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Wilmington woman taking grandson to Disney World after $200,000 win

June 22, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:32 PM

Agnes Gore of Wilmington said she has a special trip to plan with her family after winning a $200,000 prize in a second-chance drawing.

“I want to take my 10-year-old grandson to Disney World,” Gore said.

Gore won the grand prize in the June 15 2022 Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing. When she first saw that she won, she said she thought it had to be a scam.

“When I saw it I just started laughing because I really didn’t believe it,” Gore said. “I know it’s for real now though.”

Gore arrived at lottery headquarters Tuesday and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $142,020. She said in addition to the trip to Disney World, she would like to pay some bills and save for retirement.

Her win occurred in the second of four drawings in the Multiply the Cash second-chance promotion. Her entry was picked from more than 70.4 million entries.

Players get a second chance with their Multiply the Cash tickets by scanning them into their lottery accounts where they are automatically entered into the next drawing. Each drawing offers a $200,000 top prize, 10 $10,000 prizes and 50 $500 prizes. The date of the third drawing is Oct. 5.


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6/23/2022 08:15 - Clara M.

Congratulations on your winnings.. Have fun at Disney World!!

6/23/2022 08:08 - teresa s.

I’m happy for her, and sad for me that I didn’t win.

6/23/2022 04:08 - Mayleen C.

Thank good

6/22/2022 09:29 - Steve M.

Congratulations Agnes!!!!! GOD is good and!!!! I feel my blessing coming within the next 7 days. I'll just have to keep speaking it into existence.

6/22/2022 05:50 - Eric A.

Congrats… hey nc lottery when will there be a drawing for the Colossal Cash.?NC Lottery
Hi, Eric! We don't have a date set yet, as we are hoping to have a lucky player scratch off that last top prize. But once we have a date, we will update our website!

6/22/2022 05:23 - Mary S.

Always put hundreds of entries in never win anything.NC Lottery
We're sorry to hear that, Mary! We're wishing you lots of luck in future drawings :)

6/22/2022 05:14 - Sabrina D S.


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