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How does the lottery help my county?

May 27, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:56 PM

Want to know how the money raised by the lottery helps education in your county? Now you can visit any store across out state where lottery tickets are sold and find out how much money your county – yes, your county – received.

The answers are in new brochures stocked in every store’s lottery play center. They are front and center on each brochure.

These updated brochures will show you how lottery dollars support:

  • Salaries for substitute teachers, custodians, office assistants, and others who help make the school run.
  • N.C. Pre-K, because we all need a good head start.
  • School construction, building and repairing a safe environment for our kids to learn in.
  • School transportation, because our kids need a safe way to get to and from school.
  • Scholarships and grants, helping to make attending a state university or community college more affordable.

Look for a brochure with your county’s name at the top to see photos of places and people who have benefitted from the money raised by the lottery.

Our team made sure to place these brochures at all of our 7,000+ play centers across the state. They are there to make sure you could see the data for yourself. You can also find it on our website under the Impact tab.


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6/15/2022 05:57 - MAURICE C.

How is the lucke rewards drwan? I submit a lot of entries and never win. I'm seeing some of the same names winning all the time. It's sad you submit over a thousand entries and your name doesn't show up. Something is not right. The lottery should be a fun and fair system that includes scratchoffs.NC Lottery
Hi, Maurice! Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings are held using a random number generator according to strict security procedures. The Random Number Generator assigns each entry a random number and then picks one of the random numbers. To ensure fairness to all players, all lottery drawings are done with an auditor present and all the lottery’s security practices are independently reviewed on a regular basis. The more entries you make into a drawing, the more chances you have to win. But having even just one entry in a drawing gives you a chance to win!

5/29/2022 02:36 - Charles H.

I think the word Education needs to be removed because allowing employees of any county school system to play and win is totally unfair. Many times I have seen where a teacher, bus driver or other employee has won a large prize either from scratch-offs, drawings or second chance. It's almost as bad as retired postal workers. Make no mistake about it, players with these backgrounds are more likely to win than anyone else. The Lucke rewards drawings are also not on the level either. When one person wins at least 10 times that isn't random, that's rigged.

5/28/2022 07:30 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great informations.

5/27/2022 06:05 - William D.

Thanks for this info. The brochure is a Great Idea.

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