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McDowell County man couldn’t talk after $200,000 second-chance win

April 19, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:41 AM

So overcome with emotion that he couldn’t speak, Gregg Hensley of Marion said he had to just hand his phone to his wife so she could see the $200,000 prize that he won in a second-chance drawing.

Hensley, a 63-year-old woodworker, won the grand prize in the April 11 Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing.

“I had to hold on to something I was so stunned,” Hensley said.

Hensley is no stranger to winning big prizes in lottery drawings. The second-chance win marks his third big win as he won $20,000 in a 2020 drawing and $10,000 in a drawing earlier this year.

“With as many folks who are entering drawings, to actually win one is hard to comprehend,” Hensley said, “so to actually win three, it’s mind boggling.”

Hensley arrived at lottery headquarters Monday and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $142,020. He said he would like to buy a new truck and do some home repairs.

His win occurred in the first of four drawings in the Multiply the Cash second-chance promotion. His entry was picked from more than 66.9 million entries.

Players get a second-chance with their Multiply the Cash tickets by scanning them into their lottery accounts where they are automatically entered into the next drawing. Each drawing offers a $200,000 prize, 10 $10,000 prizes and 50 $500 prizes. The date of the second drawing is June 8.


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3/24/2023 07:45 - nina w.

Yall are crazy in the comments and mad! The computer doesn't take your name/SSN down when you purchase tickets so how would the system be rigged to keep picking him?? Yall are clueless like the movies lol.

2/20/2023 04:55 - NC Lottery

@Melinda - Thanks for your comment! We do not publish the number of entries a winner had in the drawing, unless they choose to share that with us in an interview. The number wouldn't be posted anywhere on our site, although we could tell players the total number of entries we had for a drawing (for all entrants combined).

2/20/2023 03:17 - Melinda O.

Congratulations!! I'm a big believer in KARMA, so if this man & wife won 11x in 2022, it's because he deserved it!! Wouldn't matter if he had only one entry per drawing or a million? At 63 years old I'm sure they had plenty of time to build up their Karma Bank! Unlike a lot of you other people! Somebody here made a negative comment about how many entries he had used to win? And I seriously don't think you can see that information listed in the winners list? (NCEL please verify if #of entries is posted or revealed publicly about winners of any amount or not?). Mr. Hensley may have said how many entries it took him to win, during an interview with his local newspaper (Again, I have read another negative comment about how come Mr. Hensley is on the news for a "2nd chance drawing win"? He's not on televised national tv news? However, any local local newspaper or e-news site can cover whatever story they want?

5/25/2022 11:56 - sherrie t.

I had 784 entries this is beyond crazy nc who picks these same people it really jus can’t be a computer ?? pick me sometimeNC Lottery
Hey there, Sherri! It's more than just a computer, it's a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is independently reviewed and certified to ensure integrity. The certification includes two parts: A source code review to ensure every line of the system's source code contains no malicious or extra lines of code, and a review of data samples provided by the RNG. The lottery undergoes regular security audits to ensure we are following best practices to ensure fairness to all players and to meet our commitments to operate responsibly. We're wishing you the best of luck!

4/25/2022 07:15 - danny W.

Your home websight still is date the first week of April and has not been updating. You need to look at it.NC Lottery
Hi there, Danny! We appreciate you reaching out and apologize for the inconvenience. Have you tried clearing your data cache for your browser (you can do this in Browser History Settings) and/or using a different web browser? If the issue is continuing, please reach out to our Online Support folks at https://nclottery.com/Help and we can look into why this is happening.

4/24/2022 07:35 - Tony T.

Rachel M said: " I can’t even check older drawings to see if this has happened more than just this time" we USED to be able to see repeat/all winners on drawings for a good time back ( months to years) but NCEL changed the format big time to where you can't see all that info. anymore. That new format just so happened after many complaints of repeat winners . quack quack am happy for winners but the repeats are a bit in question as they DO happen a lot. waddle waddle

4/23/2022 11:47 - Rachel M.

Seems a little fishy that this is his 2nd win on a drawing this year and the same drawing his wife won a $500 prize. Looking at the list of winners for that drawing, I noticed TWO HENSLEY’s from Marion NC and thought “what are the odds” a quick google search showed that they are in fact married… so these are either the luckiest people in NC or there’s crap going on… and personally if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!

4/23/2022 09:42 - Rachel M.

Kinda think it’s funny he won the big drawing and his wife also won $500 in the same drawing. A quick google search is all it took to find it out lololol seems like it’s definitely rigged. I can’t even check older drawings to see if this has happened more than just this time… if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it’s a duck

4/22/2022 09:29 - Tony T.

repeat winners here have been the norm for many years but congrats to the repeat winner. I think the auditor needs to be audited though , lol am not spending much time or $$ on the NC lottery any longer, kind of a waste of time and $ but fun to try every now and then.

4/21/2022 10:35 - Douglas H.

