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$1 million Mega Millions prize expires June 30th

June 14, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:20 PM

Did you ring in the New Year by playing Mega Millions? If so, check your ticket because a $1 million prize won in the New Year's Eve drawing is about to expire.

Mega Millions players in our state, especially those in Forsyth County, should double-check any tickets they have to see if they are the winner of the unclaimed $1 million prize.

The ticket was purchased for the Dec. 31 Mega Millions drawing and will expire on Thursday, June 30.

Whoever bought the ticket visited the Circle K on Williams Road in Lewisville in Forsyth County to make the purchase.

The $2 Mega Millions ticket matched the numbers of all five white balls in the drawing to win the $1 million prize. The winning numbers for the drawing were: 2-5-30-46-61-8.

 We’re asking lottery players to spread the word about this prize in hopes of finding the winner before the deadline expires.

Sometimes people leave their tickets in a night stand, the glove compartment of their cars or trucks, or tucked away in a wallet. Wherever you keep your lottery tickets, check any Mega Millions tickets you have to see if you have one from this drawing that matched five of the six winning numbers.

The odds of matching the five white balls in a drawing are 1 in 12.6 million.

To help find the winner, we’ve spreading the word in various ways:

  • A banner posted at the store with the help of Circle K.
  • A statewide media release.
  • Alerts on the lottery’s popular website,
  • Outdoor advertising on two billboards in the vicinity of the store.
  • Alerts on our social media channels.
  • Special messaging on Mega Millions tickets.

To claim the prize, the ticket must be presented at lottery headquarters in Raleigh by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 30.

This deadline ends the 180-day period for winners to claim prizes from the Dec. 31 drawing.

Let’s find the winner before the ticket expires. A $1 million “Big Check” is waiting for its owner.


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7/08/2022 08:21 - NC Lottery

In response to Ginger M.: Hi Ginger, you can read the blog on your mobile device by heading to this link: If you still aren't able to view the blog, you can call Online Play Customer Service at 866-934-0289 and they can help walk you through it. Have a great day!

7/07/2022 02:57 - Ginger M.

Hello Lotto Thanks for reply I musta not written correctly because your answer doesn't apply to my questions?? Wasn't asking about seeing 2nd chance winners I was asking about Blog of winners which is what I'm posting questions on now Being able to read winners blog stories HAS NEVER been available on Lotto App :( But I used to go to 'winning numbers'tab (brings up all Draw games Powerball Cash 5 could click 'game details'it take me to Internet could then click 'WIN' & see pics &blog of all winners stories BUT no longer takes As said b4 never understood why no link ofor WIN on app can do everything else but that with app & I would prefer staying on app vs going online but at least had a way b4 but no more Also 2nd question had no answer Why y'all changed lineup of Scratch offs Really not cool change so much better when was in order newest to oldest Thanks for your help If you prefer you can answer me with email if you think no one has interest in my inquiries Have a nice day

6/29/2022 04:48 - Larry H.

Good luck with your winning

6/29/2022 01:37 - Modesta L.

I will be a millionaire one day!

6/29/2022 09:09 - elizabeth j.

I hope the winner can find that ticket. Good luck.

6/28/2022 05:18 - JAMES M.

They had a genuine need for this money otherwise they would have not purchased the ticket. If you know someone who may have bought this ticket and they are in the hospital or deceased now please make a strong effort to find it, quickly for the family. Concerned in Fayetteville NC. Jim

6/27/2022 02:52 - rosia l.

I hope the winner find his ticket before the deadline. No need to give it back to NC lottery. I am also the next big winner..

6/24/2022 03:31 - MARY M.


6/20/2022 09:22 - Teresa G.

I am the next millionaire.

6/20/2022 04:49 - NC Lottery

@Ginger - We're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with some of the changes from our most recent update! If you click on a drawing page and click on the specific drawing, there will be a "Winners" option to see the winners of that drawing. Or in the sidebar, you can select "Lucke-Rewards Winners" to see recent Lucke-Rewards winners from our drawings. As for the staying white and getting stuck on the screen, we apologize for this inconvenience and recommend reaching out to and our Online Support folks can take a look at this for you.

6/20/2022 04:03 - Ginger M.

Hope they find it soon Hi Lotto team Thanks! For all you do have few questions need to ask Why did y'all change lineup of scratch offs when click to see all of them? Used to be setup from newest to oldest but now in no particular order a real mess & its not even by $$cost or anything my thoughts so much trouble to check left wins & info on tickets I like playing Please put back or give us options for order to view & I don't mean just to click for new & such options always had those don't show all tickets Why can I no longer click on game info under draw lotteries to be taken to site where can then click 'Win' & see recent winners & their stories blog Which I never understood why never had own link for Blog but at least doing this used to get me where could see & read blog Now just goes white & stays stuck when try clicking Several things not way was since new update to app Please fix thanks & consider returning to way was Thanks! Have a beautiful day everyone :)

6/19/2022 10:34 - monica e.

Good luck to ever that was, I pray you find the ticket in time. Wish it was me though! I only Win $3 for playing Lucky for Life.

6/19/2022 03:54 - Lashun H.

How would I know if i am a winnerNC Lottery
Hi, Lashun! It depends on how you purchase your ticket - if you buy a ticket through Online Play, you will receive an email notifying you of your win. If you buy a ticket through a retailer or vending machine, you can scan it on our app or take it to a retailer or vending machine to see if you're a winner!

6/19/2022 01:14 - john m.

why was the latest multiply the cash delayed there was a clear entry deadline for the draw on june 8th yet it got extended to the 15th those who registered tickets in on time feel unfairnessNC Lottery
Hi there, John! Our 2nd Multiply The Cash second chance drawing was delayed a week due to the volume of entries received - this gave our security team time for due diligence. However, the entry period was not extended, so there was not additional time to enter tickets into the drawing due to the delay.

