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Onslow County man is “shaking” after $2 million scratch-off win

May 16, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:26 AM

Ricky Futrell of Richlands took a chance on a $20 scratch-off ticket and won the first $2 million prize on the new scratch-off game.

“I’m shaking,” said Futrell. “It’s overwhelming.”

Futrell bought his lucky $100 Million Mega Cash ticket from the Speedway on Richlands Highway in Richlands.

In collecting the prize, Futrell could choose an annuity of $100,000 a year for 20 years or a lump sum of $1.2 million. He chose the $1.2 million cash prize and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $852,126.

The $100 Million Mega Cash game launched this month with four $2 million top prizes and eight $100,000 prizes. Three $2 million prizes and all eight $100,000 prizes remain to be won.


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5/20/2022 08:51 - William A.

The annuity is one thing but the Lottery taking a 4 million dollar $20 dollar ticket to a 2 million dollar $20 dollar ticket with record profits is just Wrong.

5/18/2022 03:38 - Mary H.


5/18/2022 04:02 - annie s.


5/18/2022 01:55 - Mary G.

Clearly many people do not understand how an annuity payout works. Though I've seen it explained over and over, many still expect an immediate $2 million. Oh well! It doesn't work that way!

5/17/2022 09:37 - Josalyn A.


5/17/2022 05:48 - Beatrice L.

Congratulations!!! I'd be happy as a puppy if I could win $1000 to pay my property year I have to get a six month loan from family...I only play with my winnings. I buy 2 tickets the first of the year & again in June, with my little winnings I can keep playing without spending anymore money...I'm going to win that $1000 one day I'm sure of it...big smile..!!

5/17/2022 05:17 - Kevin W.

Congrats !

5/17/2022 04:58 - Cardell W.

Shirley B. I agree with those 777s. They’ve been sold out for the last 3 weeks. NCEL is holding on as they build them pockets. 777s should’ve dropped by now. I always have to remind myself it’s gambling and the house will always win!! You don’t even get your true share if you win big on a scratch off. Oh,’s 600 you win in a pick 3 but that 100 is taking in advance therefore you don’t have to claim it. Oh yes, you get tax on that 500 dollar winning. Let’s go 777s it’s been a long time

5/17/2022 11:08 - Frankie T.

It's not close to what it should be on the payout! Just remember this gambling and the odds are against YOU! And they set the rules and the odds and they tell how wonderful it will be when you win. If ever! So just spend what you can afford and make home happy! Because in reality the odds of winning are just to slim to believe in! Play for fun, just don't expect to win!

5/17/2022 09:06 - Nancy P.

congrats!!! love to see winners in Onslow County, especially Richlands.

5/17/2022 08:18 - Derrick S.

How many second chance entries are there for the first 200x scratch game thus far ?NC Lottery
Hi, Derrick! We've received 1,122,231 entries so far. Good luck!

5/17/2022 05:32 - Amy G.


5/17/2022 12:54 - shirley b.

NCEL How many 777 's in a trip? That other 7 has to drop soon. Maybe sometime soon. They have been blocked almost every day for the past two weeks. You can barely get them in. So what's next 770?

5/16/2022 08:41 - Jeffery L.

congratulations on your win.

5/16/2022 01:37 - Sabrina D S.


5/16/2022 12:41 - Shante C.

Won 2 million but bring home less than 1 million smh I will never understand this logic

5/16/2022 12:14 - HILDA E.


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