’
  • Extreme frustration or irritation following a loss
  • Comments about ‘needing’ or ‘being due’ for a win

Tools exist to help you know more. One tool, shared today on national Gambling Disorder Screening Day, walks you through a series of questions to help you examine your own play.

The Take The Quiz tool is always available on the Get Support page of our Play Smart program. You can find another helpful quiz here.

Even if you only play for fun, it can be helpful to cover your bases.

  • Don’t go chasing losses
  • Not feeling yourself? It might be a sign to hit the bench and take a breather
  • Ask for help if you need it

If you do find that playing the lottery has become more than a game, know there is free, confidential help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A licensed counselor can provide free online or in-person services for you or a loved one.

You can talk to someone privately, and at no cost by:

  • Texting morethanagamenc to 53342
  • Joining a live web chat at
  • Calling the toll-free helpline at (877) 718-5543

Remember, when you play, Play Smart. And know that if you need it free help and support is available.


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5/22/2022 03:25 - Clayton W.

I've noticed some names commenting on this have one before lol and leave a negative comment it's all luck and if you let luck affect your mood then most likely you play to much or just all around negative stay positive and reap positive results true facts ty NC Lottery for a free chance to win prizes

4/30/2022 08:42 - Bonnie H.

gUess some people are lucky and I'm not one of that group

3/30/2022 08:48 - Eva T.


3/28/2022 07:57 - Laura Z.

Great resource!!

3/28/2022 09:47 - Stefanie H.


3/27/2022 10:15 - TIKILA C.

Thank you

3/26/2022 11:37 - Misty T.


3/26/2022 09:44 - Erin D.


3/26/2022 09:39 - Erin D.

thank you

3/25/2022 04:08 - steve b.


3/24/2022 05:25 - Katherine G.


3/21/2022 09:24 - Charlene W.

I enjoy playing, But I do take breaks and walk away sometimes

3/21/2022 05:49 - Lavon T.

I play once or twice per month

3/18/2022 09:26 - Linda C.

i keep it light hearted win or lose

3/18/2022 08:13 - Janet B.

Good to know!

3/17/2022 07:52 - Wytonica G.

I play sporadically

3/17/2022 07:44 - Lori C.

Play once every now and then

3/17/2022 12:57 - james w.

play once every now and the scratch offs with the highest win percentage if i can.Download the NC scratch guide to see the prizes left for each game.

3/16/2022 06:15 - elmyra M.

play once every now and then

3/16/2022 05:33 - James M.

Just entertainment at my house! Can't go to the movies due to Covid :-(

3/16/2022 11:29 - Alice D.

Playing every once in a while, even if I lose it's for a good cause.

3/15/2022 08:29 - Kristi W.

There are available resources if you are spending to much of your income on lottery games

3/15/2022 05:27 - JOAN H.


3/15/2022 09:27 - Maria B.


3/14/2022 09:54 - Robert C.

10 points

3/14/2022 03:02 - Veronica H.

Just for fun

3/13/2022 08:41 - Carmen L.

It’s always good to know that there are services out there to help people with gambling problems

3/13/2022 05:36 - Sheila S.

Thank you

3/13/2022 04:20 - Debbie T.

Good advice!

3/13/2022 02:43 - Shareasa D.

Great pointers to help folks!!!

3/13/2022 11:47 - James A.


3/12/2022 09:43 - Rebecca W.

thanks,good tips

3/12/2022 05:21 - Bonnie M.

Keeping it fun.

3/12/2022 11:46 - Carol R.

great tips

3/12/2022 08:27 - William N.

No problem here

3/12/2022 02:17 - Angela V.

When in doubt always ask

3/11/2022 05:49 - Taylor N.

Good tips.

3/11/2022 09:39 - Patrick S.


3/11/2022 07:26 - Emma W.


3/10/2022 08:54 - John W.

Good info

3/10/2022 05:26 - Lisa C.


3/10/2022 04:17 - Ronald K C.


3/10/2022 03:54 - Ronald M.

Your system is easy to follow and has good info

3/10/2022 09:06 - Alice R.

The odds are so huge. The luck of the draw.

3/10/2022 08:57 - Sean M.


3/10/2022 07:52 - robert d.

it a god rule to follow

3/09/2022 05:15 - Tim H.

Everything revolves around revolving bodies.

3/09/2022 10:19 - Kim S.


3/09/2022 09:14 - Tim J.

No problem with lotto except I never win anything on scratch offs, think I’ll give up on lottery!

3/09/2022 09:14 - Thomas F.


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