6/19/2022 07:11 - Brian T.

Lottery tickets purchased by a player may result in a cash payoff and should be treated as legal tender until verified. Good luck to all. And I hope the ticket is found by the rightful winner.

6/19/2022 06:40 - Elizabeth T.

Who won the 200X The Cash Second Chance Draw 1 that ended June 8th?NC Lottery
Hey there, Elizabeth! You can visit the drawing page and click on the drawing, then select "Winners" to view winners for this drawing - Hope this helps!

6/19/2022 03:50 - Tequila D.

I was bad about buying tickets and never checking them. I mean a bunch of times. I guess I would assume I didn't win anyway. I bet you it was somebody who just bought the ticket threw it in the pocketbook or in the console of their car and has forgot about it or threw it away accidentally. I know if it was my ticket and I won but either didn't find out till it was too late or I lost the ticket, I would never want to know! That kind of news would make you literally kill yourself

6/18/2022 10:09 - Roger K.

Well that's what they get for not putting the ticket in a safe place. My tickets I buy, I always magnet them to the refrigerator, so I know where they are the next morning. Their loss is the lottery gain from that ticket expiration.

6/17/2022 11:14 - Stacy C.

I hope I’m picked for the second chance big spin good luck everyone.

6/17/2022 11:10 - Stacy C.

Congratulations to whoever won..lord knows I can’t wait until my time comes??

6/17/2022 07:33 - Franklin S.

Im gonna be the next millionaire lol

6/17/2022 05:50 - Leroy T.

leroy let me won the mega million so i can retire

6/17/2022 01:26 - robert n.

Why want North Carolina get a state Loto so more money will stay in the state and so will the wealth.Drop the PowerBall.

6/16/2022 10:18 - Rolanda C.

Congratulations. NCEL it's a lot of repeating I have yet to see 221 122 or 212 everything else have fallen with 22 in it.

6/16/2022 08:02 - William D.

Apoligize to anyone who might have been offened by me venting off steam.

6/16/2022 06:02 - Alan H.

Love it

6/16/2022 04:11 - shirley b.

NCEL. Where are the 777's? Surrounded by states they have dropped in. This is ridiculous. NC has made plenty of its players money off of them. Now it's time for a payout. Tired of 977 877 277. There has to be a other 7 somewhere amongst those balls.

6/16/2022 02:15 - William D.

Points history is another problem. sure i am not the only one. to see points history i have to manuevar different things just to see it or else it shows an magnifing glass serching. No i don't bother calling anymore since they told me last year they don't see the 6 points pending. Must be my computer putting things in your site. Yes i still have the six points pending, don't matter because i don't really use all my points. Over 100,000 right now. Not to worry because i spend so much i be better off just save my money and go to a casino where i would be treated as royalty for wasting my money like that.

6/16/2022 12:28 - marsha L.

this would be a blessing.

6/16/2022 09:37 - Marilyn D.

Question on 2nd Chance drawing Multiply The Cash there was supposed to be a 08 June 2022 drawing and it still lists NO WINNERS?NC Lottery
Hey there, Marilyn! The 2nd 2022 Multiply The Cash Second Chance drawing was delayed by one week, officially held on June 15th. The drawing was one of our biggest ever with over 70 million entries, and our draw team put in some additional audit steps to validate all entries. Thanks for your patience!

6/16/2022 06:07 - Edward F.

I have no idea where my ticket information is stored ,I have 4 tickets that stay in the lottery every week Where are they stored at they renew every week ,I am drafted each week for the 4 tickets?NC Lottery
Hi, Edward! If you click in your username in the top right corner of our site, or click on "Account" in the bottom right on our app, you can view "Transaction History" and select "Upcoming Purchased Draws" to see future draw tickets, or "Past Draws" to see previous tickets.

6/15/2022 05:03 - William D.

Really, not even letting us know that the Bigger Spin was hit. NOT GOOD just like the 100 entries not receiving. i don't even beleive i am in these drawings anymore.NC Lottery
Hi, William! Were you able to speak with Online Support about your Super Bonus Entries? Or have you checked your entry history to see how many you had in our drawing yesterday? The drawing was one of our biggest ever with over 70 million entries, and our draw team put in some additional audit steps to validate all entries.

6/15/2022 01:17 - Vonda K.

Lord Please Find Them So They'll Able To Receive Their Blessings!

6/15/2022 12:46 - Ingrid M.

Where was it purchased?NC Lottery
Hi, Ingrid! The ticket was purchased at Circle K on Williams Rd in Lewisville!

6/15/2022 10:53 - William D.

Who won the Big Spin?????????????????NC Lottery
Hi, William! We will release more information about our winner and their Bigger Spin closer to their spin date, which will be on July 13th!

6/15/2022 08:34 - Joyce H.

Ok I'll take the money!

6/15/2022 12:29 - Shawndrea P.

Wish it was me!!

6/14/2022 08:50 - Michael R.

Why can't a store pull the video feed from their cameras? The lottery headquarters should know exactly what time the ticket was bought. Show the person on video tape and plaster it on the NCEL website and Facebook

6/14/2022 07:12 - Pearack T.

Wish it was ME

6/14/2022 03:29 - Jacqueline S.

Some of these numbers are wgat I will play on line wow how lucky

6/14/2022 03:18 - Natalie R.

Congratulations! Hopefully the winner will come forward soon!!!

6/14/2022 12:44 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great informations. I hope the winner will claim his/her ticket very soon way before the deadline date.

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