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First Carolina Jackpot second-chance drawing coming soon

June 17, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:33 PM

Have you been trying your luck on the new Carolina Jackpot scratch-offs?

If so, make sure you enter your tickets in Lucke-Rewards for a chance at the first ever rolling jackpot in a second-chance game. The more entries there are, the more the jackpot will increase.

The deadline to enter is Sunday. The drawing happens on Wednesday.

Three more second-chance drawings with a rolling jackpot will follow Wednesday’s drawing with a grand finale drawing at the end.

Learn more about the drawing and watch the jackpot grow here. As of Friday afternoon, the jackpot was climbing north of $180,000.

Go get yourselves that rolling jackpot!


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6/29/2022 10:09 - Jerry B.

How do i enter my numbers for next drawingNC Lottery
Hi Jerry, to enter the next Carolina Jackpot Second Chance drawing just scan any of the Carolina Jackpot scratch-offs with our app and you will be automatically entered! Every ticket entered will increase the rolling jackpot as well!

6/28/2022 06:44 - Brittney L.

Are the winners for the second chance drawing on June 27th announced yet?NC Lottery
Hi, Brittney! Our winner from the June 22nd Carolina Jackpot drawing was Chester Williams from Cary, NC! Our next Carolina Jackpot second chance drawing will be held on July 27. Good luck!

6/25/2022 01:38 - Robert M.

Did someone win the second chance drawing on June 22??NC Lottery
Hi Robert, the first winner of the Carolina Jackpot Second Chance drawing claimed their prize yesterday afternoon. Chester Williams of Cary was the winner. You can see the results of the drawing here: We'll have a blog up about the win soon as well!

6/23/2022 07:54 - Lisa M.

Hello, how will the winner be notified? I hope not by phone unless they’ll leave a voicemail mail. I ignore unknown phone numbers! Email or snail mail maybe? Thank you!NC Lottery
Hey there, Lisa! We notify Lucke-Rewards and second chance drawing winners through email, and if we don't hear back after a while, we will follow up with a phone call (and we will leave a voicemail if needed!) and later, certified mail. Hope this helps!

6/22/2022 09:24 - Markeisha A.

How many winners will there be?NC Lottery
Hi, Markeisha! There will be one winner in the first four Carolina Jackpot second chance drawings!

6/22/2022 09:07 - Caleb D.

I'd never win, but I give it an A+ for creativity:)

6/21/2022 08:57 - Lisa J.

What's happening with the multiply cash drawing that was delayed to June 15? Jave the winners been contacted? It shows "no winners"NC Lottery
Hey there, Lisa! Our team is currently in the process of getting in touch with the winners and we hope to have an update for the site ASAP. We apologize for the delay and really appreciate your patience with this!

6/21/2022 04:12 - Donna S.

As far as second chance drawings, has the ending date of May 31st, 2022 drawings been done on June 8th or 9th on the second chance X10, X20 and etc games, yet? When I check it, it still has No winners yet, along with my number of entries. It's the second chance game where when you got each ticket you scanned the lucky rewards and would get 100 more entries to add to your entries. Does anyone know?NC Lottery
Hi, Donna! Our 2nd Multiply The Cash 2022 second chance drawing was delayed until June 15th due to the amount of entries received (around 70 million!). Our security team conducted the drawing on 6/15 and is in the process of getting in touch with winners, so we should have an update for the site soon! Apologies for the delay and we appreciate your patience.

6/20/2022 01:57 - LaSondra C.

Have they done the drawings for the free scratch off tickets? Yet?NC Lottery
Hi, Lasondra! This promotion ends on 6/26 and the drawing is scheduled to occur on or around 6/27. :)

6/20/2022 07:42 - Lisa J.

Have all the winners been notified for the multiply the cash June 15th drawing?

6/19/2022 07:54 - Mike S.

NCEL, you replied to Danielle that "The ticket was purchased through Online Play by a player in Fort Mill!" How did you allow a player in SC to use online play or did you mean to say "from Fort Mill"?NC Lottery
Hi, Mike! Apologies - yes, this player is from Fort Mill, SC, but they were within NC Borders when purchasing the Online Play ticket.

6/18/2022 11:28 - Edith K.

What's happening with the multiply cash drawing that was set for June 8,then June 15..still not happening?NC Lottery
Hi, Edith! The 2nd Multiply the Cash second chance drawing was conducted on 6/15 and our team is in the process of getting in touch with winners - we will have an update for our website soon! Apologies for the delay and we appreciate your patience :)

6/18/2022 10:07 - Melvin C.


6/18/2022 09:01 - David N.

What better way to make life easier than to win a jackpot drawing.

6/18/2022 06:57 - Danielle Simone R.

Hi, where was the Lucky For Life 2nd top prize winner from Monday 6/13 sold?NC Lottery
Hi, Danielle Simone! The ticket was purchased through Online Play by a player in Fort Mill!

6/18/2022 05:45 - Daniel J.

Like the rolling jackpot idea, keeps you guessing just how big it's going to be.NC Lottery
Thanks for the positive comment, Daniel! Wishing you luck!

6/17/2022 11:19 - Gail G.

I want to win.

6/17/2022 10:40 - Rene G.

What day do you start doing the second chanceNC Lottery
Hi, Rene! Our second chance drawing entry deadline is this Sunday, 6/19, and the drawing will be conducted on Wednesday, 6/22. Winners are generally contacted within 48 hours of a draw. Good luck!

6/17/2022 07:01 - Cassandra G.

Do the second chance winners get announcedNC Lottery
Hi, Cassandra! As second chance winners claim their prizes, we update the drawing page on our website to show the names of the winners. To see winners of a particular draw, visit that page and click on the drawing and select "Winners". Hope this helps to answer your question!

6/17/2022 06:47 - joanie m.

Second chance drawing love them even though i haven't won on second chance yet I have won On the new Carolina Jackpot scratch tickets 5 to 25 dollars????

6/17/2022 06:16 - Diane C.

Already not liking it

6/17/2022 06:14 - Diane C.

See! This is why I did not want to do online Lotto. Feels like a scam. Where is the damn place to enter the fricken code? Keeps looping to the beginning.NC Lottery
Hi, Diane! You can enter your Lucke-Rewards code under "Rewards" and "Ticket Entry" on our desktop site, or use the scanner icon in the bottom right corner of our mobile app to scan the barcode. This will earn you Lucke-Rewards points and automatically enter you in the second chance drawing.

6/17/2022 04:45 - beatrice a.

How can I enterNC Lottery
Hi, Beatrice! To enter, purchase any of our Carolina Jackpot scratch-offs at a retailer or lottery vending machine and enter that Lucke-Rewards code on our site or in our app - this will automatically enter you in our second chance drawing. Good luck!

6/17/2022 04:19 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great information. I want to be in it to win it !!!

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