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Forsyth County woman celebrates $1 million lottery win

May 12, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:55 AM

Loretta Mitchell of Winston-Salem took a chance on a $10 scratch-off ticket and won a $1 million prize.

Mitchell bought her lucky Jumbo Bucks ticket from Three Corner Food Mart on East 30th Street in Winston-Salem.

When Mitchell arrived at lottery headquarters to collect her prize, she had a decision to make. She could choose to receive the prize as an annuity of $50,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. She chose the lump-sum amount of $600,000 and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $426,063.


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5/15/2022 07:43 - Bruce S.


5/14/2022 08:24 - Janice F.


5/14/2022 05:27 - Kimberly J.

Congratulations on your win

5/14/2022 04:26 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more happy wins.

5/13/2022 10:45 - Bobby s.

now that lump sum that this particular person won will she still have to report that on her taxes next yearNC Lottery
Great question, Bobby! Yes, this would still be reported as income on the winner's taxes for this year. We withhold the minimum amount for state and federal taxes, but an individual's tax obligation may be more than what we withhold, although they may not owe any more. Regardless, it would still be reported during tax season!

5/13/2022 10:06 - felix c.

Congratulations, can't wait till until its KY turn to make that drive. Lol

5/12/2022 09:09 - Sabrina D S.


5/12/2022 04:20 - Natalie R.


5/12/2022 01:49 - shirley b.

NCEL time for a trip. It is way over due!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!

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