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Change of habit leads Buncombe County man to $1 million win

June 13, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:00 AM

Yamir Bryant of Arden almost went to his regular store to buy a lottery ticket on Thursday night, but decided to try a different store where the change of habit brought a chance of fortune with a $1 million prize.

“I always say I’m going to win a million dollars,” said Bryant. “I like to get a $30 ticket once in a blue moon”

The new spot where Bryant bought his lucky Millionaire Maker ticket was the CitiStop on Sweeten Creek road in Asheville.

He waited a few hours, then scratched the ticket with his wife, saw the big win, and started a celebration.

“I ran around the house screaming like a little girl,” laughed Bryant. “I thought I was hallucinating and said, ‘I’m tripping’!”

When Bryant arrived at lottery headquarters Friday afternoon, he could choose to receive his prize as an annuity of $50,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. He chose the lump-sum amount of $600,000 and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $426,069.

Bryant, a chef, plans to pay off his wife’s car, move, and prepare for his sons’ athletic expenses for next school year.

The Millionaire Maker game launched in March 2021. Bryant became the 31st person to win one of the $1 million prizes.


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6/24/2022 07:33 - Marilyn S.

Congratulations ??

6/16/2022 10:01 - Garland M.

Blessings ??, Good for you Brother

6/15/2022 07:56 - Jeriah C.


6/14/2022 05:20 - Natalie R.

WOW! Congratulations!!!

6/14/2022 12:05 - Melvin C.


6/14/2022 11:17 - Dianne M.

Congratulations ??

6/14/2022 10:37 - GLADYS T.

WAY TO GO, I am glad you listened to your self and went to a different store, GOD truly blessed you

6/14/2022 08:47 - Loretta M.

Congratulations, Mr. Bryant.

6/14/2022 08:31 - William A.

End the Annuity! It's crazy for players to keep putting up with this.

6/14/2022 07:03 - Darlene E.


6/14/2022 03:38 - Charles H.

Were more million dollar prizes added to this game? I thought there were originally 30 top prizes and #30 was claimed recently.NC Lottery
Hi, Charles! There were originally 30 top prizes for this game, but since this game was so popular, we re-ordered it in the same quantity as the first printing run, giving 30 more top prizes to be won!

6/14/2022 12:16 - Sabrina D S.


6/14/2022 12:03 - April S.


6/14/2022 12:01 - Mary G.

Congratulations! Maybe I should try a different store too!

6/13/2022 11:51 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to you and I wish you many more wonderful wins.

6/13/2022 10:14 - tiffany r.

Congrats! Blessings to you and yours I can’t wait until I receive mine.

6/13/2022 10:04 - Philip F.


6/13/2022 08:12 - Marina A.

That’s awesome! God bless!

6/13/2022 07:10 - Mabeleen T.

I have multiple entries and have never won a thing. Hoping that changes soon.

6/13/2022 07:10 - vanessa b.


6/13/2022 06:07 - Mario W.

Yeah brother can I hold something something something lol

6/13/2022 05:34 - Karen W.

Congrats! Your change of mind surely paid off!

6/13/2022 04:11 - james s.

I just don't understand why if you scratch off 1mil you only get lump sum of 426k, but if you scratch off 100k you get 71k lump sum..why do they cut the million to 600k and not the 100k ticket to 60k, then tax

6/13/2022 03:37 - james s.

It's just crazy when u scratch off 1 million and don't bring home but 426k but when u scratch off 100k, u bring home 71k..why do they reduce 1mil to 600k from the start?NC Lottery
Great question, James! The $1 million prize would be the prize a player receives if they choose annuity payments over 20 years. Top prize winners also have the option of choosing a lump sum payment all at once, but this amount is 40% less to account for the interest that would be accrued on the prize over those 20 years. Either way, minimum state (4.99%) and federal (24%) tax withholding occurs for the prizes. Hope this helps to clarify!

6/13/2022 02:59 - Sharron B.

S0 happy for you!I'm patiently waiting for my turn!

6/13/2022 12:16 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, why is the winners list for the 2022 multiply the cash 2nd chance drawing #2 not been available to click on yet??? Was there another delay like drawing #1 ???NC Lottery
Hi, Denver! Yes - there was a delay like with drawing #1, as our security team wanted extra due diligence with security measures due to the volume of entries received. The drawing will be conducted this Wednesday, 6/15, and winners will be contacted within 48 hours. Apologies for the confusion and any inconvenience! Good luck to you!

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