I’m really stunned to see the negative comments to NCEL and to people that won multiple times. Sometimes it just happens that you win more than once or twice. We won several games and then one of them we only had exactly one entry. That single entry was chosen in other games we had multiple entries you just never know. Hopefully one day each of you gets a win or two. I just think it’s sad to see so many negative comments being made and at the end of the day this is just a game and entertainment and a chance you take nothing more :-). Have fun! Enjoy. Life is too short for negativity. Be positive and have faith and great things can happen

4/21/2022 02:51 - Denver G.

Congrats , 3 wins in 2 years , 2 being this year. I have been doing this for 10 years now and still NO wins. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but I had more entries in the last monthly and this 2nd chance then any and didn't even win a token $500 prize.

4/21/2022 09:58 - Douglas H.

Congratulations to you and your family:-)

4/21/2022 08:01 - Erin B.

Congrats to the winner, but that is ridiculous. 3 wins..c'mon NCEL?! Shawqunna P, NCEL keeps the winners icon almost invisible, you have to look for it.

4/21/2022 06:28 - Jeff R.

I have been playing and entering the second chance sweepstakes for going on over 2 years. But haven’t won anything yet, I will continue to try because when I do win, all the money is going directly to St Jude’s Hospital

4/20/2022 08:14 - Shaqwanna P.

Thanks but the winners tab is not showing up only the prize information. I have already deleted and reinstalled the app. First time that this has happened.NC Lottery
Hey there, Shaqwanna! Thank you for responding and attempting to resolve the issue yourself! If you head over to https://nclottery.com/Help, a member of our Online Support team can look into this for you and help resolve this. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience!

4/20/2022 07:50 - Teresa Q.

The “winners” button is there but not visible until you touch the area under the “prize information” button.

4/20/2022 07:47 - Teresa Q.

Congratulations ????

4/20/2022 01:01 - Berry B.

Congratulations yng man,on all three of your wins

4/20/2022 07:27 - Shika J.

I'm with Angela A. On this 1, matter of fact I think I said the same thing the latter part of last year!! Of those 66.9 million entries i had 6,600 + alone just by myself. I think it should be televised just like the other drawings. You know when you have lotteries & contests of this nature people would rather see it than NOT SEE IT!!! If everyone joined together & stopped playing period (which I know is very unlikely) what would NCEL do then if they had no tickets to draw??? To keep your customers happy and confident to find you guys trustworthy there's no way that this can be revised?? & since you can't answer the question can you AT least pass on this concern?? Please & thank you it would be greatly appreciated!!NC Lottery
Hi, Shika! Due to production timing constraints, we do not televise our Lucke-Rewards or Second Chance drawings. However, all of our drawings – including these – are conducted with an auditor present to verify the results and the integrity of the drawing.

4/20/2022 02:03 - Shaqwanna P.

I am not able to see the list of winnersNC Lottery
Hi, Shaqwanna! To find the list of winners for a second chance drawing, visit the “2nd Chance Draws” tab on our website (nclottery.com/RewardsDraws) and select the particular drawing you’re interested in. Click on the “Winners” tab and you’ll be able to see the winners for that drawing. If you're still unable to see the Winners, please visit https://nclottery.com/Help and we can look into why this is happening.

4/20/2022 01:45 - Jeremy J.

30,430 entries, 61 prizes and not a single win. It’s official I’m retiring from the second chance games, god bless.

4/19/2022 06:44 - JIA L.

such bs...every time of 2nd chance that I had 3-4000 entries for winning nothing already 2 years. This lucky winner got her 3rd time of winning in 2years...

4/19/2022 06:27 - Brenda B.

For all asking about winning so much, alot of people scan tickets out of trash cans. I believe He had over 9000 entries on that drawing.

4/19/2022 02:25 - Michael B.

Congrats! Hey NCEL I see a 2nd chance winner from Tennessee there are no restrictions based on where you reside at ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Michael! Anyone who purchases a lottery ticket while physically located in our state, whether they live here permanently or are just passing through, are able to enter that ticket on our website and earn Lucke-Rewards points and Second Chance entries. While the vast majority of entries are from permanent residents of our state, we encourage all who play the NC Lottery to participate, and it only takes one lucky entry to be a winner!

4/19/2022 02:19 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins.

4/19/2022 02:08 - Richard B.

Congratulations, on your win...!

4/19/2022 01:56 - Marie Grace A.

He's a very Lucky and Blessed Man !

4/19/2022 10:57 - Angela A.

Here we go again NCEL....there are people with hundreds of entries and not a single win not even a T-shirt and you have a person with 3 major wins, something just is not right with this picture. I would like to see the drawing process be a little more transparent.NC Lottery
Hi, Angela! The random number generator used for Lucke-Rewards, second-chance and promotional drawings is independently certified. The certification includes two parts: A source code review to ensure every line of the system's source code contains no malicious or extra lines of code, and a review of data samples provided by the RNG. The lottery also undergoes a biennial security audit to ensure we are following best practices to ensure fairness to all players and to meet our commitments to operate responsibly. If you would like to learn more about how the specifics of how the random number generator works, please email playerinfo@lotterync.net and make that request so that our staff can get in touch!

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